Charlie Sattgast Quits Chief of CAP Chaplains Position

Civil Air Patrol Chaplains
Civil Air Patrol's Charlie Chaplain Resigns After Rebuke Over Antisemitism

By Mother MayI | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: CAP informants have been alerting us to the doings of Charlie Sattgast. The latest is his resignation from the role of Chief Chaplain following his condemnation and rebuke for antisemitism and articles shown to Civil Air Patrol members about the origins and beliefs of The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. Thank you for keeping us briefed with your concerns.]

Beaconeers and Musketeers:

My earlier warning on the shuffle planned for Civil Air Patrol’s Charlie Chaplain Corps has proved legit. Sattgast is stepping away to be replaced, in the interim, by Ch, Col John Murdoch, CAP. This is less than one year after his rebuke for antisemitism. Was the public embarrassment to Civil Air Patrol the reason for his slow transition out, or was there member backlash against the proposal that Civil Air Patrol Pilots and Seniors are sorely in need of remedial ethics and character training?

Here’s his resignation.

Chaplains and CDIs,

I’m writing to inform you that due to dramatically increased responsibilities at home and in my professional life I have made the difficult decision to step down as Chief of the Civil Air Patrol Chaplain Corps.

Effective August 22, 2019 Ch, Col John Murdoch has been appointed as interim Chief of the CAP Chaplain Corps, pending selection of a permanent Chief.

It has been an incredible privilege serving you and working for Maj Gen Smith over the past two years. I will continue to serve CAP in a new role as the National Chaplain Corps Recruiting Officer, which will be a natural extension of what I’m already doing in my professional life.

Thank you for your service as a chaplain or CDI to our members and nation. I’m proud of our missions and our chaplain corps and believe that we have a great future together.

Very respectfully,
Ch, Col Charlie Sattgast

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3 Comments on "Charlie Sattgast Quits Chief of CAP Chaplains Position"

  1. I know of a great chaplain applicant who applied about a year ago and Sattgast sat on it, Murdoch now has it in his hands and does nothing. No approval, no rejection just the black hole. It is time that all applicants be approved or denied within 4 – 6 months; it is no wonder why more either don’t apply or drop off CAP roles altogether.

    • I add my comment here to support this one. No approval, no rejection just the black hole as if it was Maryland CAP 1957.

  2. Threats of eternal punishment or bribes of eternal reward is the only way bad leaders in cults can get some people to fall in step.

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