Arrest Leads to Suspension of Washington Civil Air Patrol Commander

by Vernetta’s Butler | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: We apologize for the time it took to appreciate this.  Also, we thank you for understanding about the false, defamatory information we are often sent in attempts to undermine our effort.   We wish people like former Washington Wing commander Dale Newell and Mark Smith would just openly confess what CAP has done to ethical whistle-blowers like yourself so that a few can use Civil Air Patrol as their personal playgroundImportant: Those who want to send any further information, you may describe your content and provide your email in comments to us below.  Thank you again for your patience.]

AuxBeacon Staffers:

We assume you get sent many fraudulent reports attempting to trap you.  You  are trying to be careful, so we will help write this story for you.

First, show this fresh new listing of CAP commanders from the National website. [See complete list below.]

Second, show that the Pacific Region Commander’s girlfriend Shelly R. Norman is finally suspended this October as Civil Air Patrol’s Washington Wing Commander after her January 2019 arrest was finally uncovered. We are NOT trying to set-you-up.

Third, verify the arrest from Lewis County court records in Washington State. We guess you don’t live here to have your vagina rejuvenated at Doctor Shelly’s Chehalis Regal Skin and Laser Center, so this will help you find it, the case number is: 9Z0094696.

The town of Chehalis is in Lewis County.

[link redacted]

This is all very embarrassing for our Republican 9th District Representative  Mary Lurintha “Lou” Dye, a long time GOP activist.   In case you don’t know, Mary Lou Dye filled the vacancy left by our former Rep Susan Fagan, another Republican,  who resigned in April 2015 after allegations of fraud and theft surfaced when she was caught inflating reported mileage numbers to get more  from her taxpayer-funded expense account.

Civil Air Patrol Memes: Use Cadets in GOP Politics

Lt Col Kenneth Butler (left) and Capt Steve Lynn (right) present GOP Rep Mary Dye with her Civil Air Patrol membership. Cadet Franklin Magnaghi from Twin W Composite Squadron assisted.

So, the message being delivered by Pacific Region Commander Jon L. Stokes, Rocky Mountain Region Commander Thomas R. Kettell,  suspended Washington Wing Commander Shelly Norman and our very own Civil Air Patrol  Child Molester and Pimp Mark Norton seems completely lost on our oblivious newly acting wing commander Lt. Col. Kenneth W. Butler who only has this to say.

“When the going is difficult some will say your character is tested… I say when the going is difficult, your character is revealed. What has been revealed to me over the past 10 days is the STRONG character of the members of this Wing. Thank you all.”

AuxBeacon is the only vehicle we have to expose BOG Member Dale Newell, a former Washington Wing Commander, to the crime and abuse in Pacific Region.  Unfortunately, from reporting that you’ve shown on AuxBeacon, Dale Newell appears to have been a part of the problem all along.

Evidence exists that Civil Air Patrol BOG Member Dale Newell is guilty of concealing CAP member offenses.

Evidence exists that BOG Member Dale Newell has concealed CAP member offenses.

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Region Commanders

Pacific Region
Col. Jon L. Stokes

Rocky Mountain Region
Col. Thomas R. Kettell

Southwest Region
Col. Joe R. Smith

Great Lakes Region
Col. Matthew R. Creed

North Central Region
Col. Regena M. Aye

Northeast Region
Col. Jack J. Ozer

Mid-Atlantic Region
Col. Bruce B. Heinlein

Southeast Region
Col. Andrea M. Van Buren

Wing Commanders

Alabama Wing
Col. James A. Harris

Alaska Wing
Col. Kevin A. McClure

Arizona Wing
Col. Martha C. Morris

Arkansas Wing
Col. Arthur R. Formanek

California Wing
Col. Alan W. Ferguson

Colorado Wing
Col. Celeste R. Gamache

Connecticut Wing
Col. James A. Ridley

Delaware Wing
Col. Robert A. Mooney

Florida Wing
Col. Luis A. Garcia

Georgia Wing
Col. Jeffrey L. Garrett

Hawaii Wing
Col. Chantal L. Lonergan

Idaho Wing
Col. Robert M. Bost

Illinois Wing
Col. Robert M. Dempsey Jr.

Indiana Wing
Col. Philip E. Argenti

Iowa Wing
Col. Joseph M. Hackett

Kansas Wing
Col. Linette M. Lahan

Kentucky Wing
Col. Darrel D. Williamson

Louisiana Wing
Col. Patrick M. Yglesias

Maine Wing
Col. Blain A. Cote

Maryland Wing
Col. Joseph R. Winter

Massachusetts Wing
Col. John S. Flaherty

Michigan Wing
Col. Rajesh U. Kothari

Minnesota Wing
Col. James A. Garlough

Mississippi Wing
Col. David A. Rogers

Missouri Wing
Col. Thomas J. Martin Jr.

