Look Who Commandeered the Swivel Chair Patrol

A Twitter Cry for Help on Civil Air Patrol
A Twitter Cry for Help on Civil Air Patrol

By TBird Cadet | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: The individual who submitted this a few days ago appears to be very angry over events that have transpired in Utah Wing and with the leaders there and at Maxwell. Disturbing material follows.]

I don’t like Michael Fernandez Utah Wing Civil Air Patrol very much, so I’m going to clue your project into another CAP freak show that you have not yet reported on here.

Do you remember the cadet YouTube video that humiliated Joe Vasquez and Larry Myrick? Well, another Civil Air Patrol member has taken that to a far, far higher altitude. Utah’s [redacted] has twitter squat on a beloved name and icon from Civil Air Patrol’s comedic history to mock our embarrassing operation.

This Twitter account outed Civil Air Patrol cadet and X-box child molester c/1st Lt Alexander C. Winward. Cadet Winward received Civil Air Patrol’s Amelia Earhart Award in May 2016. Scroll down for a summary tour of this cry for help or skip on over to the actual Swivel Chair Patrol Twitter page to see it all raw and nasty.

Oh, and tell USAF Secretary Heather Wilson that I would like to [redacted] with Senator Orin Hatch.

Civil Air Patrol

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7 Comments on "Look Who Commandeered the Swivel Chair Patrol"

  1. ABEvalTour | July 27, 2018 at 00:47 | Reply

    In this story and ones that came before and after it on a CAP member child molester and a CAP conservative atheist, a Civil Air Patrol or AuxBeacon person showed that a CAP cadet presented himself on his Twitter page in Air Force CAP blues and as a conservative atheist who outed a Utah wing CAP member who molested young children. I’ve checked on this with a friend in another wing and this did go down exactly as reported. The CAP member child molestation was covered in the real news here, so these stories are all TRUE.


  2. There is a lot more to this cadet than just this twitter feed. Check out [redacted] at

    [link removed]

  3. The CAP HQ was quick to shut down our beloved Hock Shop, but yet they have left this member alone to trash the organization. What he is doing is grounds for termination. Does Smith back his actions? Is he the son of a national staffer or commander?

    • The organization definitely needs a little trash hauling. The cadet is on to something, but may also have been groomed by another away from his parents. See the tweets at therightatheist.

  4. One of the things I like about this site is that we get a view of Civil Air Patrol across the entire USA. We used to be kept in the dark, now we have a better chance of finding out about molester arrests and crashes that they normally kept secret so our parents wouldn’t find out.

    • Yeah, crap-talk is too censored plus there can be retribution if they know who you are.

  5. WTF? How is Cadet Nicholas Cooper permitted to wear his CAP uniform with an internal CAP airplane shot and crap all over Gen Mark Smith and our program like this?

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