Civil Air Patrol’s Ralph Abraham Fails Christian Knowledge Test

Civil Air Patrol Memes: Ralph Abraham
Civil Air Patrol commander Ralph Abraham blinks as he fails Christian knowledge test.

by MWPH Wasou | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s note: We apologize for the delay in releasing your story. Our servers came under duress from the nation of Turkey during President Trump’s enabled military attack on the Kurds in Northern Syria.  This is a good article  and as the author predicted, Abraham has lost the election.  We expect this content to be revisited with regard to future Civil Air Patrol political assets.]

Salutations from Mobile Alabama, the true home of Mardis Gras. Sent this twice, do hope this gets to you in time. You don’t appear to be checking for contributions?

Poorly credentialed Civil Air Patrol commanders have been wrapping themselves in Old Glory and Air Force blues for decades so as to add weight to their ignorant words. Failing miserably in that tactic, Civil Air Patrol legislative squadron commander Ralph Abraham has now swaddled himself in the robes of one fabled itinerant Jewish Rabbi who looks too much like Apollonius of Tyana to be dismissed by white farmers. In his latest campaign video, Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Ralph Abraham reminds voters in the rural counties of Louisiana that he is a [blink] Christian.

He opens with:

“I’m a Christian and my faith in Christ guides everything I do.”

I can tell you straight-away that this is false. At his age, if Ralph Lee Abraham had followed the words attributed to Christ, he would have obeyed the command of Mark 12:30-31 to “Love God with all his heart and with all his soul and with all his mind, and to love his neighbor as himself” so as to find the origins of Christianity and Judaism in Persia, Greece, Egypt and in Babylon and Sumeria just as Martin Luther King Jr. had done in 1949.

Obelisk Hints for Civil Air Patrol

Obelisk Hints for Civil Air Patrol Members to Explore

If he had followed that greatest command, Ralph Abraham would know how US leaders justified their rejection of Romans 13 in their 1775 rebellion against King George III. More so, he would be helping to share that New Testament knowledge about Mithraism, Egypt and Mesopotamia with both sets of oppressed and poorly educated brothers throughout the state of Louisiana. I call his and your attention to Matthew 13:11-12 to show just how far Abraham has missed the mark in this knowledge test.

Instead of helping rural Americans to learn, Abraham is using dog whistles to pander to low information and high emotion voters in the state of Louisiana.

Christian Ralph Abraham will soon stand next to Donald Trump who just now told an audience in Minneapolis the following:

Frankly, Hunter, you’re a loser. Why did you get one point five billion dollars, Hunter?  And your father was never considered smart. He was never considered a good Senator. He was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s ass. True. Thank you. Thank you. It’s true. It’s true.

It’s not true.  Hunter Biden was involved with the cross-border equity consortium in question, but the $1.5 billion was what the fund hoped to raise in 2014 for investments. It is not the value of the management company in which Hunter Biden now holds a minority share.

In a role that used to be leader of the free world, Donald Trump’s lies and gutter language is hardly Christian and most certainly not a viable strategy for any lasting American victory in the 21st century.

I predict that Ralph Abraham will be eliminated in this Saturday’s election and that his shameful manipulation of Civil Air Patrol and Christianity will one day lead to his exit from national politics.

Thank you for your attention.

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12 Comments on "Civil Air Patrol’s Ralph Abraham Fails Christian Knowledge Test"

  1. Between December and January, Abraham’s office shared at least 22 stories from local and national outlets about the election alongside press releases about agricultural policy and the Affordable Care Act, according to cached Internet Archive and Google search results.

    The office apparently removed the stories in the last few weeks.

    The House Ethics Manual prohibits the use of official resources for campaigning or other political purposes, including the use of office materials to draft written statements or releases seeking to influence an election, even if the member was a candidate. The manual also says that member and committee websites “may not include personal, political, or campaign information.”

  2. We think it is a grave mistake to teach children the truth about this before they are emotionally developed and ready to handle it.

    • We say this because it turns some young people away from learning the true origins upon which the false narrative is based.

  3. Ralph'sBones | October 16, 2019 at 02:05 | Reply

    Ralph Abraham was born on SEP. 16 1954, and thus grew up during the Civil Rights Movement. If, as he says there is “Not one discriminatory bone in my body” he would have read Dr. King’s paper on the origins of Christianity and understood the Roman agenda of the New Testament and all the earlier material used in its construction.

  4. I’m not allowed to look at AuxBeacon on my home computer. I have to come to the library to read your stories. I had always been suspicious that my parents, both are in Civil Air Patrol, were lying about their Christian faith just as a way to scare me. Like Santa Claus making his list, I guess, right?

    Can anyone else share information that I can read showing that Jesus and Paul never existed?

  5. You shits are now giving the lying anti-Christian voice of that [redacted] King a place on your website? You will be punished.

    [Admin: What specifically did he lie about?]

  6. Why do you tag this under grooming?

    [Admin: Good question. Grooming is not only the process of grooming a child for sexual predators. Grooming is also the process of indoctrinating a new member to understand that the commander’s biases will be definitely tolerated and echoed if the underling desires advancement.]

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