North Carolina Officer Charged with Sex Crimes at Cadet Encampment

CAP Captain David J. Greenberg
CAP Captain David J. Greenberg

By David Whisenant | WBTV Charlotte

[Editor’s Note: Current and former members of Civil Air Patrol have been patiently attempting to correct problems of abuse, taxpayer fraud and reprisal against those officers who report findings. It usually takes the parents or victims to report these crimes that happened in the CAP since most members will suffer from whistleblower retaliation and be run out of the organization. Here is another example of such abuse that has been concealed for the past seven days through news-feed manipulation.]

Some background information, Captain David J. Greenberg originally started with the Suffolk Cadet Squadron 10 in Holbrook, NY in May 2012. He was the Cadet Programs Officer. He also served on the New York Wing Cadet Encampment Staff in 2013 as the Golf Flight Training Officer for Cadets. He has been with the 111th Search & Rescue Composite Squadron in Charlotte, North Carolina since May 2015 as the unit Finance Officer.

CONCORD, NC – A Charlotte man who had volunteered with the Civil Air Patrol organization is in the Cabarrus County jail under $500,000 bond after being charged with sex crimes.

According to arrest warrants obtained by WBTV, Capt David Joseph Greenberg, 35, of Charlotte, was charged with two felony counts of taking indecent liberties with a child.

The warrants state that Capt Greenberg “did commit and attempt to commit a lewd and lascivious act upon the body” of an alleged victim who was under the age of 16 at the time. Capt Greenberg was charged by investigators with the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Department.

According to investigators, there are two alleged victims that have come forward in the case.

The parents of one alleged victim went to the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office on July 3 and an investigation began.

Investigators say Capt Greenberg knew the alleged victims through his role with the Civil Air Patrol, but say all the alleged indecencies happened in Cabarrus County.

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6 Comments on "North Carolina Officer Charged with Sex Crimes at Cadet Encampment"

  1. Contributors to the CAP controlled CAPTalk forum are suggesting that your News Aggregation site is “mostly made-up stories or extremely slanted interpretations of events, run by (surprise, surprise) a former CAP member with an axe to grind.”

    Yet, this CAP pedophile story is taken from WBTV Charlotte

  2. “From what I can see, this story is totally REALZ and not a satire joke. Why are they telling us this is false information and not to look here?”
    – Clara on July 18th 2016

    The AB/ANN/NOTF people won’t know exactly which “they” you are talking about and it might be best to avoid that word because it sounds kind of paranoid and will be used to dismiss your concerns, even when you are on the right track. If you are a cadet or parent who is concerned about reprisal, then these guys will understand why you are not specific in naming names. Good question.

    Assuming you mean your local CAP squadron commander by “they” then

    CAP commanders block channels of communication outside the command chain for two reasons. They want to hold onto their own positions and future promotions. They want CAP to get newer, better missions in Total Force US Air Force partnership announced by Deborah James. We should feel bad for her, she was not aware of how corrupt CAP is.

    If you are talking about online discussion groups, cadets and junior officers are blocking these stories because they have found a short path to scholarships and aviation flight training through Civil Air Patrol. Your Daddy probably told you to follow the money. They don’t want the government to kill the program. Read about John McCain and Cindy McCain and Civil Air Patrol.

    My comments are mine only and do not represent AB editors or authors.

  3. From what I can see, this story is totally REALZ and not a satire spoof. Why are they telling us this is false information and not to look here?

  4. MotelOnMonkeyMountain | July 17, 2016 at 22:53 | Reply

    Thank you for your past service @Paul Steele. You will be surprised to learn who cares about this mission.

    Isolated unit commander failures and cadet beach party protection violations within NC-111 are only a part of our concern. A much broader parental and congressional concern now coming under glass is Maxwell CAP Command’s deliberate cover-up of perpetual abuses and the character assassination heaped upon any who dare to report in writing through formal channels. This “Accident Chain” begins with ignored written communications to commanders and progresses upward to the filing and dismissal of CAPF-30s and AirForce-102 complaints and letters to Congress. That’s a paper tiger that could ensnare you.

    There are now three recorded decades of Senior CAP-USAF abuses, bungling incompetence, and reprisal terminations and reversals. Those presently forwarding ROIs and communications to ABNews are the same investigating officers who were abused by commanders of interest in their investigations.

    I’ll bet you have experience with that type of commander. They had a habit of wrapping themselves in the Flag and under God.

  5. You can have problems with any volunteer organization but since our members have to pass an FBI background check and take cadet protection training we would like to hope folks do what they ought to.

    At the same time senior members are encouraged to observe each other for telltale signs. I would catch a bullet for any of our members but I have to see the weapon drawn/produced first. Most of us are God fearing, patriotic Americans, many of us prior combat veterans who still wish to serve.

    I guess you folks subscribe to the theory if one gun owner shoots someone that makes all of us bad and if a senior member does things they are not permitted to then all of us are bad as well which makes you folks as bad as the press was when I was in Vietnam making it all sound like CAP members are psychos. It cost us the war.

  6. Civil Air Patrol has always left a cringy impression here. Higher level commanders and IGs, NOT under the UCMJ, are encouraged to dismiss complaints and reprise against the members who report the abuse. Your story on Zayas, Wong and Bishop shows that members fare better going straight to law enforcement or reporting anonymously to your service and the others like NOTF.

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