Legislative Week: Civil Air Patrol Quality Review

Civil Air Patrol Mark Smith's failure has sadness repercussions
Civil Air Patrol Mark Smith's failure has sadness repercussions

By YKYICWBeaches | AuxBeacon News Contributors

My message for the new generation of Congressional Professionals waking up to how and from where they will be attacked is that this attitude needs to be eliminated from Civil Air Patrol.

Civil Air Patrol sucks

Guns don’t kill, sexually frustrated teens do.

Civil Air Patrol Commander Swing from a Tree

Kansas Civil Air Patrol Commander suggests female lawmaker should Swing from a Tree

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  1. “A lot of folks might not know this is here,” shared Rep. Patrick Snyder, 85th Assembly District. “When you serve in the legislature, you become an honorary member of the Civil Air Patrol and I am very appreciative of what this unit has done here.”

  2. From being a member since the 1970s, the CAP is notorious for covering this up like the Boy Scouts. Anyone care to guess who the CAP members are among this list? Not hard to figure out.


  3. Escalating Disclosure | February 28, 2019 at 15:43 | Reply

    Civil Air Patrol leaders don’t want to do the right thing.
    Civil Air Patrol leaders don’t want to acknowledge the mess that their people have created so that it can be fixed.
    Civil Air Patrol leaders don’t want the cancer removed for the good of our young people.

    Instead, the program’s leaders continue to cover their own asses by covering for their underlings.

    This forces the hand of all who have been abused to keep escalating the disclosure of all the dirty people in Civil Air Patrol and the evidence of what they have done.

    This should have been nipped-in-the-bud and that it hasn’t shows just how unsat and undeserving this organization’s leadership has become.

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