Vazquez Terminates CAP Member for Reporting Abuse to Congress

CAP Brig Gen Larry Myrick, Deborah Lee James, CAP Maj Gen Joseph Vazquez
CAP Brig Gen Larry Myrick, Deborah Lee James, CAP Maj Gen Joseph Vazquez

By AuxBeacon News Staff

[Editor’s Note: We received this story from CAP Lt Col Robert (Bobby) G. Hill, a retired Police Detective of 26 years from Hawaii. He is currently enduring Civil Air Patrol’s Membership Action Review Panel process over a termination initiated by CAP National Commander, Maj Gen Joseph Vazquez. Vazquez initiated the termination process against Lt Col Hill for filing a Congressional Complaint against Civil Air Patrol and for insubordination for referring to CAP’s National Vice Commander, Brig Gen Larry Myrick as “Larry” in an informal email to him. On Facebook, nearly everyone refers to Myrick as “Larry”. This release demonstrates the common Civil Air Patrol tactics of delay and stacking ridiculous charges against honorable members.]

Dear AuxBeacon News,

I filed an official complaint with the Honorable Senator Mazie Hirono in July of 2014 and in March of 2016 highlighting abuses and mismanagement of public funds committed by the Hawaii Wing of the Civil Air Patrol. I also filed IG complaints through the official channels of the CAP, and the result was retaliation against me in the form of removal of command and reduction in rank. Both of those issues were resolved through the CAP’s Membership Action Review Panel (MARP), and in both separate incidents it was determined that I had been retaliated against.

In September of 2015, I continued in the Civil Air Patrol, becoming certified through the Senior Inspector General (IG) course. In March of 2016, there was a vacancy in the Hawaii Wing of CAP for the Inspector General and I applied for the vacancy. I was denied consideration for the position which was directed by the upper echelon of CAP’s leadership.

Further, I added the continued abuse and discrimination to the original Congressional complaint. It was ONLY THEN that CAP even knew I filed a Congressional complaint because it had been stalled. I contacted the CAP Board of Governors (BOG) to find out why they were still discriminating against me.

As soon as CAP discovered that I filed a Congressional complaint, and also at the same time, it went to the BOG, Vazquez took the steps to terminate me with the inflated charges. One of the allegations against me was that I filed a complaint to a member of Congress, which is in violation of the Whistleblower Protection Act and the CAP Whistleblower Policy. The entire termination process was in violation of CAP regulations.

f. Reason: CAPR 35-3, paragraph 4b(7). Serious or willful violations of CAP regulations or directives. You have repeatedly filed complaints with the same issues multiple times including to a member of Congress. Your demands for answers from her to complaint actions that have already been dealt with are a violation of CAPR 123-1.

First, they sent me a TEXT MESSAGE stating that the hearing was going to be in 4 days in Tennessee. After protest they regrouped and then sent official notice that the hearing was going to be in Denver Colorado, 11 days from the date of notice. CAP regulations state that notification should be made with at least 15 days notice. Regulations also state that the board should consist of impartial and fair members, however CAP hand picked members of a “hatchet squad” who’s only mission was to terminate my membership.

Using public taxpayer dollars, the National Civil Air Patrol Headquarter’s funded travel and expenses for CAP termination board members to travel from Florida (CAP Col Al Bedgood), Utah (CAP Col Robert Bost), Colorado (CAP Col Celeste Gamache) and Kansas (CAP Col Regina Aye) to go to Denver Colorado. My airfare and lodging expenses came out of my own pocket. CAP could have easily selected an impartial board from Hawaii and had the hearing in-state, for a minute fraction of the cost that they paid to clearly force my termination.

With no surprises my membership was terminated and I immediately filed an appeal through the same MARP process. I followed the CAP regulation to the letter in filing my appeal, and at this time CAP is stalling this process and sent me a memorandum to repeat my appeal process again to further delay it.

I am seeking to have my membership in the Civil Air Patrol restored, those responsible held accountable and the discrimination and retaliation stopped.

Robert G. Hill III

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