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By AuxBeacon News Staff

[Editor’s Note: A wise human once said: “The evidence will have to be collected and presented all in one place for the Civil Air Patrol membership to fully appreciate just how horribly they have been deceived and abused. I don’t know where I’ll be then, [redacted], but I’ll know about it – and I’ll be happy.”]

CAP-USAF IG Reported Civil Air Patrol Abuses
Lt Col Allan T. Stein served as CAP-USAF Inspector General in the late 1960s. In his 2005 autobiography Into the Wild Blue Yonder, he writes with disgust that:

“I discovered some of the civilians in charge of the CAP were very powerful politically. Although it was an Air Force Auxiliary, CAP-USAF headquarters had very little control over the CAP. For example, a former CAP supporter, who was a millionaire friend and financial supporter of President Johnson got CAP-USAF headquarters moved from Ellington Air Force Base near Houston into a new building that had been designated for the ROTC headquarters at Maxwell Air Force Base. When the air force commander of CAP-USAF tried to gain control of the CAP, the previously mentioned CAP commander called President Johnson and told him there was a dead general there, and asked him to please remove the body.”

“It finally came to me why one Wing Commander, a CAP colonel who was an obscure air force reserve captain, had a mobilization assignment in Washington D.C. He was the senator’s “number one boy” who was buying votes for the senator with the misappropriated air force property. I contacted my commander and explained the situation to him…. the senator was too powerful… I left with political thieves openly stealing from the air force.”

Why CAP Members Are Leaving
My squadron commander was speaking to us during a recent meeting and told us to ignore reports on Skip Munger’s News of the Force and on the AuxBeacon news-site and the others. He stated that CAP was not losing members and we should not believe the “lies”. While he was saying this, one of our wise-cracking mission pilots was looking at a video on his laptop in which Col Stan Skrabut and Lt Col Darin Ninness were confessing just the opposite. Col Skrabut mentions the ego and reprisal problem, but doesn’t mention the pedophiles, aircraft accidents, embezzlement and reprisal terminations of those who reported crimes, fraud and other safety problems concealed from the public.

Former Civil Air Patrol volunteer in Charlotte imprisoned for molesting teen cadets
A former Civil Air Patrol cadet program volunteer in Charlotte was sentenced to at least 25 years in prison for molesting boys under his watch while he as a member of Civil Air Patrol.

Downtown Anchorage crash rattles culture of trust in Civil Air Patrol
Civil Air Patrol is a weak softy underbelly of incompetence and concealment. Much of the culture around small planes operates through a system of trust. One of the sources contacted for this story who declined to be interviewed on tape described it as “a weird fraternity,” one with a commitment to safety, and a presumption of good intentions. Merrill Field, the source added, is vastly safer than most of the places in Alaska where small planes are stored.

Athens police officer, Civil Air Patrol commander, arrested on child molestation charges
According to arrest warrants, the victim was under 16 years old when he says he was assaulted by Ward between 2010 and 2011. The victim was a cadet with the Civil Air Patrol, a U.S. Air Force auxiliary. Ward was commander of the unit.

Ex-Civil Air Patrol pilot gets fine for forgery
Eduardo Zayas, 62, a former Kihei Civil Air Patrol pilot and Hawaii vice wing commander who forged a document to give himself credentials to fly youths was ordered to pay a $2,000 fine and denied a chance to keep a forgery conviction off his record. With Zayas offering no explanation for what he did, 2nd Circuit Judge Richard Bissen said the court was left with the interpretation of some Civil Air Patrol members, including the longtime pilot whose signature was forged.

“During the time Ed Zayas was part of the Civil Air Patrol, he didn’t really want to follow regulations,” Capt. Jack Dixon, a Civil Air Patrol check pilot and 35-year member, said in court Wednesday. “Ed always seemed like he wanted to make his own regulations.”

