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As a CAP pilot in Southeast Region, I was told back in 2010-2012 that the reason we itemized each fuel receipt in such excruciating detail was to overwhelm the US Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Treasury as some type of reprisal, the details of which they would not explain.
– Doug Shulman | December 5, 2016

My observation is that people who do not have a lot of power, have low self-esteem and lack prestige in their day jobs respond well to the CAP. Lots of increasingly important-sounding job titles to be aspired to, rank with no power, lots of pretty pins, colorful patches, merit badges and endless awards. The CAP has uniforms for the slim & trim as well as the fatties & furies. It is a hodge podge combination of uniforms with no consistency that vary in the Wings. They have awards for just about everything to keep folks from leaving this sad organization in droves. It is bling heaven.

The CAP will gleefully waste member time on unfocused nonsense, redundant make-work, and the organization lacks essential agility. The CAP frequently can’t get out of their own way; most Wings have a good ol’ boy network, and the CAP pilot turnover outside the GOBN is large and constant.
– Retired USAF Colonel | October 30, 2016

Drain the swamp or nothing will change.
– Gator | October 30, 2016

Just shut the whole damn thing down. It is waste of tax payer dollars. It is plagued with vast corruption and rampant with child molesters. It is beyond repair.
– Anonymous | October 28, 2016

Would the honorary rank of Major and honorary membership in the wing congressional units be considered a bribe to get funding and other accolades from Congress?
– A Member | October 28, 2016

Corruption in CAP? Surely not! Why, I’m appalled at the thought!

Well, the fact is, to find an honest corporate officer in CAP not guilty of corruption, blackmail and nepotism, one would have to look long and hard. You might possibly find a few. Maybe. CAP needs to be cleaned out completely, starting at the top with Vazquez and Altieri. It is full of self-serving traitors who care nothing for the organization, nor the members.
– Anonymous | October 28, 2016

I was active in Colorado wing and was a mission pilot… The problem with CAP is that they can’t police their own ranks and get rid of the troublemakers fast enough. There is no accountability whatsoever. The turnover is HUGE (except for the troublemakers, who stay forever, and thus cause the HUGE turnover…)and training is a HUGE drain on resources…..the regs call out the establishment of membership review committees, and encourage ‘discontinuing’ memberships for ANY reason….it just doesn’t work, though, due to politics.

After a while, everyone looks at the effort expended vs. the value received, minus the frustration of dealing with the troublemakers, and leaves. Having said that, I’ve had a few great experiences in the CAP, but I would not recommend it to anyone.
– Flyguy | October 24, 2016

To Congress… I’d say eliminate the CAP and when there’s a search to be done, put out a call to all the local commercial operators. They are the real professionals, they know the country, and they know how to fly. We wouldn’t have to pay huge amounts of tax payer money to support expensive aircraft and train low time pilots to conduct task intensive searches.
– Anonymous | October 24, 2016

Sad but true… saw the exact same at USAF… Whistleblowing not only kills your career and achieves nothing, but the blow-back spreads inchoate fear in the ranks, thus worsening blind conformity and distrust.
– Anonymous | October 22, 2016

Spreading fear and making sure no one shows others they can get away with whistleblowing is a big part of what motivates CAP Corporate. Even when CAP management admits the whistleblower’s disclosure was correct, it is crucial that the floodgates be kept closed.
– Brian | October 22, 2016

The bottom line is self control, personal responsibility. If the chow halls at Maxwell serves donuts so what, eat a plain salad and lead by example.

There should be zero tolerance for obesity in the CAP. Any CAP person who is identified as being obese should have 12 months to get in shape and, if they don’t, should be forced out.

We are Airmen… NOT Fatmen!
– A Cadet | October 13, 2016

They’re old and fat because the CAP doesn’t enforce the standards (or any standards for that matter). It’s that simple!
– Anonymous | October 13, 2016

It should not be called the General Counsel, it should be called the Terror Counsel.
– Rafy Gaddafi | October 6, 2016

Where is CAP-USAF oversight?
– Anonymous | October 6, 2016

When I was a cadet working in emergency services in the 2000’s, we used to get these briefings all the time. They would tell us that if we witnessed a crime committed by a CAP member that we should not go to the Police, but to the General Counsel.

How many families do you think have been paid off by the CAP to avoid media exposure?
– Anonymous | October 5, 2016

I have a son who wanted to join the CAP and be a pilot. After finding this website, it has convinced me to not allow him to join. Though it is a hassle to drive him 45 minutes to the local AFJROTC at a neighboring school, it is worth the extra effort to keep him void of child molesters, unsafe pilots and other deviants. CAP leaders should be ashamed that they allow this unethical behavior to fester.
– Jill Goodman | September 28, 2016

A staff member serves at the pleasure of the commander they serve. A commander may appoint or remove any staff member for a good reason, a bad reason or no reason at all. The removal from a staff position, even at the Wing level is not considered an adverse membership action. Any IG complaint requires a specific regulation section that a members is supposed to have violated as part of the complaint. The complaint is also supposed to be confidential.

It is very clear to anyone that reads this missive and understands the way the system works, that this complaint had no chance of going anywhere. Again, it was not an adverse membership action and there were no specific regulation violations that were listed as part of the complaint.

What did he really expect that IG to do with it?
– Anonymous | September 26, 2016

It is truly shameful that the public appearance of CAP is one that suggests a lifetime of poor decision making. The rampant obesity problem in CAP immediately undermines the CAP mission values and is counterproductive to the mentoring of cadets. This unhealthy appearance is the norm in the Rhode Island Wing.
– Rob Cote | September 26, 2016

The CAP is in serious trouble and the naive deluded sheep have no idea whats around the corner. There is an impending membership decline crisis for starters because of the current corrupted leaders.

Do your homework on the CAP. Their bag is about out of tricks. Look up Carr. Look up Pineda. The corruption never left.

