Trust Me! I’m a Colonel: Timothy Hahn Lies to Alaska Governor

Preston Perrenot
Col Timothy Hahn, Alaska Wing Commander and Lt Col Preston B. Perrenot

By Klondike Kat | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: We received this from a CAP member in the lower 50. Thank you for your contribution.]

AuxBeacon staff, where ya’ll been?

Check out this wing commander’s epic lie in attempt to keep Alaska funded.

Everything’s going to have to be turned off,” said Col Timothy Hahn, Alaska wing commander.

These bastards will say and do anything to keep the club funds flowing. Many wings have no state appropriations and still have mission readiness and no need to turn everything off.

Hahn needs to be airlifted back to Nevada wing. He is an epic disaster. Christ, he lives in Nevada. Last time I looked on a map, Nevada is no where near Alaska. I heard from others that Hahn was given the job (cough, cough…for sucking up) by Mark Smith to replace Carl Brown because of his inaccuracies he gave to the state board which caused the Governor to eliminate Alaska wing funds.

Look at the picture I attached of Hahn: “Trust Me! I’m a Colonel“. Does he not realize that he is a fake colonel in the fake Air Force? His CAP “colonel” rank means nothing in the real world.

Hahn goes on to state more BS. “That may mean that we’re going to have to move some aircraft out onto tarmacs instead of being able to keep them in hangars, where they are, you know, fully prepared for search and rescue to where they may be iced over and buried in snow.” It is not like the Alaska wing does anything beyond flying kids around. When was the last time Alaska wing actually conducted a “rescue” mission? It has been years.

I agree with Governor Mike Dunleavy’s veto of Alaska wings funding. Perhaps, Hahn’s wife can have a bake sale to recover the loss funds. If ya earn it, you will respect it.

See link below to prove my point.

Governor’s Veto Threatens to Defund Alaska’s Civil Air Patrol
By Jacob Resneck | CoastAlaska

Tucked among Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s 182 vetoes is a line that deletes most the state funding for the Alaska Wing of the Civil Air Patrol.

Southeast Squadron Commander Lisa Marx says the $250,000 cut by the governor is needed to pay basic utilities like electricity, heat and internet for units like hers. Without that support, the Juneau-based volunteers won’t be able to stay active for long.

“Because if I can’t keep my pilots and my other air crew current in their mission training, then in the event of a real emergency, I’m not going to have anyone that I can put in the air,” Marx said Wednesday.

Many of the Alaska Wing’s 17 units lease heated hangar space. Wing Commander Timothy Hahn says the governor’s veto would make that unaffordable after October 1.

“Everything’s going to have to be turned off,” Hahn told CoastAlaska by phone. “That may mean that we’re going to have to move some aircraft out onto tarmacs instead of being able to keep them in hangars, where they are, you know, fully prepared for search and rescue to where they may be iced over and buried in snow.”

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4 Comments on "Trust Me! I’m a Colonel: Timothy Hahn Lies to Alaska Governor"

  1. Carson City Kid | August 9, 2019 at 08:11 | Reply

    We call them “Silly Air Patrol” for a reason. Yes, there are some amazing people in the organization, and yes, they do some wonderful things….but….there is quite a few of them that are pompous ass hats. They walk around in their flight suits acting like they just showed up in their F-15. From the ATC side, it’s rare that there is an interaction with them where there isn’t a “what the heck is this guy doing” comment.

    Full disclosure: I was a cadet in high school in Nevada. Looking back, Hahn was one of those Hollywood’s or showboats. Nearly, everyone thought he was a joke. No surprise that he imagines himself as a full bird.

    Honestly, the CAP didn’t really benefit me in anyway, and the grown up side is just a flight club for mostly the elderly, those unsuccessful in life and people that want to pretend they are or were military.

  2. Robert Jones | August 9, 2019 at 07:42 | Reply

    I joined a few months ago since I knew a lot of the senior members. With that said, oh man what a waste of time. The meetings were either standing around for a few hours or talking about more meetings. Talk about a mound of paperwork and bureaucracy. Jesus, I can’t even think of anything the group does that is beneficial that you can’t do in other groups with less nonsense. Not to mention the whole pseudo-military attitude and top gun pilots. I wish I had my application fee and wasted hours back. Run away.

  3. Is there any way to eliminate Civil Air Patrol Senior Members wear of US Air Force Uniform? I believe a better structure would be to have a Cadet rank structure (as is today)- and seniors who would wear civilian attire. Active duty US Air Force- and Air National Guard officers think the CAP is a joke. Lets pull all senior members out of uniform- and clear up all confusion.

  4. Another fake like Civil Air Patrol’s Robert Ray Hill it seems.

    Hahn touts his degrees fom Kennedy-Western University. This was a post-secondary, distance learning, unaccredited private university that offered undergraduate and graduate degrees in the United States from 1984 to 2009. It has been described by federal investigators and news sources as a diploma mill. Its administrative offices were located in Agoura Hills, California.

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