Trash-Talk Indoctrination in Civil Air Patrol

CAP Lt Col Larry Julian, Southeast Region Chief of Staff
CAP Lt Col Larry Julian, Southeast Region Chief of Staff

By AuxBeacon News Staff

We received this photo-story a few weeks ago from “a concerned patron in Southeast Region” with duties in “the field of education”. The parent-teacher, we assume, is asking if we know anything about “this person Larry Julian” who s/he views as being an example of the “backward, low-class dregs” who are being elevated to positions of influence over the young in Civil Air Patrol.

To sum up the submission, the individual makes their case based on their collection of public evidence of slanted and incendiary memes and statements, racist, sexist and trashy images that have been pushed out to Julian’s audience for the purpose of convincing others to support Donald Trump as “he represents himself under Civil Air Patrol logos and in U.S. Air Force style uniforms in violation of CAP Regulations”. S/he notes that this is the same “Donald Trump who is unraveling under the pressure of the investigations into his collusion with Russia and Vladimir Putin.”

Our look-see shows that the images provided to us are genuine, not faked, and that Larry Julian is the current Southeast Region Chief of Staff under commander Barry Melton. Julian previously served as the Georgia Wing Inspector General under commander Richard Greenwood.

Over the past several months AuxBeacon has received complaints against Civil Air Patrol leaders and their support staff for slyly pushing anti-Obama and pro-Trump “humor” to the membership in electronic media and during CAP meeting and activity time. Until now, the evidence has been in forms that would expose the individual member raising the objection, if shared. Larry Julian’s broadcasts, however, are open to the public.

Investigations into both the Trump family and the Civil Air Patrol will continue. As the ugly truths emerge, all will come to see CAP’s standing mission to be one of political indoctrination under the carrot of aviation.

CAP Lt Col Larry Julian, SER Chief of Staff

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  1. Julian Ghetto | July 22, 2018 at 18:21 | Reply

    That Lt Col Larry Julian of the Civil Air Patrol would use the Air Force uniform to target Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama as ghetto trash in this way is disgusting and shows just how low these people were willing to stoop.

  2. JulianTroll | July 21, 2018 at 20:04 | Reply

    Larry Julian’s behavior is that of common racist white trash but draped in Air Force blues. A plump juicy candidate for Russian trolls. Sickening, IMO.

  3. Just a heads up in case no-one has told you. Michael H. Rosfeld, the East Pittsburgh Police Officer who shot a fleeing and unarmed Antwon Rose three times in the back was:

    1. A member of Civil Air Patrol, and
    2. Dismissed from his job with the University of Pittsburg police department in January 2018 for cause.

    Rosfeld’s personnel file has been turned over to investigators.

  4. The CAP organization I once loved has turned into a political tool for angry white malcontents.

  5. Robert James Stubblevine, a US Air Force military policeman, has been arrested at Pope Army Air Field in Spring Lake and processed into the Harnett County Jail. He faces 17 felony charges; 10 counts of indecent liberties with a child and seven counts of statutory sex offense with a child by an adult. Numerous sexual acts on numerous occasions with a juvenile female while she was the ages of 7 and 8 years old.

    • Not throwing shade here, but his name is Stubblebine. The misspell may have stopped you from adding his name to the catalog of freaks in USAF.

      Ya think Col Visconi tutored this POS?

  6. Please continue exposing Civil Air Patrol leaders and other youth group leaders who are inserting misogynist, racist and politically hateful attitudes into our young people.

    Please revise my previous comment on the Air Force Academy cadet who was video recording girls in the bathroom and then did the same thing at Texas A&M. I found a more accurate description of the events from a Thursday March 23rd article in the Colorado Springs Gazette that referenced statements made by Air Force Academy spokesman Lt. Col. Allen Herritage.

    “The Air Force Academy is investigating an incident… where an individual was taking photos of women in a campus bathroom,” Lt. Col. Allen Herritage said in a Thursday email. “Investigators have identified a suspect and appropriate steps are being taken.”

    The academy is making a clear distinction between the Tawakkol case and incidents that have made headlines for the Pentagon in recent days involving Marines circulating photos of naked female comrades in a Facebook group.

    “Victims were not readily identifiable in the photos that were taken, and there is no evidence that any of these photos have been distributed beyond the cell phone of the individual who took them,” Herritage wrote.


  7. Kiley Terrazzo | July 29, 2017 at 18:39 | Reply

    Your AuxBeacon weblog proves that Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and the Air Force Academy have a shared culture of abusive attitudes, cover-up of abuse and harsh reprisals for those dutifully reporting. More importantly, your efforts potentially source these attitudes and abuses in the Air Force to certain youth organizations of individuals who circulate ignorant and callous propaganda.

    I personally know a US Air Force Academy (USAFA) cadet who wisely filed a complaint with the Pentagon IG because she didn’t trust the weasels at USAFA. This story has been made public, so I can now share it with your readers. Academy employees Teresa Beasley and her colleague gave statements on the cadet’s behalf to the Academy’s Inspector General (IG). Both were very worried that their comments would not be kept confidential as required by “protected communications.”

