Sexual Abuse Under Travis Air Force Base Psychologist

David Grant Medical Center Travis AFB
David Grant Medical Center Travis AFB

By AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: We empathize with and respect victims of both incompetence and deliberate commander abuse. Thank you for your anonymous contribution.]

Please edit this article as needed so that you can publish it. The current leadership of the United States Total Air Force has an ironic way of “helping victims” who find it hard to breathe while flying in their airplanes or while recounting their sexual assault.

Dr. Heath Sommer, a contractor at the David Grant Medical Center of Travis Air Force Base, was arrested in early May on multiple charges which were listed in a complaint filed on May 14th that detailed the allegations of sexual battery, rape and oral copulation.

The court documents reveal prosecutors claiming that Dr. Sommer abused his position of power by customizing a technique called “exposure therapy” to get sex from his patients who had been sexually assaulted while deployed.

Sommer told one victim that she was likely to commit suicide within the year if she didn’t participate in his “treatment”.

Another victim revealed that he took her into the master bedroom of his house and raped her, while his wife stayed in the kitchen.

“This court may never see a more egregious and calculated abuse of power,” prosecutors wrote in court documents.

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