Southeast Region Announces “Special Guest” Stars

Maj Gen Mark Smith, Col Richard Greenwood and Col Barry Melton
Maj Gen Mark Smith, Col Richard Greenwood and Col Barry Melton

By Jonathan Harris | AuxBeacon News Reader

[Editor’s Note: As we are wading through some of the older comment contributions, this one stood out. We are currently fact-checking contributions from recently departed and well-respected Bill Breeze regarding corruption in Southeast Region.]

Remember last year’s disastrous Southeast Region Conference in which US Congressman Barry Loudermilk was given CAP’s Silver Medal of Valor for instinctively “running for cover past the first base dugout” during the 2017 Congressional Baseball Shooting? Remember the low turn-out? You’re not the only one. Civil Air Patrol’s accidents, pedophiles, pimps and politicians are gaining important notoriety for the program. Prospective celebrities appear to be distancing themselves. Nobody cool or even Air Force showed up for National Staff College.

For this year’s Southeast Region conference the Special Guests are outgoing SER CC Barry Melton and Mark E. Smith CAP’s National Commander. If you would normally view these two stiffs as mandatory attendees, then you have our permission to slap a silver star on a maroon shoulder board.

Need proof? [links redacted]

Commanders are Special, Guests

Southeast Region Conference Special Guest Stars

The comment continued…

If I ran that zoo, I’d fill the empty Southeast Region guest slots with Kris Ward and William Kidney.

Stars of Southeast Region Civil Air Patrol

Southeast Region Civil Air Patrol has its super secret problems

4 Comments on "Southeast Region Announces “Special Guest” Stars"

  1. Was Little Dickie Greenwood passed over for command?

    “The conference was the last for Melton as the region’s commander, typically a four-year assignment within CAP. The organization expects to name a new region commander in August at the National Conference.”

  2. We need to vote out CAP politicians that fund and condone CAP corruption.

    See my list of CAP politicians:
    [link redacted]

  3. Avatar Used2CallMe | May 9, 2019 at 13:56 | Reply

    I’m starting to understand why Civil Air Patrol is so despised.

    From the Santa Fe New Mexican we read this –

    Two Civil Air Patrol planes — one from Santa Fe, one from Los Alamos — aided in the search, as did a New Mexico National Guard Black Hawk helicopter.

    But ultimately it was a team from Santa Fe Search and Rescue that on Saturday found the missing man after he had spent two nights lost in the wilderness.


  4. My daddy won’t let me join because of this damn site. Shame on all of you.

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