New Washington Wing Commander Installed

Col Shelly J. Norman, DNP, ARNP-BC
Changes at Washington Wing Civil Air Patrol

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On April 19th 2018, Marguerite Cleveland with Northwest Military News reported the following:

On April 14, at the Red Lion Inn and Conference Center in Wenatchee, Lt. Col. Shelly Norman assumed command as the new Wing Commander for the Washington Civil Air Patrol (CAP). She was also promoted to colonel and is the first female commander in the 76-year history of the CAP and she is the first female officer to reach the rank of colonel. The officiant for the change of command was Col. Tom Hahn, CAP, Pacific Region Vice Commander. Norman took command from Col. James Furlong who held the position for four years.

CAP Col Norman, who formerly commanded the Mt. St. Helen’s Composite Squadron from June 2011 to January 2014, is a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner. She is the first female in Washington Wing to reach the grade of Colonel. She told those in attendance:

“I am honored to be chosen as the first female Wing Commander in Washington State history. As we put our plans in place for Washington Wing over the next four years, we will focus on training so we are better prepared to respond to the needs of our state and communities.”

In order to advance, Shelly J. Norman bills herself as Col Shelly Norman, DNP, ARNP-BC, in various social and professional networking groups.

Special guests attending her command ceremony included Maj. Gen. Mark Smith, Civil Air Patrol National Commander, Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Alabama; Col. Jon Stokes, Pacific Region CAP Commander, San Diego, California; Lt Col. Kevin Cummings, CAP-USAF Pacific Liaison Region Commander, Beale AFB, California; Col. James Furlong, Washington Wing CAP Commander, Gig Harbor, and over 250 registered volunteer cadet and adult Civil Air Patrol members.

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Civil Air Patrol is the volunteer Auxiliary of the United States Air Force. It is currently being used to politically groom young Americans to reject mature discourse and believe things that are not true, but helpful to our nation’s enemies. To achieve this grooming, Civil Air Patrol accepts students age 12-21 along with adults 18 and over. In addition to training young people how to fire weapons and despise select political leaders, Civil Air Patrol has distinguished itself with multiple recent airplane crashes, suicides, cadet homicides and sexual offenders who have been in and out of prison.

Civil Air Patrol seniors, even those raised to the position of unit commander, frequently lack the emotional maturity for the role. One Kansas Wing Civil Air Patrol squadron commander with a gun fetish lost his squadron command after making aggressive comments toward an elected representative of that state.

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  1. I submitted a link with [redacted] If you want a copy of [the] arrest record, I can send them via email.

    [Admin: Thank you.]

  2. For starters, do you recognize that “Col.” Shelly J. Norton’s name has been removed from the Washington Wing Commander slot on the website and replaced with “Lt. Col.” Kenneth W. Butler (acting)?

  3. What’s going on with the Washington Wing Commander? Inquiring minds want to know…It has to be something big since the wing commander used to date the region commander… Please look into the situation up here.

    [Admin: We’ve received a flood of statements on WAWG CC suggesting different things, all without any supporting proof. With Mark Norton and other events, Washington Wing has had its share of alarming news of late. Someone please try to send us information that is backed up with some evidence so we can release the comments we have received.]

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