While Cadets Watch, Herb Cahalen Buries Stealthy Smith Memo in Manure

Civil Air Patrol Memes: Bury the Memo
Montana Wing CAP's past commander is not afraid of Mark Smith's stealthy back-door memo and briefing.

by Jeffress Patriot & RMREDNO | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: This showed up in our inbox a few days ago. None of our staff agree with the expressed opinion of the author below. Even after we cleaned up the grammar and spelling (so that it would not appear we were mocking the contributor) the submission still made us laugh. We did preserve some colorful language and added supporting images from the sources that were being referenced so as to validate the facts of the contribution.  To the author’s credit, he is correct that CAP National Commander Mark Smith issued his policy reminder through private channels rather than official.  Many suspect that Mark Smith feared publicly admonishing Ralph Abraham right before the October election in Louisiana.]

To you Shifty-Schiff/Pelosi Loving Liberals at AuxBeacon:

Because I know you America-hating chicken-shits won’t print this, you can damn well bet for sure that I will get it to someone who will.  As a loyal supporter of our President Donald Trump, we should all congratulate Civil Air Patrol icon Herb Cahalen for having the courage to shove it in the face of our limp-dick National Commander Mark Smith.

What I’m talking about is this stealthy back-door commanders-only memo and “briefing” from Mark Smith about our “supposed” CAP Member Misuse of Social Media. In my opinion, Smith is a coward who doesn’t dare openly oppose our privately armed and openly vocal support for Donald Trump in full Civil Air Patrol uniform.

In the paragraph to follow, you will see the sneaky way Maj Gen Mark Smith tried to cajole members through private facebook groups instead of an honest open letter on the cap.gov for all dues-paying voters to read.  As one example, Chaplain Tim Miner sent this message to the private Facebook group Civil Air Patrol Chaplain Corps (for members of CAP Chaplain Corps), which was then forwarded on to me in disgust at the cowardice for my thoughts and possible action.


The national commander just sent out a message to all commanders asking for help to insure a proper image of CAP is always on display on all social media channels. There is a briefing all should review. If you use a picture of yourself or any CAP photo on your personal account, or use a title or identify as a CAP member, anything that appears on the account falls under the appearance of being official. Yes, tell your CAP story but you are always on public display as if standing up and speaking at a CAP meeting.

Please do not address political issues or ideology at any time if your status in CAP is on public display. We can talk within this closed group, but the public pages must remain free of things that can be seen as an endorsement. If we show a picture of you at a CAP activity on Chaplain Corps media, I cannot link it to a private account that shows personal opinions. Yes, you can show you doing worship according to your tradition. But… if you feel the need to “rant” online then please remove any reference or association with CAP in your pictures and profile. Thank you.

Here is the briefing: [link redacted]

16 Useful Social Media Tips

#13 No endorsements

Don’t use the CAP or Air Force name to endorse or promote products, political positions, or religious ideologies.

CAP NHQ is banning Trump MAGA caps in CAP corporate uniform?

CAP NHQ is banning Trump MAGA caps in corporate uniform?

All I can say is thank Our Lord Jesus Christ that Montana Wing’s former commander and National Staff College icon Colonel Herb Cahalen is man enough to completely ignore our weasel-in-chief at Maxwell. [RMREDNO: and bury his memo in the manure of his facebook posts while our cadets watch the “leadership” example in realtime?]

Former Montana Wing Civil Air Patrol commander (2009-2012) Col Herb Cahalen shows no fear of Maj Gen Mark Smith or Brig Gen Ed Phelka as he confidently wears his Civil Air Patrol uniform  before a CAP command flag to tell our young cadets that liberal Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders wants to “Make America A Shithole.”  You know, like our Civil Air Patrol CAP cadets have seen in Canada and other nations during IACE: International Air Cadet Exchange.

Civil Air Patroll Memes: Bernie Sanders

Civil Air Patrol’s Herb Cahalen Grooms Cadets to Despise Democrats.

Col Herb Cahalen is proud of the power to manage his [life] with the personality of a Mafia Godfather and nest Civil Air Patrol’s flag inside such a reference. What can Smith or General Counsel Rafael Robles do about it? Not a damn thing, because Herb Cahalen has vocal and armed support.

CAP Memes: CAP Mafia Godfather

Herb Cahalen dresses to set example for Civil Air Patrol cadets in a future Learn to Lead Module.


Former Montana Wing Commander and currently CAP National Staff College leader Herb Cahalen rolls over Mark Smith to tell our American cadets that we must be grateful not to be brainwashed, anti-American, liberal, pieces of shit like all those who voted against Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin for a continued deep, Deep State.

Civil Air Patrol's Herb Cahalen finds a meme to speak his mind.

Civil Air Patrol’s Herb Cahalen finds a meme to speak his mind.

The majority spoke in the 2016 election and Donald Trump won, he is our president and has clearly explained the treason against him and how we must all stand against anyone who would ever dare challenge him, even to the point of forcing those elitist college liberals to permanently suffer the pain of new Civil War like fracture wounds that will never heal.

Civil Air Patrol Memes: Civil War Patrol

Civil Air Patrol’s Herb Cahalen wants your children to think Civil War against those elected officials who would follow the US Constitution to impeach Donald Trump.

