You’re Fired!

Civil Air Patrol

By Julie Sentinel

According to multiple teams working probes in Nashville, CAP Chief Operating Officer Don Rowland has been “released” by the Board of Governors with time still left on his contract. The CAP Membership Remnant will recall that Rowland was brought in during the tenure of exiled CAP National Commander Antonio J. Pineda.

Among other “borderline” issues, Rowland endorsed an illegitimate Operations Chain of Command being run in the Southeast Region. When the former Georgia Wing Commander, multiple Flight Instructors and Johnny Dean attempted to correct this racketeering operation, they were disparaged and removed from their positions.

Injured parties were asked to follow a lengthy process of progressive escalation through the chain of command as a way of devaluing the issue’s timeliness.  The public is now familiar with this tactic, and it is no longer effective in concealing abuses. Over the past year the network behind AuxBeacon and AuxVoice has selectively dribbled evidence from a large repository of scuttled complaints submitted by an abused and weary CAP membership across the nation.

As a matter of ethics and restrained incremental use of advisories, much of this evidence remains concealed (for now) but shows that present CAP Wing Commanders, former CAP National and CAP-USAF commanders are implicated in aiding and abetting Mr Rowland’s agenda. Some eager beaver replacement candidates have compromised their ethics in order to stack pressure on the BoG. The repository files detail slander, libel and fraudulent documents used to discredit and terminate more junior CAP members who complied with regulations in reporting fraud, waste and abuse of authority.

AuxBeacon Updates

On the 12th of August, Col Frederick Weiss will report on CAPTalk that the CAP Chief Financial Officer Susan K. Easter resigned, but other informants observed that she was still at CAP NHQ in Montgomery, AL. Weiss then provided additional information on the 15th through the CAPTalk forum, that:

“Yes, she is still there, however she put in her notice 3 weeks ago. I have not asked her when her last day will be.”

On the 16th of August on CAPTalk, Weiss stated:

“Just heard from our CFO, Susan Easter. She is not leaving her position “now”. I’m sure this is a relief for the BoG and our interim COO, John Salvador…”

On the 10th of August, Mr William A. Davidson departed his position as Vice Chair of the Civil Air Patrol Board of Governors.

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  1. Good riddance, Don Rowland. Henry Irizarry, you’re next

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