You Know You’re in CAP Parenting When You Log Member Offenses “Outside” of Civil Air Patrol

The Common Denominator is Civil Air Patrol
The Common Denominator is Civil Air Patrol

By Long Watch | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: Fresh off the reports of Civil Air Patrol’s Machine Gun Dey, Major Norton Malware and USAF’s Col Green… this editorial came through our Contact Form and was timely and well composed. We agree with the author that it is important to learn the sources of right (or left) wing radicalization. We also agree that Civil Air Patrol does trumpet their good news while using trolls and attorneys to bury its dark side. Thank you for this contribution.]

Your comment system appears to be down, so here’s a full-scale article through your Contact form. I am hoping you might help us expose a tactic used by some members to manipulate Civil Air Patrol’s hive-mind in YKYICW and other Facebook groups. When a CAP member appears in the news having committed some anti-social offense or crime, CAP trolls enter the discussion about the event to slam the journalists and intimidate any who echo their words. The trolls proclaim that Civil Air Patrol should not be mentioned in a news article if the event happened off CAP activity time or had nothing to do with Civil Air Patrol functions. Some younger members, lacking experience and intimidated by rank and ribbon, had guzzled that Kool-Aid in the past. Recent events, however, seem to have jarred them awake. To avoid any chance of reprisal, I choose to anonymously dress down the trolls and expose their argument as laughably invalid for the following reasons:

Sourcing Right Wing Radicalization that Leads to Anti-Social Behavior

First off, with respect to a CAP member who is illegally making and selling fully automatic weapons or who is taking off duty shots at the President,the outing of his professional, political and social memberships will be required to find the sources of influence for his radicalization. Having this data allows the American taxpayer to confirm or reject accusations that pockets of Civil Air Patrol have been co-opted to groom and indoctrinate young teens into false, extremist political views and/or risky sexual behavior. That data series baby is only just starting to breach out of Auxbeacon with stories on anti-social and political behavior from Lee Harvey Oswald, David Ferrie, Barry Seal, David Graham, Diane Zamora, Jeffrey Klotz, Scott Lombardi, Alger Conger, Nicholas Robey, Jeffery Carter, David Grover, Jonathan Holder, David Greenberg, Kristian Ward, AC Winward, Ryan Mantz, Mark Nolan, etc.  Some of this more extreme anti-social behavior could be shaped and prompted by the drumbeat of political memes from men like Larry Julian or Jim Kalletta.   If Civil Air Patrol cadets understood how many names have been omitted from the short list, they would be ashamed.

Civil Air Patrol Commander Swing from a Tree

Kansas Civil Air Patrol Commander suggests female lawmaker should Swing from a Tree

One of the members of that short list of shame is still permitted to mold cadet minds. Yesterday, under the moniker “Red Allen,” Civil Air Patrol’s not-yet-forgotten “Swing From A Tree” Kansas gun-advocate made his pitch in defense of CAP Major Mark Norton by attacking the media and anyone contributing to Auxbeacon. If you don’t have access, his exact words were:

“Coverup? NHQ didn’t direct him to do this and to suggest CAP is somehow responsible for the actions of individual members outside of CAP is the kind of ridiculous crap Auxbeacon spews.”

Poor Red. He either doesn’t comprehend what he is reading or he’s disingenuously distracting the cadet audience away from the facts. Neither possibility reflects well on the CAP Corporation that had once appointed him as commander of the 77th Composite Squadron in Empora.  With regard to attempted cover-ups, the truth is that Civil Air Patrol commanders, PAOs and attorneys do attempt to keep Civil Air Patrol’s name out of embarrassing stories and have worked to remove negative stories from the public record. The attempt in the Deatsville Alabama Glider crash was expertly exposed by the highly respected Major Jim Matthews.

