Readers See Civil Air Patrol Cadet as Outspoken Hero

Swivel Chair Patrol

By Bill R. | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: AuxBeacon received this comment on the Fourth of July along with a few other words of support for the cadet’s effort with Swivel Chair Patrol. We make no comment and leave others to draw their own conclusions. Any images that follow below are taken from The Right Atheist twitter feed. ]

Happy Fourth of July!

If creepy CAP Seniors can play Chaplain dressed up in Air Force Blues, then a true conservative American Atheist can also use Civil Air Patrol and the Air Force style uniform to speak out against and undo the damage done by misguided liberals, Christians and Jews who haven’t learned a lick of history.

Civil Air Patrol Cadet Nicholas Cooper is a hero! He might soon be teaching all of Civil Air Patrol about the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the reach and limits of the 1939 Hatch Act.

I started this account to protest my school and stand up for my 5th and 14th amendment rights. I wanted to speak out and let everyone know how truly corrupt the education system is, and to call for a national reform of our schools. The students want it.

Liberals call everything racist as a way to cover up that they are actually racist. Think about it, they say it to everything, almost as a way to play victim, yet still being an enemy of society. You know, it’s too hard to explain because liberals are all full of hypocrisy.

The reason I am an atheist, is all because I used to live in a city where that if you were not religious, or or against one belief. You were ridiculed, bullied, and harassed. The environment was not good, and I don’t want to associate myself with a cult like fashion.

Liberals are their own enemy. They create what they want to destroy. They go out of their way to bring back racsim, just so they can say it exists. Same with sexism and anti-semitism.

Whether you are black, white, man woman. We are all American. Don’t let them trick you.

I think liberals are just revengeful toddler minded people. They just create problems, blame it on conservatives, falsify evidence just to piss us off or hurt us. Think of it like tattle-telling, which is something pre-schoolers and kindergartners do. Unless you go to my school.

If you are black, and no longer want to be black, just say something that a liberal will find offensive and they will call you an uncultured black swine because don’t meet their race standards. So now in the eyes of the country’s ill-guided prople, you are no longer black.

Having a Liberal dad really sucks. I can’t excercise any of my rights that violate his fascist beliefs. Such as the first and second amendments. Liberals want to limit free speech and freedom.

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21 Comments on "Readers See Civil Air Patrol Cadet as Outspoken Hero"

  1. Major Morales | June 26, 2020 at 14:34 | Reply

    It is unlikely that Cooper really understands the origins of Christianity in any detail. When the Essene Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered at Qumran in 1947 and translated, it confirmed the subtle confession already written into the Gospels as exposed by MLK’s 1950 tour of the Mystery Religions. Jesus never existed, but is a composite of earlier, related material. This is why CAP needs moral leadership officers as well as chaplains to setup for this eventual transition of understanding. People in some regions of the United States are so deeply bamboozled and brainwashed, that they resist being educated on the details of this.

    Some parents instill the fear of god into their children and others show the details of prison life.

  2. Okay. How is a little snot like this able to credibly determine for himself and others that Jesus of Nazareth never existed and that moreso, he is an atheist?

    Doesn’t being an atheist mean that he believes nothing created everything?

  3. My friend Nick Cooper had to take down his Twitter and kiss the idiot CAP wing commander’s ass, but Jim Big Kock Kaletta gets to dole out the shaft in Air Force blues and our national commander sucks it? Look here:

    [links redacted]

    • Kalotta Fagina | June 12, 2020 at 20:15 | Reply

      Not just Kaletta, go see what Herb Cahalen does in uniform. Mark Smith seems to like it.

  4. LOCK HER UP | July 24, 2018 at 22:57 | Reply

    Yeah, Cadet Cooper has blown the lid on the sludge of political grooming that has been going down for decades in Civil Air Patrol. Stepped up aggressively since 2009 if you’ve been around since then.

    This morning, I watched from Lehigh Valley International Airport as AG Jeff Sessions joined in the drooling chant “Lock Her Up” started by jacked-up high school students attending Turning Point USA’s High School Leadership Summit in Washington.

    I am close to Lehigh Valley Composite Squadron and, just as one example, CAP c/2nd Lt Joseph D. Basrawi frequently flashes his Civil Air Patrol uniform and activity credentials together with his chapter of Turning Point USA. Look here. [link removed]

    It is disturbing that CAP is once again screwing false ideas into the minds of children to get their way with congressional funding.

  5. Moral Leadership | July 17, 2018 at 17:25 | Reply

    The introduction of the term Moral Leadership officer should clue the old gray mares into the direction we are heading, but the why is left to you for homework.

  6. Not all readers see him as a hero, but he does sound an important alarm. What is the source of this bad history and faulty reasoning that is being instilled into our children who may one day be called upon to defend the US or a military ally? Is this widespread?

