Missing Havana Brothels, US Apologizes To Cuba After Civil Air Patrol Find

by Garrison CAP | AuxBeacon News Contributor

AuxBeacon Readers & Civil Air Patrol Members,

Below is the second part to the story in which Civil Air Patrol was mentioned by name as potentially involved in fire bombing attacks on Cuba’s sugar industry in the early 1960s. Contrary to the bullshit fed to cadets by people like Lt Col Darrin Ninness and Major David Bowles in the captalk forum, this was not a trivial nothing-burger.

As would be revealed in testimony gathered later during Jim Garrison’s 1966-1969 investigation of President Kennedy’s assassination, members of Civil Air Patrol had become obsessed with Castro’s nationalization of US property in Cuba. So obsessed were they, in fact, that a Civil Air Patrol unit in South Florida was heavily influenced and equipped. The reason for this is rarely mentioned in polite company.

As you have shown in recent reports here, far too many Civil Air Patrol members have a penchant for young underage girls, buggery, booze and the patronizing of prostitutes. When US-backed military dictator Fulgencio Batista was in control of Cuba, white men from the United States could fly down to Havana for weekend encounters with female prostitutes known as Jineteras, or with gay male prostitutes known as Jineteros or Pingueros.

Remember, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison only started his investigation into the first Kennedy Assassination because he received a tip from Jack Martin that formerly defrocked priest and inept homosexual Civil Air Patrol flight instructor David Ferrie was somehow involved in the killing. I always wanted to discuss these details with Ken Parris whenever I came into his field of view, but I kept quiet to preserve the peace.

In any case, the nightclubs, casinos and brothels of 1950s Havana were controlled by organized crime based not in Cuba, but in the United States. Cuban prostitutes were even reported working at the US Naval Base Guantanamo Bay. For many white males, a visit to an alluring mixed-race prostitute was the climax of any trip down to Havana. By the late 1950s, 270 different brothels were going ball-busters in Havana with nearly 12,000 women providing services. The city’s Plaza del Vapor served as a massive prostitution marketplace.

So, you can imagine how angry US mobsters and white addicts for dark sugar became after the US was ejected by Castro’s Socialist Revolution. Angry enough, you might conclude, to wind up some Civil Air Patrol idiot malcontents with fraudulent stories of Nazi U-boat victories willing to sneak out of Florida in private planes to fire bomb Cuba’s sugar plantations and processing mills.

Here’s the final report of how these rogue buckaroos humiliated the United States. note the closing line of the news-item that suggests the Secretary was disavowing any knowledge of Civil Air Patrol and independent US pilot actions.

U.S. Apologizes to Cuba for Raid by Private Plane
February 20th 1960

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States, with a red face, admitted Friday that a small private plane had raided Cuba from a U.S. airfield. It apologized to Prime Minister Fidel Castro, bitter critic of America. The State Department ordered the top U.S. diplomat remaining in Havana, Daniel Braddock, to “express to the Cuban government this government’s sincere regrets that the plane managed to escape the vigilance of our intensified airfield patrols” in Florida.

Washington acted quickly after its own check had confirmed a new Castro allegation about U.S.-based planes fire-bombing Cuban sugar fields. Castro told a Cuban television audience the little craft had crashed Thursday while attacking a Cuban sugar mill. He said the occupants, both killed, were Americans. Cubans named them as Robert Ellis Frost of Portland, Ore., and Robert Kelly of the U.S. Civil Air Patrol, not further identified.

Asks End Of Raids

Castro called for an end to this kind of action by raiders, who, he said, had destroyed 225,000 tons of sugar cane in 30 attacks this year. State Department authorities had no further immediate identification of the two fliers. It said their inquiries disclosed that the plane had taken off from Tamiami Airfield near Miami. It believed the plane had loaded up with bombing material at another unidentified airfield south of Miami before making its run on the Cuban sugar mill.

Washington and Havana have been at odds over Castro’s anti-American statements and seizure of U.S. properties in Cuba. The United States has recalled its ambassador to Havana, Philip W. Bonsal.

Double Humiliation

Fridays development came as a double humiliation to the State Department because it had scoffed at previous Castro charges of U.S. based incendiary raiders and announced supposedly tight checks against any illegal flights from Florida. After one Cuban allegation last month, press officer Lincoln White said on Jan. 13 there was no sign of any American-based plane dropping fire bombs on Cuba. He described as absurd any implication of U.S. government involvement.

Evidence Mandatory

Until Cuban authorities can present incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, the United States vigorously rejects the allegation,” White said then. U.S. officials got the evidence this time. Castro accepted a U.S. Embassy offer to send a team of experts to the crash site. In his jibe at the United States. Castro suggested Uncle Sam’s defenses against Soviet missiles cannot be worth much if the United States is unable to detect and stop a little plane flying to Cuba.

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