National Commanders Elected by Board of Governors

CAP Lt Col Ned Lee
CAP Lt Col Ned Lee

By CAP Volunteer Now

NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS – For the first time in the 72-year history of Civil Air Patrol, the organization’s Chief Executive Officer, the National Commander of CAP, will be selected by the group’s Board of Governors. Previously, Commanders were elected by a majority vote of the organization’s 52 Wing Commanders. CAP’s CEO will be appointed by the BoG to a three-year term, which may be extended.

The new selection process became official in October 2012 when the BoG approved an updated Constitution and Bylaws incorporating the organization’s new governance structure. In addition to the selection process for CAP’s CEO and other executives, the governance changes streamlined CAP’s decision and policy-making processes, clarified the role and responsibilities of key personnel and changed the composition of CAP’s membership on the BoG.

“We look forward to implementing the new selection process,” said Lt Col Ned Lee, a CAP BoG member who chairs the BoG Personnel Committee. “The process is designed to ensure the very best candidate is selected for the job, including demonstrated experience in leading large organizations, with emphasis on CAP’s congressionally directed missions.

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