Two Civil Air Patrol Members Seriously Injured In Crash


By AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: We received an anonymous tip regarding this crash. Thank you for your contribution. This Civil Air Patrol plane crash happened in California.]

MARIPOSA, CA (U.R) Two Civil Air Patrol members were treated today at Fremont hospital here for serious injuries received when their light plane crashed on a take-off.

Henry Ingle, the pilot, a Merced County deputy sheriff, suffered a multiple fracture of the right leg in the crash yesterday.

His observer, William Stark, received back injuries and severe cuts and lacerations.

Both men were members of Merced Squadron 58 of the Civil Air Patrol.

They had been taking part in a simulated search and rescue mission.

The plane, which had been rented from George Allen of Merced, was described by Mariposa County Sheriff M. O. Whitley as a total loss.

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