The decay in CAP core values is another illusion of greatness. There is likely to come a time in the not too distant future when you wish you could go to a CAP meeting, wear a CAP uniform, go on a mission and by then, the CAP will be extinct. Why, because we were too afraid to do anything about it and didn’t want to lose what we worked hard for. I could go on and on…
– Tim Petersen | September 25, 2016

As bad as I hate to say this, I think you are very accurate. It saddens me to see what has become of our CAP. But we have no one to blame, but ourselves for allowing it to get this far.
– Jane | September 25, 2016

So the fix is in with the Tar Heel Mafia again! It is noticeable that BOG Chairman Jason Altieri and CAP Chief of Staff Larry Ragland did not send out a nation wide notice about the vacancy created by the supposed “retirement” of Donnie Roland, but the National Staff knew before anyone else was told about the job opening. Who do they have waiting in the wings to keep the CAP leadership all in the family? Vazquez, Gloyd, Altieri himself, or some other Corporate insider? Our CAP leadership is as bad as our late Rhode Island Providence mayor Vincent Albert “Buddy” Cianci, Jr.; the corruption is strong with this group.
– Little Rhody | September 17, 2016

Lots of documents, it seems, have been “black-holed” at Florida Wing HQ. I had to get a major award reissued directly from National Headquarters, since no one knew where my original went.
– Longtime member in Florida | September 14, 2016

So let me see if I get this straight…the BOG Chairman and his cronies have just fired the Donnie Rowland, and about time, and yet the BOG Chairman still has his job after supporting Rowland all these years. I am not surprised given the amount a nepotism and cronyism in our senior leadership.

Jayson Altieri, if you are not aware, is the Son-in-law of our disgraced former NATCAP Commander and now Chief of the Legal Corps Dwight Wheless. Also is the fact that our BOG Chairman brags about being a high school classmate and fellow traveler from the same VA Wing Cadet Squadron with another former National Commander and BOG Chairman Rich Anderson, just screams that the “Old Boy” network is alive and well in this organization.

What are we running here in CAP, a “Tar heel Mafia”? It is bad enough that Altieri plays fast and loose with the flying rules traveling all over the country on “CAP” missions, being responsible for an aircraft accident himself that resulted in the loss of a KY Wing 182 in the early 2000’s, which then Col Loretta Holbrook covered up when he was in Kentucky Wing. But when I saw Altieri and the Chief of Staff Larry Ragland, his former NC Wing Commander, yucking it up in Nashville last month, just proves to me it is not what you know, but who you know around here.

I am convinced this organization will never get better till the Air Force completely cleans house and cleans out these “Good Ole Boys” running the show. Heck, the only thing missing is this crowd showing up at the next National Board in cowboy hats and a RV in front of Bob’s Country Bunker!
– Anonymous | September 13, 2016

I met the “good ole’ boy network” which is still alive and well in our CAP. To think that we live in a post-racial CAP is imprudent. Though a few have overcome the challenges and barriers, women and minorities remain well underrepresented in the senior ranks, many Wings have never had an African American commander and in leadership positions, and junior minority officers are often underrepresented in highly competitive areas like below-the-zone promotions, school selection and choice assignments.

Highly accomplished women and minorities with impressive backgrounds continue to either fail to make or disappear from the senior ranks. Without “significant” and “sustainable” change, this is a recipe for failure!
– Tim Collins | September 8, 2016

Members may be interested in an AF publication called, THE PATH TO EXTINCTION:THE USAF IN 2025. Available online. The apple doesn’t fall far from the sea.
– Anonymous | September 1, 2016

Back in February of 2012 there was a claim of racism and slander against a couple that had control of Nebraska Wing. That couple is no longer active, but neither is the couple they defamed.
– FreeWilly | September 1, 2016

The Rhode Island Wing has been in a downward spiral since April of 2014. Mass Exodus of Pilots seniors and Cadets immediately upon the new Command Staff taking power. Each complaint made by members was ignored by nhq. Now we have a Rhode Island state police investigation into the wing vice commander.
– Rob Cote | August 31, 2016

Years ago when I was in Indiana Wing, my first squadron CC, who later went on to be wing CC, my deputy CC and I were standing outside the Armed Forces Reserve facility where we were then based. I was a brand new 2nd Lt. The CC saw some [redacted] people on a nearby porch and said something about “[redacted], [redacted] and [redacted].”
– Erich Mueller | August 31, 2016

The reason that CAP personnel at the Wing, Region and National level violate their Core Values and Regulations to harm lower ranking members is because they seek internal promotions, paid positions and political office. Many CAPers who lose elections return to Civil Air Patrol to build up their network and credential bling. You will find evidence of this currently in play with the new Colorado Wing Commander, Celeste R. Gamache. She was twice defeated in elections for House District 9. If you look around the different CAP regions, you will find other political aspirants working CAP in this way.

Higher ranking CAP officers also work to cover up regulation violations, theft and accidents. You are commenting on Georgia Wing, which has had a hand in covering up all three of the above problems.

Higher ranking CAP members in search of the next billet are able to DISRESPECT the lower ranking members who expose corruption in compliance with regulations. These higher ranking CAPers have used offensive language, threats, setups and defamation to discredit the more junior members. They do get caught, but unlike junior members, they are left in the program to be reused as hammers and dirty-tricksters against anyone who files the required complaint documentation when they encounter corruption.
– Carol Moseley Major | August 29, 2016

Who the HockShop cares what Col Frederic Weiss thinks about Col Deb Schmid’s USAF blues on gofundme?!? Weiss is not the national, region or wing commander in Schmid’s chain of command. If the GAWG commander is in favor with Vaz and Melton and Schmid is in favor with Greenwood, then she can do anything she wants and flaunt it right in Weiss’ ledger.
– MaxPower | August 25, 2016

Col Frederic Weiss weighed in through CAPTalk on CAP members using Air Force style uniforms in gofundme solicitations:

FW Salty & Seasoned Contributor
Re: Soliciting for Donations for Personal
« Reply #14 on: Today at 05:31:43 PM »

It is not permitted to use CAP fundraising as a means to make a personal profit. Appearing in uniform, as a CAP member in a “Go Fund Me” page, asking for money, can be considered in the context of CAP Fundraising. IMHO, this would be a good way to become a “former member”. There are better ways to solicit personal funds…

One of the more courageous members decided to inquire about this GAWG violation on CAPTalk this morning.