Civil Air Patrol Meme: N342BA

Civil Air Patrol Deatsville Glider Crash

“If I were the reporter and a Wing PAO tried to convince me that a glider incident – resolved successfully and publicly – involving a cadet pilot was FOUO and that I should leave CAP out of it, after I stopped laughing I would immediately file a sidebar story about the Wing trying to suppress the details of the story.” – Jim Matthews, Commander, Virginia Wing Group 3

Kathrynsreport preserved the evidence of the now deleted Dayton Daily News article on the theft accusations against James Shaw prior to his sudden removal.

Civil Air Patrol Historical Foundation

Carr’s letter acknowledging the findings against Shaw.

Stories of Civil Air Patrol pedophiles have also disappeared. In the Learn to Lead modules, Civil Air Patrol doesn’t provide photos of Lee Harvey Oswald, David Ferrie, Barry Seal or the Texas Cadet Killers as warning examples of the risks we face in CAP from those radicalized into hateful kooks, horn-dogs or dupes. Why not? I don’t want my sons to wind up being used in this way, do you?

Civil Air Patrol sucks

Lee Oswald, David Ferrie, Barry Seal all members of Civil Air Patrol

There is justification for the collection of data on Civil Air Patrol as a possible common denominator in right wing radicalization and/or military sex crimes. The argument is not that Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters is “directly” ordering sexual abuse, right-wing propaganda memes or the manufacture of illegal weapons as Johnny Red portrays. The valid argument, more clearly restated from above, is that Civil Air Patrol National has lost control over the volunteer warlords running squadron and group fiefdoms in the hinterlands. That control runs from the likes of Jonathan Red in Emporia, Kansas all the way up and out to Pacific Region Commander Jon Stokes. If you wish to be respected with grade and position in a military auxiliary, then you shouldn’t be pushing up against the letter of CAP’s regulations or overtly violating the spirit of the 1939 Hatch Act. We are interested in the full story that will come from the comment about General Edwin Walker pushing his Pro-Blue John Birch Society material to US soldiers who complained and had him removed.

Maj Gen Edwin Walker

Has CAP really lost control of its appointed warlords or is it deliberate encouragement with plausible deniability? Have CAP’s leaders and their agency puppet masters calculated that a civilian auxiliary could be successful where Maj Gen Edwin Walker failed both overseas and in Dallas park restrooms?

When Civil Air Patrol’s Kansas squadron commander Jonathan Holder publicly called State Rep. Stephanie Clayton a bitch who “should swing from a tree for violating her oath” did CAP National’s commander Mark E. Smith make it clear to all members that such low-class behavior would be cause for dismissal from CAP? No, he did not. Is the perception that Geezus, Guns and Gays are too much a part of Civil Air Patrol’s base to address more than one of the three at the same time?

Maj Gen Mark E. Smith

Maj Gen Mark Smith, CAP National Commander with Open Arms and Sloppy Underbelly Photoshop

Some of the cadets and senior noobs understand this, but some won’t unless it is explained to them with a tour through CAP member offenses across time. There’s a story idea for you or another author.

Membership Requirements and Rationale for Termination

Second, CAP’s own membership termination regulations state that members can be removed for behavior that poorly represents the organization. Just look at the check list of handy reasons to terminate a member on a CAP Form 2B that have nothing to do with official Civil Air Patrol events or activities. If, however, you acquired [certain] photographs or audio recordings of a commander [redacted], your luck may vary.

Civil Air Patrol Memes

Terminating Civil Air Patrol members for reasons outside of program duties and activities

Equality in Portrayals of the CAP Corporation vs Individual Members

Third, if a CAP member appealed their membership termination, the regulation “requirements” allowed CAP to expose the name of the appealing member all across the nation in CAP News (later online within eServices). That’s one hell of a deterrent! It deliberately adds a high risk of even more public humiliation to discourage a lone individual member from going up against a clique of dirty commanders and dirty IGs to contest their termination from a tax-payer funded public service organization. One of your recent articles pointed to this.

This fact is just starting to become obvious to some members of YKYICW, and as always with bright young women leading the way.

