Who Remains in CAP Today (Mostly)

CAP Maj Gen Joe Vazquez, CAP Maj Gen Charles Carr
CAP Maj Gen Joe Vazquez, CAP Maj Gen Charles Carr

By Ray Hayden | CAP Insights

The Civil Air Patrol is continuously losing people… when you lose all of the quality people, you have few choices on who is left, still qualified to do anything, for missions that no longer exist.

Then you find a plethora of stupid people.

These are the Drooling Retards who flow into the Civil Air Patrol, or are remnants of glory days of old… who never had been worth a damn – but hope for their day to bask in the sun… fun to watch kind of folks.

You find many of them on some CAP stroked “discussion” board that is singularly focused on uniforms and qualifying for non existent missions… of glory days gone by.

CAP had the opportunity to jump all over STEM projects and move forward with making things happen via the Aerospace Education aspects of the organization… yet we all got to watch that prime opportunity slip right on past CAP.

What remains in the Civil Air Patrol consists of a number of groups. Let’s take and look see…

1) Dedicated and Hopeful Professionals. These folks are the last of those who could invest quality effort, if anyone in any real position of authority pulled their heads out of their asses and took action to make anything happen. Painfully, these folks are falling away from CAP over time… simply fading away.

2) Good and Decent People, who just know how to get things done, and they hide in units that actually are active, but these people, and actually active units, are also dwindling.

3) The Drooling Retards, the largest group. These folks are never actually available to do anything, and are not actually needed – like “NRAT.” You can probably spot them by their ability to barf up regulations and knowledge that is often flawed – if not dead wrong, and sniffing around for some sort of uniform bling to give themselves some sort of artificial self value.

Sadly, they are everywhere… and they are killing CAP, as more and more quality people come into – and out of – the revolving door of CrAP.

4) New Blood! This is a very large number of folks. If the Civil Air Patrol was worth a damn, you’d see a lot of highly qualified, and motivated, Lt Col’s all over the place… you do not. Why?

If you have to think about that, you are either one of the New Bloods, or one of the Drooling Retards.

Because the morons make up the largest part of the group, they bring down the whole of the organization. They also tend to fester into positions of “authority,” and make the Civil Air Patrol suck all that much more!

The New Bloods who leave are about the smartest group. They got lied to in order to join, and once they got in, the ones who renew that one time, only did so because they actually DID get into a nice group with some initial action (training of some sort) taking place, but then… the vacuum of nothingness takes hold. They only renewed for the lie (false promise) of something being on the horizon… some new program or opportunity that never quite happens… fool them once, shame on them, when they see the light, they simply stop showing up, not even asking for a partial refund of the dues they paid.

Of this group, SOME of them stay two to three years. Of those folks, they MADE things happen, but hit the road block of Drooling Retards and corrupt “leadership.” Once the light was bright enough, they see it too… and they leave as well.

If you question WHY, or HOW, the Criminal Air Patrol is losing so many qualified folks… you are one of the Drooling Retards. This is actually the politically correct term for those folks, because they are so… well… “the roads are paved with flat, indecisive squirrels.”

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