CAP Regs Interfere with Reporting FWA

Col Tyynismaa

By CAP Member

[Editor’s Note: We received this from a CAP member. Thank you for your contribution. This is a recurring problem in the CAP since the CAP-USAF provides little to no oversight. The CAP Board of Governors usually has the final say on oversight matters which will protect the CAP corporation. If a CAP member reports FWA, they will likely suffer from reprisal that results in termination while the complaint will be covered up.  We suggest that if you or anyone has a legitimate FWA complaint that is well documented and can be proved, it would be best to refer it to the DoD IG, FBI, IRS, Senate Armed Services Committee, the USAF Inspector General and/or other appropriate local, state or Federal agencies to investigate.  For more options, see link here.]

I have no-one I can turn to on this matter. Please help any way you can. This is only my third year in Civil Air Patrol and I have stumbled into a common practice of misuse of U.S. Air Force money. I cannot be more descriptive, I hope you understand why.

My problem is that CAP regulations and command pressure require us to attempt to address the violations starting at the lowest level of our chain of command. However, that policy lets the offending abusers see you coming and they remove you from your duty position and work setups and slander to discredit you so that no-one will believe what you say. This is according to a friend who is no longer active in the program who directed me to examples of this in the stories you have collected over the years here.

If CAP-USAF IGs and Commanders like Col Gloyd and Col Tyynismaa are corrupt, how do we correct the problem and not get dragged into this ourselves?

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