“I know a couple male seniors like this but no one listens to me. It just gets swept under the good ole boys club rug. Smh… And no IGs don’t always listen to you. They say they look into and then believe a bold faced liar whose super good at deceiving people and being a predator and getting away with things. Predators walk this earth in all different organizations and get away with it.”

Civil Air Patrol Goes to the Head and Erodes Public Safety

If as a cadet you studied  leadership, emergency services and aerospace history and have earned some pips or diamonds, that’s nice, but it most certainly doesn’t make you a Theoretical Physicist, Aerospace Engineer or a Head of State. CAP’s Leadership and STEM material is rudimentary and past attempts to make it more challenging are met with resistance because Civil Air Patrol is a pipeline to Lackland’s BMT, not to Jimmy Doolittle’s MIT. On average, but not always, Civil Air Patrol breeds many ignorant, snot-nosed cadets who peak in the cult of the program.

Civil Air Patrol sucks

Civil Air Patrol Meme: Diamond cadets think they are better than new seniors with college degrees

In the middle level, we have had some of the least educated and least productive people serving as squadron and group commanders.

“For longevity, it’s not what you know. Rather it is who you know and how you kiss their ass that matters most.”

With leadership guidance of this quality, it is no wonder that the United States is urgently playing catch-up in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

In higher society, Civil Air Patrol’s desperation to crawl into bed with budget approving politicians across all US states has led to some absolutely horrendous inductions. Civil Air Patrol’s Lt Col Don Rogers had some taxing safety problems. Recently, many state politicians inducted into Civil Air Patrol’s Legislative Squadron came to believe that they were somehow above the law when it came to speeding and driving under the influence. Yet any CAP Van driver who ferries cadets at Encampments or National Cadet Special Activities would have been required to provide a 3-5 year driving record of their outside-of-CAP behavior from the local department of motor vehicles in order to be approved for a CAPF 75.  Your behavior outside of Civil Air Patrol is not irrelevant.

Civil Air Patrol Sucks

Civil Air Patrol Meme: CAP Driver’s License

Fairness When Civil Air Patrol Touts Member Success Outside Civil Air Patrol

We see the stories in Volunteer Magazine all the time. Here’s one touting this former Civil Air Patrol cadet’s business success outside of Civil Air Patrol.

Civil Air Patrol Sucks

Civil Air Patrol Meme: More successful than the CAP Members in Prison

It is deceitful of Civil Air Patrol to only show the successes to prospective parents. Where is the list of all the Spaatz Cadet suicides? Where is the list of all the members serving prison sentences?  If Civil Air Patrol won’t provide it, then AuxBeacon is free to do so, if it is the truth.

While some members of the social media group YKYICW are waking up to call for change, there are other voices inviting those members to CAPF 2B themselves in voluntary termination of their memberships.

There isn’t a way to report things anonymously, and the potential for retaliation/reprisal and
conflicts of interest are very high. 60-2 states to go through the chain of command. What if the chain of command is part of the problem? There’s a lot of good things about CAP but the reporting process is deeply flawed. – Andrew V.

“You guys do know we have a regulation on how to deal with this, right? Don’t like it? The same site that has the reg has a CAPF 2B.” – Dan S.

Fortunately, the tide has turned and fewer are being intimidated by these tones.

“The system for reporting CAP fraud, waste, and abuse is wholly ineffective and never ends well for the whistleblower.” – Andrew V.

In case you don’t have access, everything is included in the pdf that I have provided at this link:

[link redacted]

In conclusion, please help us to warn cadets that they appear as future targets of opportunity for abusers when they suggest that journalists should not report the association of an arrested Civil Air Patrol member with our program. This is especially true when some of these crimes may have been motivated by grooming and brainwashing learned from other members with unofficial, but tacitly approved influence.

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11 Comments on "You Know You’re in CAP Parenting When You Log Member Offenses “Outside” of Civil Air Patrol"

  1. Good article on member offenses “outside” of the organization. One CAP Junior Birdman offered the Prizzi’s Honor defense that “CAP doesn’t have that many offenders, if you consider the size of the population.”

