Civil Air Patrol

CAP Guides
CAP Adverse Membership Actions Guide
CAP Inspector General Guide

CAP Regulations
CAPR 39-2 Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Membership
CAPR 66-1 Aircraft Maintenance Management
CAPR 123-1 Inspector General (IG) Program
CAPR 123-2 Inspector General (IG) Complaints

CAP Reports
DOD IG Audit of the CAP, 2004
GAO Defense Inventory: Improper Use, Loss & Theft, Jan 2002
GAO Effectiveness & Morale of Colorado Wing, Jan 1976
GAO Homeland Security Missions Report, Nov 2012
GAO Proposed Agreements with the USAF to Address Identified Problems, Jun 2000
GAO Whistleblower Protection Oversight, May 2015

Reports of Investigations
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Unit Inspection Reports
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MARP Reports