PopMech Unleashes Bit of BASH on F-35

Author at Popular Mechanics has words on the F-35.
Author at Popular Mechanics has words on the F-35.

By Bird BASH | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: As the Popular Mechanics article explains BASH is Bird/Wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard. We will look for the stories that have have suggested in the comment. Thank you for the contribution.]

You need more stories on USAF Whistle-blowers with the F-35 and F-22.

On May 7th at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni an F-35B assigned to Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 121 collided with a bird on takeoff. The pilot, uninjured, safely taxied the aircraft off the runway. DOD classified the incident “Class A” by DOD which implies at least $2 Million in damage to the aircraft as well as its grounding for repair.

While reminding his readers that the aircraft is “relatively safe from an accident perspective” the author still points out:

• Three ground fires from engine exhaust, one causing severe pilot injury
• A 2018 crash in South Carolina due to a manufacturing defect
• Complete loss of a Japanese F-35A just last month with exact cause unknown.

Task & Purpose is far less kind in their report. See below.

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2 Comments on "PopMech Unleashes Bit of BASH on F-35"

  1. USAF_CRASHES | June 16, 2020 at 19:18 | Reply

    Notice you didn’t cover the May 15th F-22 Raptor crash and the May 19th F-35 Lightning II crash that came soon after. This makes the Air Force look like [redacted]. Why don’t you cover the story? And please don’t tell us that a coven of witches is sodomizing sage green voodoo dolls with hot candle sticks and incantations because of Mark Visconi.

    [Admin: Site leaders want Civil Air Patrol members and former members to submit ideas and content on their own. If you send us a write-up that is relatively clean and honest, we will release it.]

  2. National Interest | May 19, 2019 at 03:04 | Reply

    If I were you, I’d point out this story and the credible source to the chowder heads and bling addicts in Civil Air Patrol who don’t get that the US Air Force has lost control of our National Airspace.


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