Soliciting for Donations for Personal
« on: Today at 08:50:11 AM »
I’m trying to find the reg that addresses this. But all I’m seeing is wearing the uniform for political purposes. Is it legal for a member to use photos of CAP members in uniform to solicit donations for personal use? What is the reg that backs this up? I would appreciate any information on this!

The reply came back that it is Forbidden under CAPR173-4, 14 (e) and CAPM39-1,

Why would Greenwood’s Georgia Wing legal officer Jeff Chiu donate to this in such a public way?
– KaydetDEVGRU | August 24, 2016

This is priceless! Someone within Frank Blazich’s own ranks actually gave y’all the required clue as to how the CAP 90 day wonder spun his actions. This allowed you to lay down the proof. Higher-ups bought his baloney, but some of us didn’t. I’m glad to see you did NOT falsify this and the inside man was correct in giving him up to you. Truth only please and then maybe change will happen in spite of the IGs who bury complaints for their commanders.
– Priceless | August 22, 2016

A heads-up for you on this story. The rumor being circulated is that these emails have been made up, that is not authentic. Many members seem to be buying the story that they are false, but of course they are pressured to do so. Can you show a screen shot of some of these actual emails to prove that they are legit and that Frank Blazich, CAP National Historian, actually wrote these comments? Thanx.
– Willa | August 22, 2016

The record of public MARP reversals your team assembled in the Resources Area is very effective at showing CAP commander attempts to discredit those who file complaints on their fraud and abuse.
– Larrabe | August 20, 2016

THE “COVER UP” AIR PATROL – The members requested and insisted on honesty, but we did NOT get it. Instead, we got more lies and cover up, “On Wednesday, Aug 10, Don Rowland, CAP National Headquarters chief operating officer, announced his retirement after 31 years of service in CAP, 11 in the corporation’s top paid position at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.”

Worst part (This man did horrible things to us. He deserves nothing from the CAP) – “Don Rowland, after providing more than three decades of dedicated service at Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters, will be honored and recognized with a Lifetime Membership in CAP. The announcement was made by CAP’s national commander, Maj Gen Joe Vazquez, during the organization’s annual conference in Nashville, Tennessee.
– FedUp | August 19, 2016

It seems that the only people NHQ is fooling is themselves. It’s like the kid who denies any wrongdoing while his hand is still stuck in the cookie jar. Everyone knows the “leadership” at NHQ is corrupt. It’s the talk the senior members have outside at every squadron meeting. It’s the talk in the underground CAP media. It’s the talk in the back hallways in the Wing, Region and National Conferences. In addition to NHQ, there are cover-ups at Region and Wing levels that are so blatant it insults our intelligence to think otherwise.

The members of Florida Wing for example have been shouting, begging, and pleading for someone at NHQ to fix the rampant corruption in that Wing’s leadership. Now we know why that never happened. Just before I transferred out of that Wing in utter disgust, a guy who ran a porn website that showed young (very young) adults in nude suicide poses, and whose wife also posed nude on the site admitted on the webpage that both her and her husband enjoy smoking pot. Who was his wife by the way? Get ready, she was the Wing DDR Officer! This freak show was appointed by the Wing Commander as the 2015 summer encampment Commander AFTER the Wing Commander was notified of his online website! His online activities were no secret to FLWG members, as I know at least THREE people who told me they filed Form 30’s on this member for the website between 2014 and 2015. I was even shown an email to the Wing Commander from a parent whose son attended his squadron for a short time, who emailed a list of complaints about this member to the Wing Commander. That email mentioned his porn site as well as his Facebook page that had cadets ‘friended’ where he advertised a “Nude Night” competition.

In another case, a few months before the 2015 encampment, cadets were caught accessing his porn site on their smartphone at a FLWG activity to look at nude photos of his wife who was a staff member at the activity! Squadron Commanders who knew, or knew of this guy refused to send their cadets to the encampment and a flood of out-of-state encampment requests were sent in to FLWG. The Wing Commander got so many requests that when the question was brought up at a town hall meeting at the 2015 Wing Conference just before the encampment that “No one is taking MY cadets out of MY wing!”, and subsequently denied the majority (if not all) of the requests, forcing the cadets who needed an encampment for promotion to attend an encampment ran by a porn-addicted, pot smoking sick-o.

Thank the Lord that member was finally 2B’ed, but only after the news of this guy’s online activity and pot smoking was leaked by a third-party media outlet and a package with graphic photos from the site and site quotes were sent to several congressional members the day before the CAP congressional meetings! Either NHQ or the Wing Commander 2B’ed him to save face, and claimed in an email to the FLWG members that action was taken “immediately upon discovering this problem”, but make no mistake, the evidence is there that NHQ, SER and the Florida Wing CC knew of this problem for at least nine months prior but was concerned about “first amendment rights”.

The FLWG CC claims he didn’t know about any of this prior to the Congressional day visit, but if that was the case (and it’s not) then he is is inadvertently admitting to covering up the Form 30’s; one of which I can confirm was submitted because I was shown the email sent to the Wing IG and copied the Wing CC. Either he buried the Form 30, or he knew about this walking cadet protection violation and still appointed him the Commander of a major cadet activity. You can’t have it both ways. Again, everyone knows this. It’s the talk behind his back. The only people they are fooling is themselves. It’s time to own up and admit there is a problem. It’s time to fire the leadership who’s names you keep hearing over and over again from those “pesky common-folk members”. It turns out they were right all along.
– anonymous in fear of reprisal | August 16, 2016

Well put, I get 100% of what they are saying. When I joined as a cadet about 20 years ago, (now a Senior member) I didn’t realize what I was seeing was the twilight of a truly awesome program.

I have the same lack of confidence in our leaders, I have seen too many people do whatever it takes to protect their own. I have seen people flat out lie over very important things and been harassed myself for calling those people out on the carpet, admonished and not promoted because of the stand that I took. To me that says volumes about this organization. When we are more willing to sweep things under the carpet than clean our own house we live in a pig-sty and that in a way can some up what I feel.