    Sure enough, just like what we read here with Civil Air Patrol, their statements were turned over to their chain of command. Teresa Beasley was then threatened with an investigation and they pressured her with the harassment of “increased scrutiny.” We see that identical problem with Civil Air Patrol pressuring, isolating and discrediting their whistle-blowing members and any commanders who support them.

    “I have been reprised against for doing the right thing,” wrote Teresa Beasley in a July 2015 “memorandum for record” regarding the leak of her statement, which she says was a “protected communication.” She’s since sent the memo to the Pentagon IG.

    Both CAP and USAFA officials have slithered around regulation changes while investigations are delayed or to confuse tracking for Congress. In the summer of 2015, Teresa Beasley discovered that Air Force officials had removed some sexual assault reports from the Defense Sexual Assault Incident Database (DSAID) for the 2014-15 school year. DSAID data is used by Congress in preparing reports about assaults at the service academies. In mid-May, two weeks before the end of that academic year, rules were changed to require cadets sign a Form 2910 that outlines the allegations and states whether a cadet is willing or not to have the case investigated.

    This new rule was used so that USAFA didn’t have to include dozens of cases for that year. Teresa Beasley flagged the problem in a written statement to the Defense Department’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Resource Office (SAPRO) in mid-2015, which she says spawned more efforts to punish her. In late 2016, Beasley filed a formal complaint with the Pentagon IG Office, saying the Academy retaliated against her after she noted the under-reporting problem.

    Articles on your site and in the newspapers expose that Civil Air Patrol officers did the very same thing, deleting records from the Electronic Case Information Management (ECIM) and from the Safety Management System (SMS).

    Teresa Beasley began serving at the Air Force Academy in 2007 and was escorted out this June 30th. She was told her personal belongings would be mailed to her. The CAP people and Air Force people doing this to us without apology or restitution are reprehensible and we are advising John McCain, Mazie Hirono, Joni Ernst, Kirsten Gillibrand, Claire McCaskill and Elizabeth Warren on Civil Air Patrol as a potential source of these problem attitudes and tactics.

    Please redact my contact information below this line.

  8. The pics of Michelle Obama that he had on his page were offensive and inappropriate, IMHO. I see that the Boy Scouts have apologized recently. Have Civil Air Patrol leaders ever apologized and if so, for what?

  9. For Mr. Julian to compare the Democrats to the KKK is terribly wrong. This would get most fired from their job. As tax payers, we are funding this organization that allows racism to thrive. Where is Congressional oversight?

    • The thing Mr Julian deliberately ignored for gain or was ignorant-of in pain was that the deep south left the democrat party in 1964. Those angry racist southern democrats are now republicans. I know because paw-paw would spit when he chatted us up on this.

      But who in our CAP organization is gonna risk pissin on and off a high muckety-muck grand poobah inspecter general like Mr Julian by telling him that on his own fb page?

      • Racism is unacceptable in a federally funded organization. I am reporting Mr. Julian and the BoG to the NAACP that will do something about it.

  10. Throwing the BS Flag here. Once we finish exposing our turncoat senator Lisa Murkowski in Alaska and get the walking dead off the US healthcare dole, we will turn and expose you!

  11. redAvi8tor | July 26, 2017 at 19:50 | Reply

    Thanks for access to your gallery. Cracks have broken the CAP command dykes erected to hold back the flow of AuxBeacon info as “fake news”. Photo stills waiting in your inbox show it was a vein-popping heated cracking. You cannot put them up yet tho; it would expose the source. PLEASE.

    My generic clue to AuxBeakers and to the CAP membership is to hunt for incidents in which the crony bling-dings are bitchin about the unprecedented pushback and disrespect they are now getting to their faces, here, and on Reddit. Pushback that comes when they try to use their CAP rank, corporate assets and paper rewards as threats to intimidate and silence those exposing financial fraud or the classic “dead-bodies” of the few sacred cows and sodomites.

    Here’s a recent installment from Reddit:

    “Being around lots of CAP pilots because my company’s maintenance shop is a certified Cessna service center, they are awful. Horribly incompetent and a very pretentious bunch. Just yesterday I had a CAP guy do a run up on the runway even though I was in pattern and called my base. Also, we have plenty of spaces to run up on the ramp. His response? YOU STILL HAVE 4,000 FEET OF RUNWAY TO LAND ON, GROW A PAIR AND LAND OVER ME.”

  12. Erich Mueller | July 26, 2017 at 00:42 | Reply

    When I was in Civil Air Patrol, it was both implied and in some cases openly stated that to be a “good American” and to “support the troops” one had to be Republican. I come from a long line of FDR New Deal Democrats. I remember a lot of Clinton-bashing and Obama-bashing during those two administrations, and one member of my first CAP squadron had a bumper sticker on his truck with a caricature of Bill and Hillary Clinton with the heading “DUAL AIRBAGS.” I never stated my political beliefs in CAP because I knew it would not do me any favours.

