Hurlburt Field Airman Kneels to Worship in TJ Maxx

Airman 1st Class Michael Leary
Airman 1st Class Michael Leary

by CAP Fapper | AuxBeacon News Commentator

[Editor’s note: One of our readers has finally submitted a story on Michael Leary’s exploits in TJMaxx.]

Hurlburt Field’s commanding officer in Okaloosa County Florida is learning that the wintry boys from Colorado can’t handle the Florida hotties of the redneck Riviera.

Air Force Airman Michael Leary, 20, of Colorado Springs has been arrested for indecent exposure.

According to an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s report, the victim said the Airman exposed himself to her on March 1st in the local TJMaxx. He followed her from aisle to aisle and in the kitchen goods area, when she came around the corner, the report indicates that Airman Leary was kneeling on the ground, facing her, with everything hanging out.

“The Defendant had pulled the front of his pants down and had his genitalia fully exposed to her.” As a result, “The Victim left the kitchen area and notified a store employee who contacted law enforcement.” It has not been made clear why the victim did not call the police herself. Subsequently, it is also a mystery why the suspect allegedly exposed himself to the victim. Leary was assigned to the 1st Special Operations Force Support Squadron.

Leary was not arrested until April 10th, and he was released the following day. Consequently, there has been no explanation as to why there was a delay of the arrest. Leary was required to return to court on April 28th.

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  1. The CAP for the years as of to date been used and used hard. What amazes me is the line of great and fine Americans that are still stepping up to serve. God Bless our great folks in it.

    What the true problem is the politics, the systemic corruption at the top and car bear crap being injected in to our organization, the sub-standard or inexperienced high ranking officers and the canning of good CAP officers who are not in this for nothing, but serving and performing hardships so that the rest of us can enjoy what now many have taken for granted.

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