Not to take away what some wonderful people are doing in this program, it just seems that those wonderful people are never chosen or are so jaded by the time they reach the upper echelons they choose not to be leaders.
– Pete | August 15, 2016

I think that there should be a push for openness from national on this issue.

NHQ needs to address this NOW. This is no time for cover-ups.

Some said at the National Conference in Nashville that Rowland “did the honorable thing” by retiring before USAF investigated him and CAP was covered by the ensuing mud-bath. I think that the words “honorable” and “Rowland” shouldn’t appear in the same sentence. If Rowland wanted to do the honorable thing he could have OBEYED THE RULES like all other CAP members and paid staffers MUST do.

I think the “good old boys” will allow this organization to implode on itself before they allow the USAF to come in and provide greater oversight and require some accountability from the membership.

Then again, I sometimes wonder if the USAF wouldn’t like to take over, then dismantle the CAP organization permanently. I could see CP going to AFJROTC, AE to the AFA (Air Force Association), and ES responsibilities would be tasked to some other organization within military circles. There would be no more CAP or Auxiliary when they were done gutting it.
– Jim | August 15, 2016

I am not privy to the goings on at National and only get my information in ways such as this website. However, this being said, the news that has been passed on through this source should be announced by NHQ instead of covered up by the BOG and the higher echelons. This would quash any rumors (no matter what percentage of them are true) and keep the membership’s knowledge of what is happening with in “our” organization.

I believe that band aiding the problems will cause larger festering down the road. Antibiotics are needed now! The best dose of medication will be to let USAF control the program to a greater degree than what is happening at this time. This would cause more accountability to take place. While saving the program from itself in the long run.
– Disgusted | August 15, 2016

I would like to think that a Chief Operating Officer would be held to the same standards (or higher) than a line member in CAP, but I rather doubt it. In “Animal Farm,” George Orwell wrote, “All animals are created equal, though some more equal than others.” From my experience, line members would face a CAPF-2b for actions that people with eagles and stars on their epaulets face much less stringent punishment. Mind you, dismissal from the National Command (or Wing or Region, etc) would be humiliating and a strong punishment in and of itself, but a “mere mortal” member would face outright dismissal.

If members can’t conduct themselves decently and professionally they need to be dismissed REGARDLESS of what sort of Orwellian “animal” (general officer, colonel, NHQ paid-staffer, or brand new SM) they are.

Anything less than that is outrageous and spells disaster for the organization and shame and disgrace on the vast majority of members who are decent, morally upright, devoted, selfless in service and hardworking.
– Paul | August 15, 2016

I’m trying to understand this. It looks like Tonya Boylan, the previous female commander of Georgia Wing stumbled onto some kind of corruption in the Southeast Region. She wrote an email to Johnny Dean, Dean agreed with her and then Rowland terminated Johnny Dean for some false reason. Soon after, Tonya Boylan was being forced out of command and into the role of Southeast Region Inspector General, in which she is completely ignored and falls into some depression because the men around her are supporting Don Rowland’s agenda???

AuxBeacon runs their expose of this story in late June and by August Mr Rowland is ushered out before the conference??? BoG Vice William Davidson is so disgusted that he wants no further part of the program?
– Sausages | August 13, 2016

The membership dues are supporting the payment of Rowland’s salary until the end of the year because he agreed to “retire” on 10 August 2016?

Many people are silent on why he was terminated, but a few have spoken out regarding what he did to Johnny Dean.
– RayJay | August 13, 2016

2. Understand the volume of evidence available on the corruption of current and previous CAP and CAP-USAF commanders. The BoG needs new people, not a shuffle of older ones. The BoG may solicit information in open communications.”

I have provided a link to files on Carr, Courter, Bedgood and Gloyd. Please add this to your magic repository. Keep up the good work.
– DoogieHouser | August 12, 2016

Why not that TxxxCxx guy, [name redacted] I think is his name?

He got banned from CAP for being a [redacted] according to what they said around wing. Not surprising as a 40 something guy living in his parent’s basement…”

AuxBeacon responds:

AuxBeacon has received this comment from Raleigh, North Carolina, but the stated accusations cannot be verified. There is no criminal record of the accused with any local law enforcement agency in any State and the CAP has failed to comply with Membership Action Review Panel Reporting Requirements in direct violation of CAP and USAF requirements.

The Civil Air Patrol General Counsel regularly cautions its accused Commanders and Staff Officers not to communicate directly with the media and to allow a Public Affairs Officer to handle all inquiries.

The Doctor is thanked for his suggestion on IRS violations and is extended the opportunity to contribute more evidence, provided he independently reaffirms his superiority to the CAP National Legal Officer.
– The Doctor | August 7, 2016

I met Blazich last year at the National Conference in Orlando. My first impression, he was an arrogant, self absorbed a–h—. I heard from others that he ruined quite a few good members to get where he is at today. So, I kept my distance from him.

CAP attracts these types that use and ruin others to advance. NHQ is blinded by this “narcissist”. He will eventually get all of them too. That is what narcissists do. They divide and conquer!
– Bryan | August 6, 2016

The simple fact is that the CAP is NOT a democracy. Certainly not the kind our CAP Founding Fathers intended. We have a CAP corporate dictatorship represented by, and beholden to, no single human being you can reason with or hold responsible for anything.
– George | August 5, 2016

Abuse of power isn’t limited to bad guys in other organizations. It happens “frequently” in our own organization if we’re not vigilant.
– Joe Reaper | July 25, 2016

If you have any experience with human nature, you might have a guess as to what has happened here in Iriz Heather McSparron had been operating as NikkiKay_22 on Twitter and has been photographed in interactions with multiple men at one time. Her husband works the camera.

It is very likely that compromising images of other CAP officers in Col Henry Irizarry’s Florida Wing have been collected as leverage.

