Unsafe CAP Behavior

Civil Air Patrol

By AuxBeacon News Staff

AuxBeacon has received the following Anonymous contribution.

My husband and I recently found this website and a few others that discuss problems with CAP.

The legacy and continuing trend you show in Civil Air Patrol is very disturbing.

Our Group and Squadron leaders NEVER told us about any of these incidents when our two daughters were recruited to join a year and a half ago through outreach efforts in the school system and at our local airport.

Recruiting has been aggressive with frequent rewards of ribbons and with orientation flights from pilots who seem either very young and inexperienced or very old and slow in their reaction time.

We began to search for more information on CAP when one of my daughters reported that the female cadet commander appeared overly friendly with the male deputy commander of cadets.

Then, a pilot approached my husband privately and told us of incidents that we have since verified with the NTSB.

Just recently we observed interactions on the drill-pad, and in interpersonal communications that unequivocally amount to highly unsafe, angry and vindictive human behavior among what my husband now calls “a group of junior bird-men impersonating commanders” and struggling for control of promotion authority and aviation assets.

Our commanders have even asked the cadets to “vote” online in certain ways to improve the public image of Civil Air Patrol.

They have been clever enough not to issue this request in writing.

If this helps you in any way, feel free to publish but please withhold my name and unit.

We are from the Pacific Region.

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  1. The part about voting up positive CAP articles and voting down negative ones is true. We were told to vote up a specific CAP blurb on urbandictionary.com

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