The Civil ‘Arbor’ Patrol Plants Trees in Hawaii

Hawaii Wing
Cadet CMSgt Ruby Mandini and Cadet 2Lt T. Dauchy with Kona Composite Squadron.

By Aloha | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: We received this from a CAP member in the Hawaii Wing. Thank you for your contribution.]

Civil Air Patrol is trying to find new opportunities to remain relevant as its SAR mission evaporates.

See your tax payer dollars at work here:

Civil Air Patrol Cadets Plant Trees, Contribute to Restoration Efforts

KAILUA-KONA — When Cadet Airman 1st class Ariihau Barton came to Hawaii Community College-Palamanui on Saturday, he didn’t know the full story of what was happening in the dry forest above the campus.

But over the course of taking part in a restoration effort with the Kona Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol, he learned about the impact the region’s feral goats were having on the plants in the area, the risk the native wiliwili trees faced and the importance of doing his part.

“I believe that the land should be cared for more,” said the 13-year-old as he pulled fountain grass from near the trees, “and that people should think about what’s happening over here.”

As he and his fellow cadets worked to make space for native trees to grow and thrive, he said he’s glad to know how much effort people are putting in to restore the land.

“It makes me happy,” he said, “because I know that there are a lot of people who care about the land.”

Barton was one of about 20 cadets from the Kona Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol who came to the campus to take part in the day’s restoration efforts around the campus.

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