Buckley Air Force Base Poison Foam on the Range

Buckley AFB Aurora Colorado
Buckley Air Force Base, Aurora Colorado.

by Gazoo | AuxBeacon News Contributor

Yesterday, September 10th 2019, the Denver Post reported on Aurora’s Buckley Air Force Base and the potential for contaminated groundwater from years of using Aqueous Film Forming Foam in its firefighting operations.

Groundwater tests over the past year have detected high levels of toxic “forever chemicals” across the Denver metro area, contamination that’s both wider and more severe than previously known.

The discovery of these fluorochemicals, known as PFAS, at Buckley Air Force Base, along Sand Creek and at the Suncor oil refinery — as well as at new sites west of Boulder and around Colorado Springs — compelled state health officials this month to ramp up Colorado’s response.

At Buckley Air Force Base, PFAS contamination of groundwater has been measured as high as 205,000 parts per trillion, state officials said, referring to Air Force data. More tests are planned, including off-base tests in surrounding neighborhoods, where residents may be exposed.

Tests have measured PFAS contamination of groundwater in metro Denver at levels up to 2,928 times higher than a federal health advisory limit, officials at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment told The Denver Post.

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2 Comments on "Buckley Air Force Base Poison Foam on the Range"

  1. Many more Air Force Bases polluted local ground water. Why did you stop with just a few reports?

    Here is a full list –

    [Link redacted]

  2. SumterAFBPoison | February 7, 2020 at 18:17 | Reply

    I live in Sumter South Carolina, and [redacted] at Shaw AFB have poisoned our drinking water here too with forever chemicals now in our blood.

    This story is from Feb. 6th 2020 so pretty recent and please use it.


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