Montana Wing
Col. C. Warren Vest (interim)

National Capital Wing
Col. Janon D. Ellis

Nebraska Wing
Col. Robert W. Whelan Jr.

Nevada Wing
Col. Deborah A. Pierce

New Hampshire Wing
Col. Kevin N. Harbison

New Jersey Wing
Col. Joe H. Abegg Sr.

New Mexico Wing
Col. Annette R. Peters

New York Wing
Col. Thomas Carello

North Carolina Wing
Col. Robert J. Bailey

North Dakota Wing
Col. John P. Steiner

Ohio Wing
Col. David J. Jennison

Oklahoma Wing
Col. David L. Roberts Jr.

Oregon Wing
Col. William G. Ray

Pennsylvania Wing
Col. Kevin James Berry

Rhode Island Wing
Col. William Stranahan

South Carolina Wing
Col. Walter L. Safley

South Dakota Wing
Col. David G. Small Jr.

Tennessee Wing
Col. Dent W. Young II

Texas Wing
Col. William H. Schroder,

Utah Wing
Col. Michael A. Fernandez

Vermont Wing
Col. Ann A. Brechbuhl

Virginia Wing
Col. Dean E. Gould

Washington Wing
Lt. Col. Kenneth W. Butler (acting)

West Virginia Wing
Col. Connie S. Moody

Wisconsin Wing
Col. Denese Helgeland

Wyoming Wing
Col. Jeffrey L. Johnson

27 Comments on "Arrest Leads to Suspension of Washington Civil Air Patrol Commander"

  1. She’s baaaaaaaack

  2. CAP has a long enough history of service that no one in their right mind is going to eliminate it–that would be like throwing out the baby with the bath water. But there is no doubt that the bath water is very dirty and needs to be thrown out.

    I remember a couple of eons ago that a cadet LtCol asked me if [Wing Commander] was married. I didn’t know him very well and I replied that I thought so. The cadet officer then remarked that [Wing Commander] was pretty open carrying on an affair with [female squadron commander]. In an organization that prohibits having a drink in the presence of cadets, that pretty much trashes the core value of integrity.

    It sends the message that you can do anything if you have enough power. Actually, maybe that is what we should be teaching the cadets, it seems to be the way our Congress and the Civil Air Patrol works.

  3. Too many drunken seniors in Civil Air Patrol. Our very own Jim Lahaie drew Eclipse and Jeff O’Hara’s attention to the new Grog Bowl ban in CAPR 60-2.

    2.2.2. Grog Bowls. Activities that include cadets will not feature a “grog” bowl or require individuals to consume unpalatable items.

    Jim’s not happy. “Just because one person screwed up and filed a complaint/lawsuit.”

    • As a member of Civil Air Patrol, I have always enjoying drinking and eating out of the toilet at our festivities. I think people who don’t are just cowardly. I live for the slop and you should too.

  4. You really need to show the creepiness of the people who are in power in Washington Wing and Pacific Region.

    [link redacted]

  5. Must be great to be a Colonel in CAP. You get away with everything! Boozing. Philandering. Reprisals. Wearing the USAF uniform in excess of weight standards. There is such a disconnect between the rank and file cadet and seniors and the behavior of these bad actors. People like Norman and Stokes are obviously in this for themselves. A top level house cleaning is way overdue.

  6. You don’t have anything at all about Matt Gaetz’s drinking and speeding. If you look into him, you may decide to help expose this idiot.

  7. It’s time for Shelly Norman to resign. Just ask any Air Force commander what happens if they get arrested for a DUI – They either resign right away or get fired. Covering up a DUI arrest is grounds for removal of CAP membership, and even more of a reason to resign. Shelly Norman has brought shame and dishonor to her rank and position. If the CAP really wants to call themselves “airmen” and be part of the total force, then standards of behavior must change starting from the top. Now that we know Shelly Norman was arrested and charged with this crime, there is no way that she can ever come beck and serve as a legitimate CAP wing commander. If she won’t resign, then she should be fired and kicked out of the CAP once and for all. Why isn’t national taking decisive action against Shelly Norman?

    • Here’s how it should have transpired.

      She should have been suspended from command after the arrest. CAP may not have wanted to suffer the immediate embarrassment of yet another bad choice. This looks terrible for Jon L. Stokes.

      She should be 2B’d now immediately if she personally concealed it. If she’s not, then that could suggest that CAP National participated in the cover-up. Makes them look guilty.