The crimes committed in the cover-up to slander and libel.
– Spinster | July 19, 2016

That’s former Air Force reservist and CAPophile Lt Col Stephen Governale on the right who is now serving prison time.

Investigators say Governale met multiple young male cadets he engaged in sexual relations with, through the Civil Air Patrol, which offers educational programs to those between the ages of 12 and 20.

Court papers also detailed another sex session in Brevard County, and that is the same county in which the McSparron’s operate in Civil Air Patrol.
– GlennMac | July 19, 2016

From what I can see, this story is totally REALZ and not a satire joke. Why are they telling us this is false information and not to look here?”
– Clara on July 18th 2016

The AB/ANN/NOTF people won’t know exactly which “they” you are talking about and it might be best to avoid that word because it sounds kind of paranoid and will be used to dismiss your concerns, even when you are on the right track. If you are a cadet or parent who is concerned about reprisal, then these guys will understand why you are not specific in naming names. Good question.

Assuming you mean your local CAP squadron commander by “they” then

CAP commanders block channels of communication outside the command chain for two reasons. They want to hold onto their own positions and future promotions. They want CAP to get newer, better missions in Total Force US Air Force partnership announced by Deborah James. We should feel bad for her, she was not aware of how corrupt CAP is.

If you are talking about online discussion groups, cadets and junior officers are blocking these stories because they have found a short path to scholarships and aviation flight training through Civil Air Patrol. Your Daddy probably told you to follow the money. They don’t want the government to kill the program. Read about John McCain and Cindy McCain and Civil Air Patrol.

My comments are mine only and do not represent AB editors or authors.
– Slew | July 18, 2016

I have been attacked repeatedly. I have written letters, filed retaliation complaints that just disappear and spoke to National staff people including the past National Commander.

They, being the Southeast Region and below, hope we will get fed up and quit.

They investigate frivolous complaints against us, but do not follow through with Cadet Protection complaints against the favored, these being complaints that just get swept under the carpet.
– AngelCarol | July 18, 2016

Thank you for your past service @Paul Steele. You will be surprised to learn who cares about this mission.

Isolated unit commander failures and cadet beach party protection violations within NC-111 are only a part of our concern. A much broader parental and congressional concern now coming under glass is Maxwell CAP Command’s deliberate cover-up of perpetual abuses and the character assassination heaped upon any who dare to report in writing through formal channels. This “Accident Chain” begins with ignored written communications to commanders and progresses upward to the filing and dismissal of CAPF-30s and AirForce-102 complaints and letters to Congress. That’s a paper tiger that could ensnare you.

There are now three recorded decades of Senior CAP-USAF abuses, bungling incompetence, and reprisal terminations and reversals. Those presently forwarding ROIs and communications to ABNews are the same investigating officers who were abused by commanders of interest in their investigations.

I’ll bet you have experience with that type of commander. They had a habit of wrapping themselves in the Flag and under God.
– MotelOnMonkeyMountain | July 17, 2016

There are two creepers in my CAP wing. Also the wing commander seems to enjoy inappropriate attention from young female cadets in his social media circles. They get special attention and a certain type of look and behavior is encouraged.
– Kelli | July 17, 2016

You can have problems with any volunteer organization but since our members have to pass an FBI background check and take cadet protection training we would like to hope folks do what they ought to.

At the same time senior members are encouraged to observe each other for telltale signs. I would catch a bullet for any of our members but I have to see the weapon drawn/produced first. Most of us are God fearing, patriotic Americans, many of us prior combat veterans who still wish to serve.

I guess you folks subscribe to the theory if one gun owner shoots someone that makes all of us bad and if a senior member does things they are not permitted to then all of us are bad as well which makes you folks as bad as the press was when I was in Vietnam making it all sound like CAP members are psychos. It cost us the war.
– Paul Steele | July 17, 2016

Civil Air Patrol has always left a cringy impression here. Higher level commanders and IGs, NOT under the UCMJ, are encouraged to dismiss complaints and reprise against the members who report the abuse. Your story on Zayas, Wong and Bishop shows that members fare better going straight to law enforcement or reporting anonymously to your service and the others like NOTF.
– Viper6 | July 17, 2016

There were actually 3 chaplains present, and only one was a Catholic priest. The other one shown in the picture is a Protestant chaplain. And the blessing itself, which has been published for all to see, is quite non-denominational.
– John Reutemann | July 14, 2016

Recent news shows that the Civil Air Patrol has another practice in common with the Catholic Church.
– Katie | July 14, 2016

Historically, CAP was very good at recruiting and that is how it was able to maintain essentially static numbers for a decade while we watched an increasing number of experienced members leave or disengage.

It appears the front door is slowing while the back door is still wide open, hemorrhaging and resulting in a non-trivial net loss this fiscal 2016.

What is more frightening is that none of the published numbers, nor current accounting, have indicators of actual participation. How is it CAP still does not have a universal attendance app?
– EclipseJunior | July 12, 2016

Just another example of the fact that what applies to the upper levels of CAP does not apply to those of us in the lower levels of the CAP. Regless leaders ‘running’ the CAP sets a TERRIBLE example to the members. Everything about this is disgusting.
– Jen | July 8, 2016

@Trash Man

I understand why you think this. When I was a young Lieutenant in the program, I thought all my officers were honorable leaders. That is not always the case.

For example, consider Col. Denzil Allen of Kentucky Wing.

Allen vs. CAP, et al: This suit was filed on Feb. 15, 2000, in the U.S. District Count in Kentucky. The suit charged defamation of character and negligence, in that the former CAP Kentucky wing commander made improper allegations against Col. Allen on local television news stations.

In a letter from the CAP, the organization said: “The CAP announces that it has resolved a lawsuit filed by Col. Denzil Allen. CAP acknowledges that Col. Allen was wrongfully suspended in May, 1999. Col. Allen is a honored and distinguished member.”

