New York Wing Commander Relieved of Command

CAP Col Steve Perta
CAP Col Steve Perta

By AuxBeacon News Staff

{Editor’s Note: We received this from an anonymous source today. Thank you for your contribution.]

On October 9th 2016, CAP Colonel Steve Perta was relieved of command and demoted to Lieutenant Colonel on October 10th 2016. The Interim New York Wing Commander is CAP Lt Col Thomas Carello.

According to News of the Force, September 21st 2016… “And we’ve received the following message through our website: “Reports are coming in that after the Compliance Inspection that was held in White Plains, NY, there was a large exodus of the New York Wing staff due to the loss of confidence in Col Steve Perta’s ability to command. Col Perta is covering up a complaint against [Redacted]. The Captain was accused by a parent of a cadet for verbally harassing the child via email. The Captain was transferred out of the Central New York Group where the incident occurred. Many members of the Central New York Group have complained to the Wing Commander about [Redacted] verbal abuse towards cadets. Capt William-Swing and her husband, Capt Mark Swing, have recently taken over emergency services with Capt Rich Levitt and many Groups in the New York Wing are not participating in the TRAEX or actual missions due to the negative impact these three members have on the Wing membership. Numerous IG complaints about these three members have been filed with the New York Wing over the last two years with no action taken.”

NOTF called the New York Wing’s headquarters this morning and obtained their email address (which wasn’t shown on the wing’s website). We then sent them a request for comment by email, with a copy sent to the Deputy Director of Public Affairs at CAP National Headquarters, but we’ve received no reply by press time.”

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  1. Civil Air Patrol leaders did the nasty on Skip Munger. They made up all kinds of stories about him that we found out later were not true.

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