Is a Republican Reckless Driver Ensconced in Civil Air Patrol’s New Hampshire Wing?

Civil Air Patrol’s New Hampshire Wing

By Trixie | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: Well this contribution was an eye-opener. Former GOP State Rep Gary Wheaton, a former USAF instructor pilot, had his license suspended on January 28th after he plead guilty to recklessly endangering the lives and safety of the public in Londonderry on September 18th 2010.]

You guys are definitely on to something big re: Civil Air Patrol’s corruption of our federal and local legislatures. It seems you focus on large wings (CA, FL, GA, NY), but I guess it all depends who writes in to you. So that you are aware, we have our fair share of swamp-slime here in New England too.

For example, New Hampshire Wing Civil Air Patrol only very recently (late 2010s) established a State Legislative Squadron for members of the State House, Senate and Executive Council. We’ve had a lot of problems [some of which AuxBeacon has reported] and Civil Air Patrol did not have the best reputation for a long time. But in October 2017, CAP mouthpieces like Lt Col Bruce Determann were bragging that 10 of our legislators had accepted complimentary Civil Air Patrol membership and the rank of Major.

“We’ve really only just gotten rolling,” said Determann who is the wing’s government relations liaison. “Our goal is to reach 100 members of the New Hampshire Legislature this year.”

What the hell? The Civil Air Patrol has pitiful pilots, embezzlers, child molesters like our infamous Alger Conger and political extremists [redacting]-up our kids so they cannot relate in the world to come. To weaken FAA, NTSB, IRS and FBI investigations, it’s like they are trying to load up the capitol and state houses with their own shills.

“Extra, extra! Get your free membership, rank, medals of valor and a loyal voter base here. Extra, extra!”

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CAP Maj Gen Mark Smith, CAP Lt Col Barry Loudermilk

CAP Maj Gen Mark Smith, CAP Lt Col Barry Loudermilk

Even if you are guilty of reckless endangerment… you can be a member of New Hampshire Wing Civil Air Patrol if you have connections our CAP bosses think they can leverage.   Did I mention we’ve been through a dry spell?

Case in point, our Civil Air Patrol cadets can learn about Gary Wheaton, a former USAF pilot at Reese AFB (1988-1995) and a former Republican member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

On April 5th 2011, Rep. Gary Wheaton (R-Seabrook), was caught speeding and driving on a suspended license here on Route 1. He made a U-turn and went around a construction barricade when the officer tried to pull him over. The car he was driving did NOT have state representative license plates on it.

Hampton police declined any on-camera interviews with our local media, calling the case “very politically sensitive.” The police informed us that there is a state statute that prevents officers from detaining or arresting a state representative en route to the Statehouse. What the hell?!

Wheaton was also charged with a traffic control device violation, i.e. running a light or a sign. His license had been previously suspended on January 28th after he pled guilty to recklessly endangering the lives and safety of the public in Londonderry on September 18th 2010. That’s straight from the following court documents [link redacted].

Wheaton was originally charged with driving under the influence of liquor, but he had a restaurant receipt that showed 3 drinks in 3 hours, so he was able to plead guilty to a reduced charge.

Wheaton stated that he thought the traffic stops could have possibly happened because he is a Republican who voted against collective bargaining.

“Any of those stops could conceivably be police officers knowing that I’m a Republican and I’m voting against what they want,” he said. “So there’s always that chance or that possibility. I can’t accuse without evidence.”

But he was more than willing to float that trial balloon up a flag-pole where it would later be saluted by commanders of Civil Air Patrol who allowed him to become a Qualified Air and Ground search and rescue officer from October 2014 to Present.

Civil Air Patrol's Gary Wheaton

Civil Air Patrol’s Gary Wheaton, Republican

But lo, it doesn’t end there. In late 2017, State Rep. Howard Pearl (R-Loudon) and State Rep. David Testerman (R-Franklin) were both given complimentary membership and the honorary rank of major in New Hampshire Civil Air Patrol. One of those is more interesting than the other, and it might be best to allow your readers to dig for themselves.

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  1. Pic missing in this story?

    [Admin: Thanks. Will have someone fix.]

  2. Officer? That’s one oddly nondescript duty position.

  3. I found this in my collection. It may be helpful to you.

    Not to Worry 84-02

    [link redacted]

  4. Reckless Wheaties | January 10, 2019 at 23:31 | Reply

    This is a great catch and blistering exposure to back the claims we have sent to you about all the lawbreakers that CAP has waivered into the program. You should use this to justify an article told by these numbers as confessed by CAP.

    [link redacted]

  5. How come you never release stories about Democrats?

    [Admin: We have. See story about Senator Tom Carper. If you want us to publish a story about democrat political crime, send it to us but be sure to prove the perpetrator is or was a member of Civil Air Patrol.]

  6. Reckless Endangerment | January 8, 2019 at 10:33 | Reply

    Wheaton pled guilty to recklessly endangering the lives and safety of the public in Londonderry on September 18th 2010, but CAP will use him.

  7. The same crazy people year after year. The organization cannot get better quality blood because of the disgraceful behavior of those dug in deep.

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