  7. I fully support his right to talk about politics, but not in the context of a CAP member. He’s leveraging the uniform, and that’s unacceptable regardless of politics.

  8. Papa Johns | July 13, 2018 at 16:42 | Reply

    Are you kidding me? I don’t think this cadet is a “hero” at all. Does Right Atheist expect us to give up our sponsor Papa John’s Pizza here in Lynchburg just because owner John Schnatter identifies as an Evangelical member of the Southeast Christian Church and likes to use the N-word? Schnatter is a model of conservative leadership, spoke out against free kneeling in the NFL and backs our elected President.

    Men like Garrett Scott and Peter Strubhar are not going to be intimidated by black racists, atheists or secular fascist liberals. We are sick of atheists and liberals making fun of what we eat. The pizza boxes with his face on it will soon become collector memorabilia. Run out and order a Papa John’s pizza before they are all gone!!!!! We love Papa Johns and we pray for both atheists and liberals who will be gnashing their teeth!

    • CadetteBaton | July 14, 2018 at 07:07 | Reply

      Well I think he’s a cutie and a hero and I wish he lived in my Wing. I’m going to carry on where he left off, but more carefully. Like I said, stay tuned.

  9. I see BillR’s point because CAP leaders in my wing have used the chaplains in Air Force blues to remind us from time to time of Romans 13. Same verse that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has used. If your CAP commander is abusing you or happens to be a pedophile, it is okay because it is the will of God?!

  10. “We make no comment and leave others to draw their own conclusions.”

    Wait a minute Why? Why can’t your editors state their opinion on this? Why are you only reporting the opinions and facts from CAP members and readers feeding you information?

    [Editor: Our mission is to give Civil Air Patrol members a place to report and the public to learn about CAP’s sordid history of fraud, waste, abuse, crimes and accidents so that the IGs and self-dealing commanders could not bury the evidence against them nor defame those who naively reported up their chain of command like sheep to the slaughter. Our editors and our admin all have different opinions on current events, but these opinions change and are not relevant to this mission. As one reader has recently stated, the opinions of the member-readers can show differences by geographical region and they can also provide a window into the indoctrination or grooming of young cadets.]

  11. I agree with Rocky’s assessment. The organization is a mess of corruption and instead of terminating the people who created the big mess by concealing the small mess, they keep feeding this dynamic. Former Board of Governors member, Col Warren Vest, formally accepted command of Montana Wing Thursday evening 30 June 2018 at the URMR Dining-In at the US Air Force Academy.

  12. Rocky Mountain Wilted Flower | July 12, 2018 at 04:09 | Reply

    Leadership is in disarray in the region. Its beyond absurd. Kettell is absolutely not a leader and it is obvious he was picked because he was wanting the job to get a star. He has never been a wing commander and had token assignments to allow him to get promoted. Leader? No. His lack of CAP leadership is more obvious EVERY DAY.

    Announced today that the new Idaho wing commander is the former RMR and Utah commander Bost who lives in Utah. The new Montana wing commander is former BOG guy Warren Vest and he lives in Idaho.

    So no one wants to be a wing commander that lives in Montana or Idaho? And the Wyoming wing commander lives in Colorado? So three of five RMR wing commanders don’t live in the wings they command? What a mess.

    I was told that my promotion would not be approved because I went to a different region staff college and didn’t attend Kettell’s dog and pony university. The word is out that if you don’t support him he will not approve your promotion. Never mind that work and family get in the way and I can’t just jump and go to make him look good.

    This is why crap like this article happens in this region. NO LEADERS. No leadership experience. I hear the Montana commander resigned and the wing is almost dead so now someone in Idaho who has CAP clout and no leadership experience in CAP is given his command. GREAT, just %%$&$#^** great. No mission skills and no grass roots CAP skill. Just like Bost who has no real down to earth experience with members. But lots of friends.

    Kettell wants people to move up through the ranks but blocks people at every turn who don’t kiss his youknowwhat. And he talks about retention and finding the right members and chews us out for being poor members.

    I am losing cadets left and right because of poor wing and region leadership. It is getting worse. Its a cesspool.

  13. Both twitter accounts have been deleted and that’s a shame because he was on to something. I think I will grab the baton and carry on for him under a different name. Stay tuned!

  14. He is a hero, but wtf? You don’t give up God because idiots bullied you in school. You become an atheist when you learn that anti-semitic Roman Jebus never existed.

  15. This kind of opens a window into the grooming/indoctrination/brainwashing to which young people in some regions of Civil Air Patrol can be exposed. Sometimes CAP politics can even turn a member against a family member.

  16. They allow certain senior members to speak out on CAP Talk, but I bet this gets shut down ASAP because Smith’s face is on it and the part about him calling attention to another Civil Air Patrol molestation.

  17. This is a no-no, how has this member been able to get away with this for two whole years?

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