Civil Air Patrol Drugs Demand Induction

Air Force Auxiliary

By Tony Noriega

The Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol is a freaking weird organization with a lot of messed up people and co-dependent commanders covering up for them. If you think Paul W. Tibbetts IV was concealing the crazies, then hold a beer for Mark E. Smith and Joey Vazquez. If in this list of inspirational Drug Demand Induction events there are any I have missed, I hope you will add them.

“American Made” CAPs Off This Friday
Civil Air Patrol trained pilot Barry Seal was coaxed into acting as a courier between Panama’s General Noriega and the CIA. According to Debbie Seal, her husband became involved in drug smuggling in 1975. Barry Seal was murdered on February 19th 1986 after Ronald Reagan exposed photographs that Seal was forced to take of cartel members in a US television broadcast.

CAP Spaatz Association Director Murdered by His Male Lover

Convicted Felons in Civil Air Patrol
In the summer of 2015, convicted felon, Capt Randall Cason was an instructor at the Hawk Mountain Ranger School for cadets in Pennsylvania. Convicted felons seem to be common in the CAP.

A Florida Civil Air Patrol official provided documentation that this member was picked up for possession of cocaine, DUI and running a light at the same time. On another, he was in possession of a machine gun. On another, he was found in possession of several police badges and a receipt for them, a gun, and $1,000 in cash. A search of his home surfaced another $1,000 in cash. In both cases, the cash was easily traceable because it was being used in a police investigation. The money trail apparently led to Cason’s conviction – ultimately for trying to bribe a public official. He appealed unsuccessfully and served five years in a state penitentiary.

Under certain very rare circumstances, the CAP’s National Commander or Executive Director can grant a waiver allowing a convicted felon into CAP membership. Usually, this would be a case involving a one-time offense, perhaps a youthful indiscretion, which the CAP has reason to believe will be not repeated. Once that waiver is granted, it cannot be overturned.

In this case, the member, Randall Cason, was granted such a waiver by a former CAP Executive Director. Some research reveals that the Executive Director was not given authority to grant such a waiver until Maj Gen Rick Bowling was the National Commander, at which time, Col Pineda would have been serving as the Southeast Region Commander.

Command Support for Moral Turpitude in Florida Wing
Florida Wing Officers in the Porn Business
“Lt Col McSparron and his wife promote marijuana use on their Facebook accounts, yet Heather was the Florida Wing’s Drug Demand Reduction Officer for several years and worked with National Headquarters on anti-drug initiatives. They have been involved with CAP cadet programs since 2007. They photograph nude erotica and semi-nude models (such as high school seniors) and have a fascination with women suicides, playing with guns, overdosing on drugs and being murdered.”

Drugged Civil Air Patrol Pilot Destroyed Cessna Skylane
The toxicology on the Civil Air Patrol flying pilot assumed to be in the left seat was positive for Sertraline and Desmethylsertraline in both the liver and Kidneys. According to FAA’s Southwest Regional Flight Surgeon, Sertraline (Zoloft) is an antidepressant medication, and Desmethylsertraline represents a metabolite of Sertraline. The flight surgeon further stated that use of this medication would have precluded medical certification of this pilot had it been reported to a medical examiner. He also said that any pilot who was already certified would have been warned not to fly while taking this medication, had an examiner become aware that the pilot was doing so.
The pilot’s sister stated that she was not sure where he had acquired the medication, but that she was unaware of any prescription being written by a doctor.

Morphine CAP Pilot Lies, Crashes & Dies
Toxicological tests, after the accident, revealed that the Civil Air Patrol Pilot in Command had a toxic level of morphine in his blood. By examining the rate at which the morphine was metabolized, one can conclude that the drug was probably taken in flight, apparently for emergency relief from a migraine headache. The source of the morphine is unknown, as neither of the pilot’s physicians had prescribed it.

Operation Drop-In Backlash
CAP has always had something of a public relations problem among many pilots. Much of this problem stems from the long-held perception among CAP members that being a member and wearing a uniform confers upon them some special authority. Manifestations of such attitudes tend to rub the general pilot population the wrong way. Animosity toward CAP can arise from many places. Whatever the rationale, whatever the reason, the CAP’s perception among average GA pilots is decidedly mixed. Over the years that perception has generally tended to get worse, not better, and CAP has generally done little to help matters.

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