There are many others. Would you like me to show you another?
– William | July 6, 2016

Y’all seem to have missed the NHQ covered-up story about Civil Air Patrol’s Tony W. Bradley from North Carolina. In protecting the children, the story behind this suicide doesn’t appear and CAP gets off with ZERO accountability for what went down. Dig a bit, you can find it.
– TBradley Suicide | July 1, 2016

In 2010, Rome Composite Squadron was the Georgia Wing Squadron of Merit. When Greenwood took command in April of 2013, it had 65 members. Eight months later, as a result of orchestrated harassment in reprisal for the sustained charges against the cronies, Rome was down to 8 members with only 2 active seniors.

This was deliberate to destroy the memory of what had transpired.
– Floyd | June 30, 2016

In response to Anonymous on this change of policy

If left without CAP Commander molestation in their local unit, inactive members are more likely to wait out a biased commander and pay their dues each year. This gives them bragging rights with friends wrt their nostalgia days.

If they get transferred to the Ghost Squadron, many drop out and stop paying their dues.

It’s simple, the more hoops to jump, the less retention.

This is why safety has become a joke, with commanders pencil whipping those briefings in response to dashboard numbers.
– MysterioCC | June 30, 2016

A strangely beautiful symbol to portray all the corruption, blackmail, back-stabbings and witch hunts now transpiring within Maxwell AFB’s Building 714 and over all CAP Regions in the past. Where was this “Aux Ombudsman Venting Service” during last decade’s termination massacres that nearly squashed our insider leaks to News of the Force? Shoot, better late than never.
– SouthHansell and Gretel | June 30, 2016

During the 2012 through 2015 time period leading up to the Total Force announcement, member complaints regarding abuses and fraud were summarily dismissed or completely ignored. Those who filed coherent CAPF31s found themselves in the black hole or setup for termination.
– Pauline Dutch | June 30, 2016

Brett Slagle really was a problem. There was an arrogant and unsafe attitude that would push the ops tempo beyond what was reasonable. He was also disrespectful to CAP officers who previously served as enlisted. Whenever he was questioned by commanders who had not previously been US Air Force pilots, the swag would emerge and it was aggressive.

When challenged by these commanders, he would explain why he was the star of the show. When that approach failed, he would LIE, DENY and COUNTER ACCUSE. All of this unfolded in writing, so check your inbox. Complaints were filed against him and he WAS caught. Richard Greenwood reinstated him and then there were the follow-on accidents that were covered up.

This story is accurate.
– Dovetail Crush | June 29, 2016

IRT James Army

AirForceTimes did run that story. It explains why all the news of abuses in CAP and in the military are always so old.

For six years, Lt Col Teresa James of the West Virginia Army National Guard kept her rape a secret because she was afraid coming forward would spell the end of her career. When she did report it in 2012, she said, her fears were realized.
– James Army | June 28, 2016

He wants us to stay focused on anything that doesn’t focus on him (the corruption and HIS abuse)…..nice try Mr. Rowland…….we will always focus on accountability which is something you and your political cohorts on all sides of the isle don’t want us to do. THROW THEM ALL OUT and start over……cut off their money (our money)! Power to the members!

Doesn’t the CAP corporate staff just make you sick?
– Anonymous | June 28, 2016

@[A CAP Member]

You are correct. The problem is that each Inspector General is merely the “eyes and ears of their Commander”. What this means is that an IG can be bribed, intimidated, obstructed, delayed and even counter-investigated to change or discredit the results of vital findings. Merle Starr was replaced by Ken Parris as CAP National IG so that the misappropriation of donated artifacts would not come to public view during Charles L. Carr Junior’s term. The Dayton Daily News was quick to expose THAT nasty cover-up.

Much worse, most of the appointed IGs and Inspectors lack the required life skills and even required CAP short course training. Compliance Inspection findings across all the CAP Wings have revealed this fact. IGs serve as front-end risk takers for their more promotable commanders who are corrupt but-not-yet-caught and looking to bury complaints against them on matters of taxpayer fraud, aircraft safety and sexual abuse.
– HaggardNova | June 28, 2016

Could her reporting (in writing) of Brett Slagle’s games and abuses have led to the retaliation that Mrs. Boylan received at the hands of Bedgood, Carr and ultimately Rowland?

Al Bedgood appears to be the assigned Fall Guy as he had been excommunicated for a few years and then just recently shuffle-demoted to the lame role of CAP “Manager”.

The full story of the reprisal against Tonya Boylan (and others) is similar to what we in the Army saw last month. In mid-April the DoD Inspector General found that Army Brig. Gen. Charles Veit retaliated against Army LTC Teresa James for reporting her sexual assault. The IG recommended that the secretary of the Army, Eric Fanning, “take appropriate action against BG Veit for reprising against” James and remove the negative performance report from her official personnel file.

We really think you should add this story to your blog because it is the first time DoD IG has EVER substantiated an allegation of reprisal for reporting a sexual assault.
– James Army | June 28, 2016

This illustrates the bleak landscape faced by whistle blowers and IG investigators. The numerous allegations of reprisal and misconduct directed against senior CAP IG officials and commanders call into question the efficacy of the whistle blower policy. One can make the case that the CAP Inspector General has failed. This is a pathetic, anemic excuse for an investigation.

What happened to Maj Bell already has a chilling effect on whistle blowers relying on official channels. This is just more evidence that the system is corrupted.
– A CAP Member | June 28, 2016

I remember Archer. I always wondered why it disappeared. It apparently died because the chief architect went to prison.
– Anonymous | June 28, 2016

Halsell has bonded out of jail, no court date set.

Court documents say Halsell told state troopers that he drank three glasses of wine. When authorities searched his room at the Motel 6 in Tuscaloosa, they found an empty wine bottle and an empty package of sleeping pills.

According to court documents, Halsell did not remember the crash and asked the troopers to see the bodies of the victims. A witness who stopped to help at the crash site told investigators that Halsell tried to take his car and leave the scene.

The District Attorney’s office revealed that Halsell could face more charges, including assault, but the Grand Jury will make the decision.
– SadJack | June 22, 2016

We know the story.

The characters appointed during Pineda’s tenure have slandered and 2B’d so many members that there is now a critical mass of the abused that have begun to strike back with reports to congress and to your website.

