Gary Fears’ Ilyushin IL-78

Ukranian Ilyushin IL-78 Stranded in Michigan

By Max | AuxBeacon News Contributor [Editor’s Note: We received this in our inbox. Thank you for your contribution.] To Editors, When Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Charles Searock was a CAP board of governor’s…

Civil Air Patrol

What’s the Matter with Civil Air Patrol Today?

By W. Murray What’s the matter with CAP today? Well, it is blisteringly obvious: lack of “mission creep.” CAP picked up a lot of new members after Sept 11 for various reasons. They all wanted…

Civil Air Patrol

Pineda Recalls Bay of Pigs Invasion

Aggregated by AuxBeacon News Staff Civil Air Patrol’s Tony Pineda is the son of Dr. Antonio Pineda who was an attorney in Cuba when Castro took over. The elder Tony Pineda fled Cuba with fellow…