Your Taxpayer Dollars at Work in CAP

Civil Air Patrol
Civil Air Patrol

By AuxBeacon News Staff

AuxBeacon has received the following Anonymous contribution.

“To whom it may concern, this organization chart may be helpful to your cadre who track taxpayer waste and abuse of members in unpaid positions. This chart and the list of names should be more widely circulated and you may now assist with that effort. It may also prove helpful with your gallery and databases. Seeking a paid position in this program is a national pastime. Thus, not a lot of volunteers in senior positions.”

Deborah Lee James, Secretary of the Air Force
Mark A. Welsh III, Chief of Staff of the Air Force

Jayson Altieri, CAP BOG Chair

Joe Vazquez, CEO
• Larry Myrick, Vice Commander
– Ken Parris, Asst to Vice Commander
• Dwight Wheless, Chief CAP Legal Corps
• Tom Kettell, Inspector General
– Missie Derocher-Harris, IG Officer Manager
• Larry Ragland, Executive Officer
• Frank Eldrige, CAP Command CMSgt

Don Rowland, Chief Operating Officer
• 52 Paid Wing Admins
• Rafael Robles, General Council
• Missie Derocher-Harris, Protocol & Admin
• David Sterling, Pentagon Liaison
• James Hughes, Chaplain
• Leslie Vazquez, Aviation Industry Liason
• John Swain, Government Relations
• James E. “Skip” Dotherow, Foundation Director
• Don Reckert, Human Resources
• Susan Easter, Chief Financial Officer
– James Fogal, Chief of Development

John Salvador, Sr Dir Support
• Susie Parker, Personnel
• Kenya Bogans, Chaplain Admin
• Michelle Slack, Meeting/Event Manager
• Julie Debardelaben, Public Affairs
• Susan Schneider, Multimedia
• Jeanne Stone, Publications
• Paul Gloyd, Plans & Programs
– Brooks Cima, Chief Strategic Planning
• Frank Blazich, Historian (Volunteer)
• Curt Lafond, Cadet Programs
• Jeff Montgomery, Aerospace Education
– Susan Mallett, Partnership for Youth Dev
• Bobbie Tourville, Professional Development
• Ron Olienyk, e-learning Manager

Gary Schneider, Sr Dir Operations
• Karen Jacobs, Admin
• R. Jason Bailey, Logistics Manager
• Larry Kauffman, Fleet Management
• Nelson Daniel, Aircraft Management
• Gary Schneider, Vehicles
• K.C. Jones, Supply
• Bob LePage, Mailroom & Facilities
• Cathy Pangallo, Purchasing Manager
• George Vogt, Chief of Safety
– Bob Castle, Asst Chief of Safety
• Kathy Conyers, Dir of Info Tech
– Joe Hall, Dep Dir of Info Tech
– Tom Cooper, IT Application
– Bill Hughes, IT Manager
– Erwin Canada, IT Network
• John Desmarais, Dir of Operations
– Joe Piccotti, Stan/Eval
– Malcolm Kyser, Communications
– Chuck Mullin, Special Capabilities
– Terry Raymond, Nat’l Ops Center
– Wayne Collins, Nat’l Tech Center
– LaShonda Frazier, Admin

Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol

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