Civil Air Patrol Destroyed Evidence of IG Complaints

CAP Memes: Coveup Colonel
Ken Parris, CAP Coverup Colonel

by JurEx | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: This email and other evidence that AuxBeacon has received from its investigation demonstrates that Civil Air Patrol destroyed evidence of complaints that were filed against Georgia Wing CAP racketeers Col Richard Greenwood, Lt Col Brett Slagle, and Lt Col Joseph Knight.]

From: Tonya Boylan [Redacted];
To: CAP_IG [Redacted];
Subject: Inquiry about complaint status
Sent: Thu, Jun 6, 2013 2:37:54 PM

Col Parris,

I’ve been asked to inquire about the status of an IG complaint that originated in GAWG [Georgia Wing] but that has apparently been referred to NHQ for action. On 24 Dec 2012, Maj Phil Boylan (yes, he is my spouse) filed a complaint with the GAWG IG. On 27 Dec 2012, Maj Boylan received an acknowledgement of receipt from Lt Col Ben Prine who was then serving as the GAWG IG. Maj Boylan has received no communication of any kind regarding his complaint since that time.

According to Lt Col Prine, the complaint was transferred to NHQ and the last communication he had with anyone about this particular complaint was around 25 March 2013 when he had a phone conversation with Col Dale Newell. It was Lt Col Prine’s understanding that Col Newell was doing the complaint analysis. Lt Col Prine has had no other communication with anyone regarding this case since that time.

Since I do not know whether or not the complaint has gone to investigation, there is no way to know whether Maj Boylan should have been receiving 60-day updates or not. However, it doesn’t seem appropriate to me for him to have been left hanging all this time with no idea of what, if anything, is being done regarding his concerns. I respectfully request that Maj Boylan be given some kind of status update on where his complaint is in the process.

Please contact Maj Phil Boylan directly at: [Redacted] or [Redacted] (cell phone).


Tonya R. Boylan

Col Tonya R. Boylan, CAP
Inspector General
Southeast Region Civil Air Patrol


Further evidence that Civil Air Patrol was destroying complaints and evidence from its ECIM or Electronic Complaint Information Management system came when the Rome News Tribune reported a quote from Col Richard Greenwood that “CAP National Headquarters has no record of an official report of investigation from May 2013” that was completed by Ben Prine. He also noted that such files are privileged information, and CAP will not comment on them.

Skip Munger’s News of the Force and AuxBeacon will eventually acquire copies of two full complaints and the evidence of corruption that was found during investigationa that resulted in the membership suspension, duty position removal and/or flight grounding of four different members in Georgia Wing. Those members were CAP Lt Col Joseph Knight (30 day member suspension), CAP Lt Col Brett Slagle (removal from duty position for one full year), CAP Maj Sam Fernandes (flight grounding), CAP Capt John Ovens (flight grounding).

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