Maryland Wing Civil Air Patrol Stays Lily White by Evasion

Aviator Julius Carroll, Civil Air Patrol
Aviator Julius Carroll, Civil Air Patrol

By AuxBeacon News Aggregator

“For six months, from June to December, 1956, they gave me the run-around. Up until this minute, I have received no satisfaction from the Maryland CAP. Neither have I received any squadron assignment in the state of Maryland.

Because of the variety of excuses they have given me and while awaiting their action upon my request, my member expired Dec 21, 1956.”

The Rev. Julius Carroll who is associate pastor of Sharp Street Methodist Church and a licensed pilot, revealed to this reporter how the Civil Air Patrol continues a policy of non-integration in Maryland by what he calls “evasion and passing the buck.”

The Rev. Mr Carroll has been flying for five years and has 1500 hours to his credit. His private plane is at Harbor Field.

He earned his wing in July 1952 at the Tuskegee Alabama Air Force Base where he was attached to the Tuskegee Squadron of the Alabama Civil Air Patrol.

HOWEVER, the Rev. Mr. Carroll moved to Baltimore in June 1956 to assist his brother, the Rev. Edward Carroll at the Sharp Street Church.

Explaining the routine transaction which takes place in transferring CAP membership the Rev. Mr Carroll stated:

“I requested a transfer in June. I addressed the request to the Maryland Wing at CAP Headquarters at Friendship International Airport. The normal procedure is that the Maryland Wing would then request that my 201 file be sent to them from Tuskegee Squadron No. 2 of the Alabama Wing. The request would be honored through the Alabama Wing Headquarters.”

“After the Maryland Wing gained possession of the 201, the next step would have been to assign me to a squadron here,” the Rev. Mr. Carroll said.

He was Major Frederick R. Beal who had just arrived in September,” the Rev. Mr. Carroll continued.

“Major Beal explained to me that he was new on the job and that he had no knowledge of my request for transfer. He said he would get on it as soon as possible if I could give him a few days.

“On Dec. 1, 1956, I called the office and it was told me that my request would receive immediate attention.”

“In addition, at my request, the Airplane Owners and Pilots Association wrote to the commanding general of the CAP at Bolling Field in Washington and asked for official attention in the matter.”

“In the meantime, I did not send a renewal fee to the Alabama CAP at Tuskegee because I had moved out of its jurisdiction,” Mr Carroll said.

The Rev. Mr. Carroll also stated that plans were under way at the Sharp Street Community House to set up a CAP Cadet Squadron as part of the recreation program for the young people.

HE ALSO stated that the CAP practice of not allowing colored children to join would greatly handicap the Community Center program.

I would refuse to activate a segregated unit in my community program,” the Rev. Mr. Carroll said.

Early Wednesday morning Col J. H. Griffith at CAP national headquarters Bolling Air Field advised the Rev. Mr. Carroll to write to the Alabama Wing and request that his 201 file be sent to the Maryland Wing Headquarters, Col Griffith also said that he would personally communicate with Col Fonda of the Maryland CAP and advise him to take “favorable action” on the request for membership.

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