Ponzi Scheme Felon on Arizona Wing & National Staff
On May 29, 2004, reported Dennis Wagner, “Angelo S. Tullo, 48 of Scottsdale, is charged with 29 counts of conspiracy, money laundering and wire fraud while at American Business Funding, Inc, and HVAC Depot, Inc” Also indicted were Gene Monteleone, 47 and James Nova, 65 both of Scottsdale; Court records say the defendants also used ‘a classic Ponzi scheme,’ paying early investors with money from those who followed. Each felony count carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, plus fines and asset forfeiture. Internal Revenue Service spokesman Jim McCormick said the four-year investigation was conducted by his agency and the FBI,” Wagner wrote. “Tullo and Monteleone headed ABF, of Scottsdale, before it filed for bankruptcy protection three years ago amid criminal investigations and lawsuits… Before that, Tullo and Nova oversaw HVAC, which suffered a similar demise. Molter is Tullo’s personal assistant.”

Civil Air Patrol commander got ‘weird,’ girl testifies
James Vessella, who was Mercer County Composite Squadron 122 commander until his December suspension got weird when he started talking about her boyfriend, a subject she had not brought up with him, she said. Vessella told the girl her boyfriend was cheating on her and she should dump him, she said. Vessella also told her that the boy had given her an infection, she said. Vessella said he had pills for her to treat the infection, but she had to come to his home to take them, she said. He also said he had a wash she was to use on her vagina, and that he would need to examine her.

FBI Searching for More Sex Victims in Civil Air Patrol
Investigators say Governale met the teen, and other young men he engaged in sexual relations with, through the Civil Air Patrol, which offers educational programs to those between the ages of 12 and 20. The FBI, saying that Governale abused his position of trust, is now investigating Governale’s associations with the Civil Air Patrol, his contacts with the cadets and whether there are other victims.

CAP NHQ Employee Begged for Help in 2009
Most of the National staff members and Board of Governors including the current National Commander are guilty of many criminal acts. If someone was brave enough to expose them, they would all get prison time. Many wonder why none of this criminal behavior is rarely exposed, the fact is that most fear the retaliation and are afraid they might get setup. National parallels organized crime like a mafia. Until you have experienced National first hand, then you will understand what I am talking about.

CAP ARCHER Developer Convicted of Child Molestation

Bucks `Predator’ Gets State Prison Sentence * Former Milford Man Denies Molesting Boy In His Civil Air Patrol Squad.

ML v. Civil Air Patrol

USAF Audit Prompts Probe of Air Patrol Spending
A 15-member team of Air Force finance and safety officials was to arrive at Maxwell Air Force Base, AL, on April 19 1999 to discuss the Civil Air Patrol’s standards of conduct and begin a review of its bookkeeping procedures and safety programs. This review was prompted by an Air Force audit of patrol spending for 1996, which concluded that active-duty Air Force representatives to the patrol’s corporate board were insufficient checks and balances on patrol operations. Millions of taxpayer dollars, appropriated to the patrol through the Air Force, were spent on unnecessary or questionable purchases.

Cindy McCain’s Drug Addiction and Civil Air Patrol
Cindy McCain surprised her husband and got her pilot’s license in 1986 and bought a small plane so she could fly her husband around Arizona during his Senate campaign. She even became an Arizona Wing Squadron Commander for Civil Air Patrol. The problem is that she wanted both to fly and to take pain killers. FAA Medicals and Aviation Medical Examiners don’t allow that so she got the drugs through a fraud with he organization AVMT.

Civil Air Patrol Illinois Wing Fraud Case
Some of the actions of Col DaCosta included, the Air Force has informed Judge Briggle the following:
1) Payment to himself of a $600 a month salary from state appropriations to CAP, in violation of both Federal and state regulations concerning this organization which is not permitted to have salaried officers.
2) Purchase of a $1905 Buick automobile for his personal use and retention of the keys to this car to date from CAP funds.
3) Charging of CAP members, including a number of high school and grade school children throughout the state, thousands of dollars for freight and handling of Federal war surplus training material, including airplanes, radios and other expensive items that were given without cost to Illinois Wing.

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