Less Than Civil Air Agent Slams VP Pence, Briefs Parents on P-Fortified v. Alt-Right and Neo-Nazis

VP Mike Pence's office collects, reports, but then conceals evidence of QAnon tool in the Broward County Sheriff's Office
VP Mike Pence's office collects, reports, but then conceals evidence of QAnon tool in the Broward County Sheriff's Office.

By P-Fortified | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: A not-so civil air patrol ‘agent’, verified through detailed knowledge of Civil Air Patrol, calls out Vice President Mike Pence and gives us the low-down on QAnon and the Atomwaffen Division. He or she concludes by advising on a clandestine group within Civil Air Patrol, known as “P-Fortified,” that is serving to Search-and-Destroy Alt-Right infiltration of the Great American Melting Pot. Thank you for your contribution.]

Update December 3rd 2018

An AuxBeacon reader advised us that

Sgt Matt Patten received a written reprimand today. He was removed from the Sheriff’s Office’s Strategic Investigations Division’s Office of Homeland Security and from the agency SWAT team and reassigned to the Department of Law Enforcement. Patten was cited for conduct unbecoming… “For this event, SWAT Team Leader Sgt. Patten intentionally placed an unauthorized symbol/patch onto his agency issued SWAT vest to meet and pose with (Vice President) Pence,” the reprimand states. “Sgt. Patten’s actions of displaying unity with a controversial group not in alignment with the core values of law enforcement and the Broward Sheriff’s Office discredited the agency, the country and himself.”

Original Story November 30th 2018

Not-for-nothin’ but you first need the back brief. Eyes open, please, to what I am telling you here.

QAnon is a far-right whack deception theory that started a year ago in October of 2017. An anonymous post by “Q” on the imageboard 4chan claimed access to classified information regarding domestic enemies of the Trump administration. As the tale goes, there is an alleged “deep state” of high ranking government and Hollywood officials working against President Donald Trump and all those who support him. A subset of those who have been duped into supporting Wreaths Across America have also been duped to believe that Donald Trump feigned collusion with the Russians to enlist Robert Mueller to join him in exposing democrat involvement with an international child sex trafficking ring and to prevent a coup d’état by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros. You can see the evolution of this from the guilty Gen. Michael Flynn’s Pizza Gate tweets. The topic has been discussed by the members of some Civil Air Patrol units, but thankfully not among all.

Michael Flynn child mind
Guilty General Michael Flynn tweets garbage to influence young minds before an election.

Earlier today, Friday November 30th, US Vice President Michael Pence’s official Twitter account posted an image of the vice president with a Broward County Sheriff SWAT officer wearing the red and black patch designating the QAnon Conspiracy. The officer was identified by the uniform name plate Sgt. M. Patten on his right breast. The photo was taken at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Twits working for Mike Pence soon had the tweet deleted, but not before others had captured it.

I know your team gives credit where credit is due, so I would like this post to give full tribute to Jared Holt, a journalist for Right Wing Watch, who did a great job of exposing this.

Jared Hold Scoops Pence and QAnon
Full credit and linking to Jared Holt for the scoop on this story.

He specifically did the research to find the patch and the text surrounding the Q that reads “Question the Narrative”.

Broward County Sheriff’s Office infiltrated with QAnon pukes.

The urgent concern is that Pence’s team has now been caught in a attempt to conceal and/or destroy the evidence they collected on a Law Enforcement Officer violating department regulations and wearing a false, divisive and unauthorized patch. This is right along with what you have reported on the dark-side mind tricks used by some Civil Air Patrol members to brainwash our nation’s youth. In case you don’t know, your story(s) have led to Civil Air Patrol members shutting down their public social media feeds to move to private communication platforms.

Earlier this summer, AuxBeacon covered a story on Civil Air Patrol cadet Joe Basrawi’s uniformed support for Turning Point USA. Turning Point USA has been exposed for its regression, racism and rejection of the values of liberalism (separation of church and state, freedom of and from religion, right to due process, and equality under the law) but Charlie Kirk‘s Turning Point USA is mild in comparison to the threat that has been growing within the United States.

In February 2018, multiple media outlets reported rising numbers and membership in Neo-Nazi and Alt-Right White Supremacist groups since Donald Trump took up residence at 1600. A more frightening one came out just this month on Frontline and was reported in the Baltimore Sun. Their members carefully troll paramilitary organizations like Civil Air Patrol with well placed filters and trap-doors for more specialized recruiting. Your child may be seeking a path to the stars, but others can be sized-up for something much more nefarious. If you ask my Bubbe, Joe Basrawi’s work for Turning Point USA could be likened to service as a carefully segregated sonderkommando. Everyone with me hopes that he out-learns and out-grows this soon.

Members of the American Neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Members Salute
Atomwaffen Members Salute

Now many of us with empathy believe that it should never be considered appropriate to “flame” in the Air Force Uniform, as it is both unprofessional and demoralizing to others. Yet, Mark Smith’s decision to allow Holly Feiglein’s YouTube composition to stand as is has been noted, and by others elsewhere [dark link redacted].

Civil Air Patrol Flaming Gay in Air Force Blues
Acting like a clown while wearing USAF Blues, supported by Mark E. Smith?

This should be a concern for Civil Air Patrol leadership, cadet parents and anyone paying tribute to the Greatest Generation. Every Civil Air Patrol member and cadet parent needs the briefing on hate groups like the Atomwaffen Division, headquartered in Florida, and founded in the United States in 2013. Through gocivilairpatrol(.)com, these hate groups have access to our names published over the years when we advanced in cadet and senior grade.

Atomwaffen Divsion Logo
Logo of the Florida-based Neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Division

The Atomwaffen Division encourages its members to overthrow the U.S. government and attack minorities in a genetic-cleansing race war against non-whites, Jews and homosexuals. They recommend methods such as guerrilla warfare and even nuclear terrorism. Their members are young and have been recruiting through the Discord platform and on university campuses by anonymously putting up posters. They did this at Boston University, University of Central Florida, University of Chicago and Old Dominion University in Norfolk. Their membership is small, but growing because there is an absence of leadership and formal opposition.

In January 2018, Atomwaffen member Samuel Woodward murdered the openly gay and Jewish 19-year-old University of Pennsylvania sophomore Blaze Bernstein in Orange County, California. Bernstein was visiting his family in Lake Forest and was stabbed twenty times.

There are many more such groups, with relatively few to counter. Of those few one was formed earlier this year among Civil Air Patrol members with Cyber Security and other unspecified experience. It has become known as P-Fortified, perhaps to counter QAnon or perhaps there are other possible meanings behind the name. Unfortunately, I am told that none of the national leadership at CAP NHQ Maxwell AFB are members of P-Fortified because they [redacted]. Please do whatever you need to do to get this story out to the membership.

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    Police in Battle Creek, Michigan, are investigating after a Nazi flag was found flying at an elementary school. The flag was discovered Saturday when construction workers arrived at Riverside Elementary School and noticed that the American flag in front of the school had been replaced by a Nazi banner.

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