Newsweek Reports Freakishly Negligent Air Force Hiring

Wright Patterson Air Force Base
Wright Patterson Air Force Base

By AuxBeacon News Contributor

Newsweek Magazine has reported that a former civilian employee at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base allegedly confessed during an employment interview to having sexual fantasies about underage girls.

Among the comments that were made, as outlined in the affidavit, were that he was “sexually attracted to girls as young as six years old, but preferred 10-year-olds,” because they had “little to no breast development and/or pubic hair.”

He allegedly “detailed specific plans to engage in acts of ‘rape’ with minor girls” at his former workplace and place of worship.

He thought the best time to abduct and rape underage girls was during a portion of the event when they were “running around without their parents.”

Air Force Special Agent Teddi Rachell said that the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) wasn’t notified about the comments until five months after the man was hired by Wright-Pat in Ohio.

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