Heather Wilson Not Qualified for UTEP President OR Civil Air Patrol BOG

Heather Wilson and Gen Goldfein, USAF, 2017
Heather Wilson and Gen Goldfein, USAF, 2017

By CAP Echo of Community First Coalition | AuxBeacon News Contributor

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I wanted to call your readers’ attention to this. On March 10th 2019 Civil Air Patrol’s Lt Col Michael P. McEleney of Maryland Wing advised CAPTalk that:

“As posted on Face Book. She [Heather Wilson] should be offered a position on the BofG [sic] at the next opportunity, or recruited into CAP.”

If you look, you will find the Community First Coalition Position Statement on Heather Wilson as finalist for the UTEP Presidency. “Leather” Wilson needs better tracking to expose her hypocrisy.

The Coalition has concluded that her meager academic qualifications, her lack of knowledge and experience with students of diverse backgrounds, her lack of knowledge of Spanish and our border culture, her staunch anti-LGBTQ and anti-civil rights voting record, and her ultra-conservative ideology make her an extremely poor fit to become the president of UTEP.

Campus University of Texas, El Paso

Campus University of Texas, El Paso

The Coalition calls on the U.T. Regents to withdraw her candidacy and to find either a qualified Latina/Latino educator or a non-Latina/Latino academic with the proper academic credentials, expertise, and experience to lead UTEP.

The Coalition urges the community to contact the U.T. Regents and the U.T System Office and demand that they drop Heather Wilson as the finalist and re-open the search. Phone the U.T. System at (512) 499-4200, or email at https://utsystem.edu/contact The Community First Coalition, composed of local organizations, leaders, and activists, has determined that Heather Wilson is not qualified to lead UTEP, a large university with a diverse student body, 80+ percent of which is comprised of Mexican-heritage students. Likewise, 80+ percent El Paso’s population is comprised of Mexican-heritage people.

Wilson speaks no Spanish and has paltry knowledge or acquaintance with borderlands Mexican heritage history and culture. This is unacceptable.

Wilson was rated 0% by the Human Rights Campaign for her staunch opposition to LGBTQ rights and only 13% by the ACLU because of her stance against civil rights legislation. She voted for the border wall/fence and in support of the border vigilante group The Minutemen. She also voted against funding for African American and Hispanic-Serving institutions.

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  1. She served longer than Russell A. Rourke.

  2. Civil Air Patrol will march onward to install good people who will expose the LGBTQ agenda.

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