Maine Civil Air Patrol Adds 21 to Legislative Squadron

Maine Civil Air Patrol Legislative Squadron
Maine Legislators Buy Into Civil Air Patrol Corruption

by Doris Claymoore | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: It is amusing that 21 Maine politicians were signed up for the Civil Air Patrol legislative squadron, but the organization doesn’t want you to know who they are. Thank you, Doris, for your contribution. We apologize that we are only just now turning your alert into an article.}

Dear Beaconeers:

I thought you should know that Jeff Pierce wrote an article a few days ago announcing that Civil Air Patrol’s Lt Col Jerry DeWitt led 1st Lt Dean Goodman of Eliot and 2nd Lt Rhonda O’Shea of Pownal to march on our Augusta Maine State House to deploy donuts and coffee in the Hall of Flags on Tuesday morning, February 19th 2019.

Rep Robert W. Alley, Sr. and Rep Bettyann W. Sheats helped Lt Col DimWitt (sic) get 21 additional politicians to compromise their objectivity in exchange for photo opps and the criss-cross applesauce of a politically incestuous mutual admiration society.

Pierce reminded all US taxpayers that in order to become a member of the Legislative Squadron, one needs to be either an elected official or staff member. Elected members are promoted to the rank of Honorary Major and are invited to Civil Air Patrol events such as Encampments, Conferences, Training and other opportunities to see the Civil Air Patrol in action.

You should read the full article here, because I want you to see that the additional attention seekers are not named. I was able to acquire this photo for you, however.

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