      She should be removed from command if found guilty of the crime and if she violated the terms of any parole or delayed prosecution, she should be 2B terminated from the organization.

    • For Christ sake, Shelly Norman was in bed with the Region Commander and he chose her over more qualified candidates. This was covered up to protect Jon Stokes from more embarrassment given his loud breath with politics and booze.

  8. Avatar BadAppleLeaders | October 20, 2019 at 17:51 | Reply

    The Namesake of the post Spaatz award, Frank Borman, used to say that you always have about ten percent rotten apples, even the disciples had Judas. Of course, look what Borman did with Eastern Airlines with that philosophy.

    [Admin Note: I had to look this up.

    The now obsolete Frank Borman Falcon Award was decommissioned in 1979. It was formerly awarded to CAP cadets who, after receiving the Gen. Carl A. Spaatz Award, went on to take steps to become dynamic Americans and Aerospace leaders by completing either a ROTC Course or completed their second year at a military institution of learning.]

  9. Joined few months ago; have quit. My reputation is very important to me. There is better use for our tax money than having an organization consistently put a black eye on the Air Force.

  10. I am the parent of a cadet. Right after Shelly Norman took command, there was some serious safety concerns about a wing staff person being around our cadets. But wing commander Norman fired the group commander and squadron commander for our unit. All these leaders did was try to keep our cadets safe. Is this the way that wing commanders are supposed to act in CAP? Coverup criminal offenses by the wing commander and wing staff and kick out anyone who raises a concern for cadet safety?

  11. Shelly Norman should resign! Getting arrested for a D.U.I. is bad enough but then to parade around at CAP events in front of the cadets for nine months like nothing happened shows an incredible lack of integrity. How can she be trusted to lead cadets ever again? It’s time for her to go, and if she won’t go on her own, Natl.HQ needs to 2b her right away.

  12. Police seize guns from avowed neo-Nazi in Snohomish County

    According to court documents, Kaleb Cole is the leader of a small, but dangerous white supremacist group called “Atomwaffen.”

    “We actually, I firmly believe, prevented a massacre,” said Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, whose office was involved in the investigation.

  13. Sweet whistling Geronimo, you people in Civil Air Patrol are like a box of hamsters just crawling all over each other.

  14. “…please reply and let me know that you got this?”

    [Admin: We did and what you wrote in Contact to us has been confirmed by other member comments that came in last night. Thank you. Do you want us to publish it in full with the name you provided to us, and is that your real name or is?]

    // This comment was forwarded from our Contact messaging system earlier today.

  15. Avatar JonsJudgment | October 18, 2019 at 12:07 | Reply

    This and those to follow should expose Jon L. Stokes as a glowing nose problem that needs to be permanently removed from the Civil Air Patrol.

  16. This may help show the class of what you are are dealing with

    [links redacted]

  17. How come you didn’t come right out and state that Norman was arrested for a DWI/DUI? Jon Holder is left dumpster diving and suggesting that she is only resisting arrest over parking tickets. BAHAHAHAHA. You set him up to humiliate him? That’s f’in cruel, like cats toying with rats.

    [Admin: This unfortunate end result was not our intent. We simply wanted more people writing in to us to correct imperfections and omissions in the slowly forming story. One of our staffers has offered to hug Jonathan Holder and to set him on a path of clean water.]

  18. Investigations done inside CAP by CAP people would never discover that Jon Stokes knew about this all along and helped conceal it

  19. Shhh. Keep it on the down-low. We all want Goth queen Jessica Jerwa to replace Shelly Norman. She’s the real standout here in Washington Wing. The Butler knows this.

    Look at these photos. All she needs is a nose job.

    [links redacted]

  20. Won’t Mark Smith be required to reinstate Shelly Norman and keep Jon Stokes on as Pacific Region Commander no matter what happens? She is, after all, the first female wing commander of Jon Stokes’ choosing in Washington Wing Civil Air Patrol.

    What do you think is going to happen and who pulls puppet Mark Smith’s strings? Remember little Jonny Holder? You should have used this pic of Smith drinking.

  21. Other than the boozing, I don’t get the Kettell linkage. Can you explain it?

    [Admin: Tom Kettell is another CAP region commander who has a GF on his staff, promotes drinking, likes to be photographed at parties per former CAP-USAF IG Lt Col Allan Stein and who has done much damage to the program as a cover-up artist.]

  22. How does Capt Jessica Jerwa escape this Northern Exposure?

    [links redacted]

  23. Nine freakin’ months? Another conspicuous short-timer embarrassment of a Civil Air Patrol wing commander for the record logs. I guess different folks get different Stokes. Our Pacific Region Commander is a P-I-G PIG.

  24. Patrick Guettner

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