Civil Air Patrol Asset Duncan Hunter Woos White Power Audience?

Duncan Hunter and White Power Friend
Duncan Hunter woos the White Power audience?

by Padre Chick | AuxBeacon News Contributor

Two weeks ago we learned that Duncan Hunter’s trial would be pushed back. But here’s a new bit of info on his strategy to appeal to the lowest of the low in the Golden State.

Indicted California Congressman and Civil Air Patrol supporter Duncan Hunter has had his relationship with a white supremacist outed this summer. Hunter made headlines again when a photograph was released of him with Kris Wyrick flashing the new White Power “OK” hand gesture.

When journalists recognized the gesture in the context of American Flags and Trump shirts and Flags, Hunter removed the photo from his fb.

An article in the Ocean Beach Rag dated August 22nd quotes UCal Davis political scientist Carlos Algara as follows:

“Our research suggests that Hunter is laying the groundwork in a campaign filled with blatant appeals at mobilizing whites with high degrees of racial resentment to rescue his bid.”

3 Comments on "Civil Air Patrol Asset Duncan Hunter Woos White Power Audience?"

  1. AuxBeacon:

    Please add this fact to both of your Civil Air Patrol asset files on Duncan Hunter and Ralph Abraham. Please DO NOT use the USMC emblem in any post you derive from my words to you here or on the Ralph Abraham story. Just state the facts for Civil Air Patrol members and your readers to appreciate. If you can find it, you could show the evidence of what dirty Duncan Hunter did with the globe and anchor.

    [Admin: This comment has been approved for a full article. Thank you for your contribution.]

  2. West O'Story | August 26, 2019 at 20:33 | Reply

    You gotta add the rest of the story. They were playing like Hunter didn’t know Wyrick.

    “I know him personally. And I know his family personally. And he’s a great man,” Wyrick is seen saying of Hunter in a 2017 video he posted to his YouTube page.

    “People can call me a white supremacist all they want, I wear that label as soon as I wake up in the morning,” he said in the same video.

    Duncan Hunter’s father has mentioned Wyrick more than a few times as well.

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