Maj Gen Mark Smith, CAP National Commander with Open Arms and Sloppy Underbelly Photoshop

Readers Evaluate Lying National Commanders

By Mother Cupboard | AuxBeacon News Contributor [Editor’s Note: This is one of the better member summaries provided to us to date. Any underlining, emphasis and linking is the work of our editors and not…

Cadet Basrawi changes his FB profile and cover layout to comply with CAP regulations.

AuxBeacon Chain Achieves Stealth Results

By Anonymous | AuxBeacon News Reader [Editor’s Note: While AuxBeacon editors were away at conferences and summer vacation travel, we received multiple comments alerting us to the fact that Joe Basrawi changed his Facebook profile…

Civil Air Patrol abuse continues after FBI raid of 1999

Civil Air Patrol Abuse

Aggregated by AuxBeacon News Staff This is a record of stories highlighting instances of Civil Air Patrol Abuse to include sexual abuse, fiscal abuse and abuse of authority in the US Air Force Auxiliary. CAP-USAF…