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Aeronca L-16

Civil Air Patrol Pilot Run Down by Own Aircraft

By AuxBeacon News Aggregator Civil Air Patrol members reported this December 1952 event as follows: Major Accident. L-16A #3=47-923, 18 December 1952. Final report not received. The same old story–pilot propped aircraft with no one…

Stewart "Skip" M. Alexander

Three Killed in Civil Air Patrol Plane Crash

By AuxBeacon News Contributor [Editor’s Note: We received an anonymous tip regarding this crash. Thank you for your contribution. This Civil Air Patrol plane crash in Indiana was attributed to pilot error.] NEW YORK –…

Air Force

CAP Illinois Wing Fraud Case

By Wayne Thomas | Chicago Daily Tribune 9 June 1949 Air Force and Federal investigators in Springfield are seeking $50,000 or more in state and private funds allegedly misused over a period of 2 1/2…