    So we want to point out a few more names that were not included in that author’s story: ARCHER program developer CAP Lt Col John C. Kershenstein.

    Also former MacDill AFB CENTCOM and David Petraeus employee Lt Col Stephen Governale who was a reservist but highly involved with Civil Air Patrol activities because of that position and his prurient interest.

    Now one really CrEEPY CrAAPY thing is to show that all four of the following articles describe the Civil Air Patrol in which Lt Col Governale met and played with his victims only as “an organization affiliated with the military.” Civil Air Patrol’s name is mentioned in other outlets that are less inclined to favor CAP in the concealment.

  2. Maybe someone will detail the impact on A&P mechanic attitudes of Civil Air Patrol shopping around its maintenance to the lowest bidder and never sourcing parts through their chosen shop?

    “You realize we’re sitting on 45,000 pounds of fuel, one nuclear warhead and a thing that has 270,000 moving parts built by the lowest bidder? Makes you feel good doesn’t it?”


  4. Agreed. Civil Air Patrol sells itself as an educational, leadership and character building activity. They shout their intermediate success stories in magazines and news articles all over the web.

    In contrast, far too many CAP members with local influence have been caught laying down false threads of religious and political hatred. As such, journalists and others have every right, even a duty, to present cases where the Air Force and Civil Air Patrol system and pecking order of flawed leaders have led members to unfortunate outcomes.

  5. Where are these attitudes coming from? That’s what I want to know.

  6. Only In Kansas | February 23, 2019 at 21:28 | Reply

    Red Allen (aka Jonathon Holder) is the poster child of Mark Smith.

  7. Bobby Hill got terminated for filing a legitimate Congressional complaint of CAP corruption, but yet Mark Smith pardoned Jonathon Holder for threatening a Congressional member. Corruption runs deep in the CAP.

  8. Phoenixrulezz | February 23, 2019 at 17:58 | Reply

    If CAP could follow it own rules there would be no reason for a Phoenix Plan. It can’t gets it own house in order, can’t clean sheet regulations on a timely basis unless it’s an “ICL.” 52 different ideas of standardization, 39-1 issues, fat folks in ACUs, y’all know the deal. I can almost figure out why maybe why the former Senator John McCain wanted to do a little slicing to the budget. Say speaking of budgets, how did the Alaska Legislature vote this year for CAPs funding?

    If politics and religion are the new movement in CAP, then there needs to be a true re evaluation of itself and 501(c)3…. coziness in politics and religion…yeaaahhhh that’ll save lives won’t it?

  9. Wyndham Sweets | February 23, 2019 at 13:50 | Reply

    I know your editors haven’t done this, but just in case, please don’t assume that all the people in YKYICW or that all CAP cadets are trying to undermine the effort at ABN. With all the work you have put into researching and assembling these verified stories, you do have defenders. See here:

    D[red] S[red] I highly doubt that ABN is satire or a parody. Surely there’s some strong “opinions” expressed in their stories BUT there’s some hard fact stories. BTW whatever happen to “CAP Insights” blog type poster, it’s been inactive with anything new for close to a year?!

  10. Witching Hour | February 23, 2019 at 09:14 | Reply

    I’ve tried to explain why this is happening in increasing numbers, but I only get laughed at everywhere else but here. A judgment was passed on Mark Smith in August 2017 and now thousands of witches work in concert to curse him and anybody who supports him. But this witchery didn’t start with Mark Smith.

    In December 2016, a number of Civil Air Patrol member names began appearing at special altars on the dark web. Detailed case histories of their offenses, how they concealed the offenses of others or how they remained silent to let the abuse happen were presented. For those on which insufficient evidence was available, a news watch was established.

    In the summer of 2018, more Civil Air Patrol names were added.

  11. You need to know that many are very upset, disgusted about this. Commanders do have privileges to cover up complaints against them and CAP trolls, as the author calls them, are always working damage control to confuse the cadets and their parents.

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