USAFA Cadets Detail Sexual Harassment

Sexual Pervert Predators at US Air Force Academy
Sexual Pervert Predators at US Air Force Academy

by CBS News

After a six-month investigation, more than a dozen current and former cadets have told CBS News they reported their sexual assaults to the Air Force Academy only to experience retaliation by their peers and their commanders.

The credit for this work and continuing into the future goes to CBS News. We extract only the following and direct our readers to the source.

“My perpetrator would follow me on runs. He would tell me he urinated on my car. He would write crude things on my car, like, in the fog. He would send me horrible text messages,” Hazen said. “He would stalk me, he would ask me where I was going in my little brown dress.”

“Was he ever reprimanded in any way?” O’Donnell asked.

“He was talked to by his commander about a very crude text message I received and told that that was unbecoming of an officer,” Hazen said.

“What ever happened to that cadet?” O’Donnell asked.

“He graduated,” Hazen said.

“And what happened to you?”

“I left,” Hazen responded.

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