CAP is now everyone’s problem. When the old men go up in the air, they are unsafe. We don’t like this and they ARE dangerous.
– IkeMKaz | June 16, 2016

The bottom line here is that if anybody else did what he did, he would “without a question” be in prison right now. There would be not have been a CAP investigation (cough, cough.. cover up), but an FBI investigation. I was in the military and handled classified information and I saw people get dishonorably discharged, given article 15’s, court martialed and sent to prison for much less than what he did. This is fact. Once again they are proving that they are above the law. I would never join this arrogant organization. The laws should apply to everyone or they should not be laws.
– USAF Officer | June 15, 2016

There were people that were marched out of the building that day after FBI investigations and was fired. I was told by my friend some were: Mr Hicks, Col Brooks, Paul Albano, but I was told there were 10 people. I wonder who the rest of them were. More people need to have investigations done as they do wrong and maybe Washington will get tired of the wrong doing and do away with this wasteful organization. I wonder what these people are doing now. I was also told that they found [redacted] pictures of some employees in Albano’s safe the FBI had to break open.
– Anonymous | June 15, 2016

@Tim McCloud

Sadly, John McCain’s honesty and standards for integrity have rendered him an impotent and a RINO by those who out maneuver him. He is unable to fix the problems with Anderson and Altieri’s Civil Air Patrol, let alone the abuses, rapes and fraud within the Zoomie community.

Did you not notice? The USAF has just conveniently reported a COMPLETE LOSS of it’s computerized complaint investigations system. [Raise a Bravo Sierra Flag?]

The abused, raped and slandered take note of his weakness in the next cycle as his term ends Jan 3 2017. Try calling his office at (202) 224-2235 from any location in the Valentine State.
– CindyHDopple | June 14, 2016

@Dave Harper: CAP is a portion of their retirement package. Sadly, they often share “their package” with young female members.

If anyone complains about this practice, they will be framed and slandered to distract. That is now coming to an end.
– AnonymousFox | June 14, 2016

Like big brother blue (USAF), like little brother blue (CAP). The IG folks are corrupt at both ends.
– Dave Harper | June 14, 2016

I wonder what John McCain would think of this.
– Tim McCloud | June 14, 2016

This is why I left the CAP. It is precisely why so many of us have said that any respect we might have had for the CAP has vaporized.
– Brandon Kingston | June 14, 2016

Not surprising, these kind of things are happening everywhere. We are getting rid of good people left and right while the problem children (Wing Commanders and above) are covering for each other. We recently lost a great squadron commander because he was doing a great job, better then the Wing Commander. The entire Wing Staff quit and half went to our Squadron to work for our commander. So what do they do? The Wing Commander cans our commander and the Region Commander stands by and lets it happen even though the Region Commander tells our commander he did nothing wrong (we got a recording of the call). We are loosing too many good people fast to idiots like these. Where is John McCain when we need him the most.
– Anonymous | June 11, 2016

Recruiting efforts only briefly stem the out-flowing tide. The findings that led to non-renewals in my CAP Wing/Region were:

i. attempts to setup and black-mail members or deliver reprisals
ii. inappropriate relationships between female cadets and male commanders, pilots and GT leaders
iii. aircraft and vehicle safety accidents covered up from the cadet parents
iv. falsified documents
v. unqualified personnel in multiple roles and nepotism

There was hope that Vazquez would be able to remove the old cronies in the IG system that were facilitating the massacres. Instead, some have been made Wing Commanders in exchange for burying evidence.
– Stephanie Georges | June 10, 2016

All I can say is: people are actually SURPRISED at this?

About 15 years ago, when I was in INWG, the LO/SD/whatever the hell they ended up calling the ex-AF guy who showed up in a purple polo with the CAP-USAF crest on it, we had this message reinforced to us…that we were, for the most part, there to put warm bodies through the gateways of Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here AFB.

Said LO/SD: “Your job as seniors is to make sure your cadets get their Mitchell so that they can get their E-3 once they graduate BMT.” Not a WORD about AE or even the hallowed ES. His focus was cadets, cadets, cadets.

The bitter irony is…MTI’s don’t care about Civil Air Patrol!

Many, many, many moons ago, when I was MTI sausage grinder fodder at Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here AFB, the MTI asked “WHO HERE HAS ROTC EXPERIENCE?” One poor, unfortunate young soul put his hand up and said, “Sir, Airman (this was before they were called “Trainee”) Dipstick reports as ordered. I have similar experience in the Civil Air Patrol…” MTI descended on him like a vampire and screamed, “DID YOU HEAR ME SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THE F****** CIVIL AIR PATROL?! I SAID ROTC! I DID NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THE G****** CIVIL AIR PATROL!”

Unless attitudes toward the CAP by MTI’s have changed considerably, Secretary James is urinating up braided hemp by hoping an influx of Mitchell-bearing young trainees will improve the AF’s quality/numbers.
– Kurt Steiner | June 10, 2016

Col Eugene Caughey, USAF, is alleged to have committed six counts of adultery between 2013 and 2015, in violation of Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. One charge states that Caughey took a photo of his genitals while in uniform in his office.
– Virginia Massick | June 8, 2016

This failure happens so often, someone should cry fowl. If a helicopter is required to find a downed aircraft in heavy summer tree cover, then why the hell must the public foot the bill for these unqualified hobbyists to fly fix-wing aircraft in the search?
– Kathy Spooner | June 7, 2016

This is OUTRAGEOUS! The first names and addresses of WIVES with home and cell numbers have been released to all.
– Sonny Lehman | May 20, 2016

Sadly, CAP has chosen to conduct personal attacks on top Air Force leaders, rather than focus on the issues. In several instances, press releases by CAP National Headquarters have cross the bounds of proper decorum. CAP Region Commanders referred to actions by top Air Force leaders as ‘slimy,’ called them ‘liars,’ and proclaimed them worthy of ‘removal from office. Unless corrected, these attacks will permanently breach the CAP-Air Force relationship.
Lyle W. Castle, Brig Gen, CAP | May 11, 2016

These guys proceeded to fly around for two hours, searching for the ELT. When they returned, I asked if they had any luck. They mumbled that they couldn’t find out from where the signal was emanating. Turns out it was a Cherokee 6, that had a hard landing, at our airport, and was parked directly next to the CAP 172.

