Shuffle Up or Clean House?

Civil Air Patrol

By AuxBeacon News Staff

The Aux Sentinel, News of the Force and CAP Insights have reported some shakeup news from the National Conference in Nashville. In addressing Civil Air Patrol’s current problems, the mindset among controlling authorities may be to terminate the head and replace with the cleanest and most immediate eager beaver candidate.

Unfortunately, the devil the BoG doesn’t know could instantly become a much bigger headache based on the content that has been submitted to our repository. Current and former CAP Commanders, in search of power and paid positions, are still in the process of intimidating younger members who have access to evidence and other resources.

When personality conflicts or trouble of “not too abusive nature” arises, the U.S. Air Force has often shuffles  personnel to create a new and more functional mix of team members. Sometimes that works and careers can be saved. Unfortunately, cutting off the head and shuffling doesn’t work with Civil Air Patrol because the organization is not going to fund the transfer of volunteers to paid positions in new and interesting locations around the country.

Such a “cut-and-shuffle” solution also fails because of the critical mass of members who have been intimidated, slandered, set-up, investigated and then shuffled off to oblivion. Johnny Dean and several CAP inspector generals and instructor pilots around the nation have been treated this way.

The BoG solution to the elimination of the drumbeat and drip of evidence is threefold:

1. Permanently remove those commanders who perpetrated these injustices from any future command or political influence. They can serve as members and technical advisers, but not as commanders.

2. Understand the volume of evidence available on the corruption of current and previous CAP and CAP-USAF commanders. The BoG needs new people, not a shuffle of older ones. The BoG may solicit information in open communications.

3. Revisit former members or “blackholed” ignored members who were isolated through commander lies and false documents and invite them to return to service.


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