Rev. Robert Jeffress and Donald Trump will lead us onward, so who’s with me?

Are you true blue AF and Christian and do you support our President, Herb Cahalen and Pastor Robert Jeffress?  If so lets all go on the record and like and love Herb Cahalen’s shares on Facebook that fly in the face of underhanded CAP commander orders.

This is how you can finally stick it to the filth that has been helping AuxBeacon.

20 Comments on "While Cadets Watch, Herb Cahalen Buries Stealthy Smith Memo in Manure"

  1. Herb blocked me for taking him to task for his antics.

    He didn’t behave like this when he was in charge at Hawk Mountain.

  2. Cahalen Mockery | June 15, 2020 at 19:36 | Reply

    Herb Cahalen’s Facebook contacts have turned on him. Here’s a meme for your collection, if you are still doing that sort of thing to relate to the idiots in the program.

    [link redacted]

  3. LowEnergySmith | June 12, 2020 at 19:38 | Reply

    Maj General Mark Smith is powerless to stop Herb Cahalen.

  4. I see our New Jersey Wing Commander Col Joe Abegg is helping support Herb Cahalen after his nuptials. Al 64,000 CAP members need to have his courage and come to Herb’s facebook page and support him.

    [link redacted]

  5. You guys are not liking all of Herb Cahalen’s posts enough. You need to like his truth shares so that we can all stand together against these horrible, filthy anti-CAP media people.

    [link redacted]

  6. The writer of this piece claims that “The majority spoke in the 2016 election and Donald Trump won.”

    That statement is not true, why did you allow it?

    [Admin: So that we could see if any CAP members were aware enough to point it out. Suggest you write a longer piece on it.]

  7. KenPNoLikeyTrump | October 13, 2019 at 00:47 | Reply

    LOL. This is funny. Have the agents at AB slipped Ken Parris some special Siberian Herbs?

    Ken Parris: I’m a loyal American veteran who served during the Cold War, a student of American politics, and served three decades as a law enforcement officer. I’m a registered Republican and voted for Ronald Reagan in my first presidential election. I’m far from being a “deranged Communist.” On the contrary, I’m a patriot who sees Trump as a danger to our Republic. Trump sycophants are the ones who are deranged. They can’t see the multiple character flaws of this lunatic.

    [Admin: Kudos to Rev Parris for seeing this issue clearly. Even some broken clocks can be correct twice per day. AuxBeacon’s first concern with CAP member Ken Parris arose when we came to understand how he concealed the very electronic complaint records that led to Tonya Boylan’s passing and Richard Greenwood’s reprisal and defamation against members who reported him and his CAP allies. This eventually led to Greenwood’s recent rejection to become Southeast Region Commander. More to follow.]

  8. funny, sad and horrifying that anyone could be this stupid and have influence over children

  9. CahalenSmith | October 7, 2019 at 23:14 | Reply

    Here’s something you might find useful.

    [link redacted]

  10. In looking at how Jim Kaletta eventually changed his Facebook profile, how long do you estimate before Cahalen will have to change his?

  11. “Please do not address political issues or ideology at any time if your status in CAP is on public display.”

    But if ignorant, aggressive and insubordinate people like Jon Stokes, Jim Kaletta, Herb Cahalen, [redacted others to be verified] hadn’t spoken out, then we would never know about the bullying influence being used to groom our cadets.

    I recommend you show them all in one story like you do with Civil Air Patrol crashes. That’s the only way you can show how wide-spread the cancer has become.

  12. I was wondering, did Herb Cahalen ever post an image of Santa Claus taking a dump down Robert Mueller’s chimney so as to help our cadets understand what a bad man Robert Mueller is? No? Well then once again, with Jim Kaletta Florida Wing trumps anything that Klown Kettel Kontrols.


    Civil Air Patrol's Jim Kaletta uses Santa Fecal Matter to Teach Cadets

  13. It is obvious that Herb Cahalen gets off on doing this to Mark Smith.

  14. intimidation tactics, so what?

  15. What a sad, sad way for my memory of Hawk Mountain to go down the drain.

  16. I’m not sure liking his posts is a very wise thing to do. IJS.

  17. Have I got a Herb Cahalen Hawk Mountain story for you guys.

    [link redacted]

  18. You can put Civil Air Patrol members in Service Dress, Mess Dress and Blue Blazers.
    They may even appear polished in still photos from parties.
    Eventually, they will always expose the turd underneath.

  19. I think it is very wrong for Civil Air Patrol people to use the Air Force uniform and tease of flying time and other privileges to groom young people in this way. The brainwashing is on Herb’s end.

  20. I also disagree with this contributor. Civil Air Patrol has made it very clear that Donald Trump set a horrible example of leadership in their official literature.

    “Donald Trump’s famous catchphrase from The Apprentice does not show respect for the individual who is being dismissed, nor does it acknowledge that boss and subordinate alike share some responsibility for making their relationship work.

    Make no mistake: Donald Trump’s famous catchphrase from The Apprentice, “You’re fired!” represents terrible leadership, atrocious manners, and a mean spirit.”


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