United States Ranger Corps is Started

United States Ranger Corps

By AuxBeacon News Contributor

Disgraced former National Commander Tony Pineda started his own version of CAP and appointed himself as the Commander, Lieutenant General. It never got off the ground.

The United States Ranger Corps is a volunteer organization who specialize in working with governmental entities, law enforcement and others, who perform search and rescue missions, community service and much more. Be sure to check back here to visit the site when its complete.

From the Bylaws and constitution:

“A. The Corps Commander or Corps Deputy Commander may be removed from office for personal misconduct involving moral turpitude which creates an appearance of serious impropriety to the public or which may discredit or embarrass the United States Ranger Corps.”

“1. United States Ranger Corps may receive gifts, bequests, devices, legacies, and donations for such purposes as are within the general scope of its corporate objectives and purposes.

2. All funds and property acquired by United States Ranger Corps in ANY manner and from WHATEVER sources shall be received in the name of United States Ranger Corps and shall become the property of the Corporation, and shall be administered and accounted for as prescribed in the Bylaws and Regulations.”

2 Comments on "United States Ranger Corps is Started"

  1. Robert C Quesada | May 17, 2019 at 22:44 | Reply

    I am interested in picking up the organization.

  2. USAF Explorers | May 6, 2019 at 21:16 | Reply

    There is another alternative to leaving the corruption of Civil Air Patrol for the Coast Guard Auxiliary.


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