Civil Air Patrol Facilitates Penetration

Civil Air Patrol

By DepthFinder | AuxBeacon News Reader

[Editor’s Note: This was submitted to us last night.]

I’ve seen one tip-off comment here on AuxBeacon and a longer discussion on cap-talk, but you haven’t released a story yet on Civil Air Patrol’s role in the penetration of Homestead Air Reserve Base in Florida. I’ll assume that’s because no one has written one for you and submitted it. Here’s a college-try for you.

7News Miami ran a story on May 14th about Diomonte Jean’s use of Civil Air Patrol titled Air Force investigating after man gains access to South Florida military base; says it was a “prank”

On May 15th, your editors released a comment from djFBI alerting the membership here to Civil Air Patrol’s role in the penetration. That comment also included the observation that Civil Air Patrol makes undesirables aware of Vanguard as a mail-order source of uniform items for military impersonators and prospective terrorists.

Later that evening cap-talk turned to discuss this story in Faking Your Way Onto a Military Base. Georgia Wing Vice Commander Lt Col Jeff O’Hara (SPAM GA-001) was quick to offer his wisdom on the subject when he spied a reference to “the red line” and security police. He STRONGLY urged that those with base access and flight line access not discuss local base procedures and local safeguards on that CAP forum.

Once again O’Hara, who previously chastised his chain-of-command over CAP cadets being used as Wreath-selling street corner Moonies, did not receive the commensurate level of respect and compliance to his request. For those who never post there as a matter of opsec and persec, O’Hara’s message to his commanders regarding the danger of the Civil Air Patrol threat-vector should put him on the pad for rapid ascent beyond those floundering in the mire.

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11 Comments on "Civil Air Patrol Facilitates Penetration"

  1. I wish Jeff O’Hara and all the others would stop it on captalk. Too much is given away there.

  2. ABEvalTour | July 27, 2018 at 01:18 | Reply

    This story was run on WSVN and other genuine media outlets. Story is TRUE and points to other stories that show Civil Air Patrol as risk to higher levels of security.

  3. Will you release our Barry story?

    [Admin: Good story. Yes, soon.]

  4. I did an internet search recently on “Air Force rape” and was amazed at how few stories come up to show how many people have sodomized and raped in the United States Air Force over time. You should create a story listing all of them the way you do for other activities in Civil Air Patrol.

  5. Project Maven | May 27, 2018 at 10:56 | Reply

    Once we expose and terminate all 1300 Google employees who object to the patriotic use of Project Maven technology for military surveillance, we will be able to prevent this kind of pollution intrusion in the future.

    • Civil Air Patrol people could make excellent intelligence gathering tools and could photograph and monitor all suspected enemies of our great nation.

    • quotDGreen | June 1, 2018 at 19:38 | Reply

      Diane Greene told Google employees today that Google would honor its commitment to the Pentagon’s Project Maven program through March 2019, but that we would NOT be seeking a new contract at that time.

  6. Can you run the story on Heath J. Sommer at Travis AFB?

    • 2ndRequest | May 29, 2018 at 14:45 | Reply

      I second that request. This is a perfect example of where those who are abused and report it as required wind up being treated even worse for having made the effort.

  7. Did you miss the story on F-22 pilot Col. Jason Costello who is accused of multiple sexual assault incidents between 2012 and 2014?

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