Silver Medal of Valor Frauds in Florida Wing

Maj Gen Tony Pineda, Col Dan Levitch and Col Eileen Parker

By Florida Wing Member | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: We received this information from a Florida Wing member. Thank you for your contribution. Eileen Parker and Dan Levitch were never terminated, nor disciplined in this fraudulent incident. As of 2019, Parker currently is on the Florida Wing Staff and an adviser for CAP National Headquarters.]

It seems that there had been two properly documented, undeniably accurate Silver Medal of Valor applications that had been submitted right around the same time that the Tony Pineda, Eileen Parker, Dan Levitch one had been pushed through, and here is the catch, they had been so well documented, so well prepared, so… oh, how do we say it… TRUTHFUL, that the awarding of these ACTUAL Silver Medals of Valor had been trashed so that the Pineda, Parker and Levitch fraud could be successfully perpetrated!

See, not only had these folks been so disgustingly scummy as to FRAUDULENTLY put themselves in for the FAKE award, but they actually CONSPIRED to bury, not one, but TWO ACTUAL, quality CAPF-120’s describing real events – thus screwing over REAL heroes for their own bling.

Please keep in mind that at last check, both Dan Levitch and Eileen Parker are STILL wearing eagles and STILL have yet to be 2B’d for their fraud against the Civil Air Patrol in KNOWINGLY accepting awards for which they KNEW they did not earn – and did not deserve. Parker is hiding, at last check in the Hollywood, Florida unit, and Levitch still shows up at Region events, can you believe that?!?

Well, the records are being set right. The fraudulent Silver Medal of Valor has been investigated, and that it is crystal clear that the fraud was committed knowingly by those who received the award for “non-events”. Col Linker, the National IG is likely going to have that award rescinded, as it should be. The Board of Governors should step up to the plate and terminate both Levitch and Parker for their actions in so many problematic episodes along the way.

At the time of our investigation, we contacted all of the Florida Highway Patrol units located along the I-10 route. We have the ability to speak with folks directly and ask the right questions. At the time of our inquiry, per Florida DOT procedure, the actual report of any accident would have still resided at the local “station” of the FHP where the Trooper was based, thus, if a Tallahassee area Trooper responded, it would be at his office locally. None of the Troops located along I-10, in the entire State of Florida had any report of any accident, at all, on that date (which we thought was odd, until you consider that it was right after Katrina, and no one was on the road, and some of I-10 was closed!).

But we did not stop there. We also contacted our friends with the State of Florida Archives, the location where the accident reports would end up. We checked, just in case a report got sent in early (it can happen). Again, we found no report of any accident on that date, anywhere on I-10 in the entire State of Florida.

This would not be the first 2B [termination] for Levitch either, he was 2B’d out of CAP as a cadet too!

The National Awards and Promotions Committee will be going over the Silver Medal of Valor Awards that had been previously trashed, and that wrong will be made right. This is one very major step in correcting the wrongs of the past. There are more.

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