I remember thinking that if I had a problem and went down and it was up to these idiots to find me, I would pretty much be doomed.
Bob Scrillimonger, Maj, CAP | May 11, 2016

I am a longtime member of CAP, but even I question our relevance today. Others have pointed out better than I could how technology has advanced in the SAR/ELT detection role.
Mark Strassburger, Capt, CAP | May 11, 2016

The all volunteer CAP, in some respects, is like an out of control freight train. For far too long, the USAF has placed it on a pedestal. Stories like this and others demonstrate that far too many volunteers shouldn’t be in the organization in the first place. Sad for all the families.
SSgt Bob Haskew, USAF | May 4, 2016

Every year we have to sit through mindless training sessions on sexual harassment and every year it is the “big boys” with zipper problems. Until we strip commanders of power and give it to uniformed prosecutors despite concerns from the Pentagon this would undermine command authority we cannot eradicate this problem. All should be treated the same despite their rank.
Jessica Goodman | May 4, 2016

Sounds like they got nothing left to lose–I would go public with a good journalist/reporter and name names if it were me. At least, everyone would know what they know–sort of like the women who are going public about Bill Cosby. They may never get prosecuted, but in the court of public opinion/standing, he is not doing so well.
Jessica Goodman | May 4, 2016

I agree get rid of CAP. Give that money to the Military or the veterans, they can’t seem to get a doctor appointment. CAP is a big waste of money, glad to know that I was not the only one CAP did badly they did Mrs John McCain badly too. Some one in Washington needs to wake up and get rid of the expense (waste) of CAP.
Anonymous | May 4, 2016

I remember this like it was yesterday. I was so glad to blow the lid off CAP. It took a long time to actually get justice, but it did come. My friend who still worked there at the time called me when the FBI went in and she called me when they marched the people that got fired out of the building. They thought a little quiet hardworking girl would lay down and go quietly. BUT NO I DID NOT. People don’t realize accountants know all the secrets of an organization. It is the little people (accounting clerks)that can tumble organizations. I stumbled across this just had to comment.
Anonymous | May 4, 2016

I can believe CAP is still covering up abuse. I am the one that blew the top off the investigations in 1999. It all started with my 13 pages to congress and senators. But make no mistake I sent those same 13 pages to every wing and to Col Albano, Col Brooks and Liaison Col from the AF. I asked for help and these people did not listen so I was left with no other options and I had lots of friends that knew but too afraid to say anything. I had 3 supervisors that said Gail they are out to get you. I had 3 supervisors that cam and went in less than 3 years because they were not willing to do wrong for our Dept Director and I did payroll and sit right nest to them. Those people that got fired deserved everything. It took a long time but I had friends that kept me informed because when I sent those 13 pages there was no turning back. I lasted 9 more days after that. I was surprised when OSI showed up at my house to talk to me about the situation. They asked me to come to the base but I declined but I said they could come to me house instead. When I went to work there I thought that CAP would be my last job that I would retire from there. I got to be a stronger person after leaving there. the only thing I would do different is I would not have QUIT. I only wish I had been there when they marched those people out that got fired out of the building. But I still had friends there that called me to tell me everything that happened. I could not believe it when she called me and said “The FBI came in today and took everything”. The nicest person was the person that told me how to word the document to get the attention of Washington to look into it. I was just a accounting clerk and did not know how to put into words to get help. I will never forget her. Another friend went with me to Col Brooks to ask for help and he did nothing.
Anonymous | May 4, 2016

The corruption and abuse findings in this article and those reported elsewhere on your site are very serious command failings and a glaring national weakness that could easily be exploited by the nation’s enemies. It is tragic that the abuse of the honorable is practically encouraged by past cover-ups and reprisals that are finally coming to the attention of the taxpayer. Based on what you see here, however, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Please check your submissions inbox for additional information on slander, libel and fraudulent documents in Civil Air Patrol.
Anonymous | April 30, 2016

In our wing, CAPF-30 complaints go absolutely NOWHERE. We learned this by watching others who tried and suffered the heat of entrapment reprisals. In a recent situation, we took it straight to the law and bypassed the hacks. Most CAP commanders have dirt on each other, some genuine and some trumped-up, and they blackmail each other with this information so that nothing can really change. Gangstas simply carve out a new racket whenever loopholes are closed with a reg change. Rumors are that even the Board of Governors has this same mess.
Chuck Rooder | April 17, 2016

Since the primary motive of the evil is disguise, one of the places evil people are most likely to be found is within a youth oriented organization such as the CAP. What better way to conceal one’s evil from oneself, as well as from others, than to be a CAP leader or some other highly visible form of leader within our culture? I do not mean to imply that the evil are anything other than a small minority among the CAP or that the motives of most members are in any way spurious. I mean only that evil members tend to gravitate towards the CAP for the disguise and concealment it can offer them. Child molesters appear to gravitate toward careers which will shield and camouflage them, while at the same time providing access to victims. They consciously or unconsciously choose career paths that will bring them regularly in contact with the youth. Many are highly respected members of the CAP and community. Some are in positions of authority over children–pilots, commanders, staff officers, chaplains. With this in mind, I would vacate all and any youth you have from the CAP.
Stan Marsh | April 16, 2016

Civil Air Patrol pilots in Georgia have damaged ILS equipment at different airports. They were even banned from operating gliders at LaGrange-Callaway following a fatal accident in February of 2014. They moved to Warm Springs and had another accident there in July 2014. I know of 3 or 4 Flight Instructors who attempted to make improvements, but they were ostracized and left the wing or the program entirely in disgust. One or two of them were Delta Captains.
Greg S. Harrison | April 12, 2016

Paul Harvey, a popular radio commentator once said, If you want to see the scum of the earth, go to a prison parking lot during shift change.
Gen Dee Sarray | April 10, 2016