  13. Barry Seal | July 24, 2017 at 05:59 | Reply

    This Larry Julian and David Ferrie story makes a timely introduction to the upcoming movie “American Made” about drug smuggling CAP member Barry Seal and his connection to Columbian cartels and the Iran-Contra Affair. See the 2001 book titled “Barry and the Boys” by Daniel Hopsicker.

    Glorifying money laundering operations and the importation of drugs to the United States through aviation is another type of indoctrination of impressionable youth who might one day be used.

    • FerrieBarryLarry | July 24, 2017 at 17:54 | Reply

      “The Baton Rouge bivouac that Barry Seal attended occurred on July 23rd, 1955 (New Orleans Times Picayune). Lee Harvey Oswald joined the Moisant unit 4 days later on July 27th, 1955 (CAP records, CD75). Both men were born in 1939.”

      Holy CrAP! Another CAP loudmouth has single-handedly opened up a rabbit hole for all to see.

  14. Sad. The fact that CAP NHQ often refuses to remove these people permanently from the program shows that they tacitly support these actions of intimidation.

    Obviously, National cannot openly support SWING-FROM-A-TREE language from a CAP member representing under logo and in uniform. We saw them disavow their member in the Representative Stephanie Clayton incident. However, National can play games to its advantage to continue using the outspoken in their indoctrination of children.

    There are many slaps on the wrist. One is the removal from the duty position only to be resurrected right back into play a year or two later when the heat is off. Call it a special-projects research sabbatical and “attaboy” you did the time.

  15. Thanks to Lt Col Larry Julian, the notorious Civil Air Patrol is once again front page news.

    In 1955, Lee Harvey Oswald was a 15-year-old CAP cadet in Louisiana along with pederast and pilot David W. Ferrie, one of the first suspects in the days following President Kennedy’s murder.

    Lee Harvey Oswald was a young man who lived three lives, a triple agent for the USA, first a Marine with a high-security clearance, then a defector to Russia, then an anti-Castro CIA agent posing as a pro-Castro activist.

    All this so he could be framed as the “lone nut” who single-handedly shot our beloved president by those who got away with the crime of the century.

    I call for the elimination of Civil Air Patrol in every state in the union, based on its current actions and its past associations.

    • Yeah, we cadets in CAP were only taught a weak-tea version of JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis in our leadership modules. They never get into just how pissed some of our grandparents were over Kennedy’s refusal to send air support for the Bay of Pigs.

      I left CAP for college, but most cadets and their parents just don’t have enough facts to understand what MauiK is talking about and how they are currently being misled. If you mention that the CIA acknowledged that Clay Shaw was one of their own in 1979 and 1996, you just get the dumb-ass stare followed by some potty-mouth rant about liberal conspiracies.

      IGNORANCE is the biggest problem within the CAP culture, but you make no progress telling them that.

      • STFU CS! Your nothing special because you spout off on historical trivia and live like a freak in fear under aluminum foil. Get a life dummy and prepare instead of helping the enemy all around us. AuxBeacon is fake news.

  16. It was a big mistake for Civil Air Patrol to let these libtard teachers into the program as AEMs [Aerospace Education Members]. They think they know it all. They don’t know [anything] and they totally [foul] up the chain of command and our training.

  17. I’m in Civil Air Patrol and I mock naggers and poofs and libtards all the time. What CAP reg has Lt Col Larry Julian violated that he was forced to remove his header eagle and red prop blood drop?

  18. Homonculus | July 22, 2017 at 15:26 | Reply

    Nah, it can’t be. More vulgar behavior from Civil Air Patrol’s Southeast Region? Yet another “swing from a tree” goober sinking the program’s reputation deeper into the gutter. The reference to David Ferrie below is spot on.

  19. What a goober!

  20. Thank you for bringing this to light. I’ve seen Larry Julian at CAP legislative day in Georgia.

  21. Charlie Mike | July 22, 2017 at 02:54 | Reply

    When this story came out earlier today, his facebook header was exactly as shown. Checked a few minutes ago and he had removed the CAP representation. So much hate to circulate, sad.

  22. I am saddened by the White Trash that I have encountered in Civil Air Patrol. Someone from Mount Vernon needs to school this Larry Julian person that George Washington never made such a statement. As a CAP chaplain, he could have and should have debunked this drivel for himself.

  23. According to CAPR 35-3, Page 3, the next action that NHQ should seriously look into is an form 2b for Mr. Julian.

    d. Misconduct. Misconduct would include, but is not limited to:
    (1) Conduct unbecoming a member of CAP.
    (3) Serious or willful violations of CAP regulations or directives.
    (4) Failure to obey rules, regulations and orders of higher authority.
    (5) Insubordination.
    (6) Any other conduct, action or incident which violates the policy set forth in paragraph 1 of this regulation, provided the reason for termination is clearly stated in the letter of notification.

  24. Yeah, the public has been aware of this problem in Civil Air Patrol since David Ferrie and Lee Harvey Oswald.

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