Georgia Director of Operations to Step Down

Brett Slagle
CAP Lt Col Brett Slagle

By AuxBeacon News Staff

[Editor’s Note: Lt Col Brett Slagle was actually promoted to the Southeast Region Staff even though Col Richard Greenwood lied to the members that “he had stepped down to spend more time with his family.” This cover up was a serious and willful violation against the CAP regulations.]

Statements are now confirmed on April 12, 2016.


Please join me in congratulating Major Don Hamrick as the new Georgia Wing Director of Operations, effective 15 April 2016.

Major Hamrick replaces Lt Col Brett Slagle, who has served with distinction for the past 2 years. Lt Col Slagle is stepping down so that he may devote more time to his family and his professional obligations. He leaves with our gratitude for his years of selfless service.

Please give Major Hamrick the same support you have given to Lt Col Slagle.

Thank you,
Colonel Richard J. Greenwood, CAP
Commander, Georgia Wing
Chair, National Uniform Committee

Readers will recall that Lt Col Slagle was previously removed from the DO position, for cause, by then Georgia Wing Commander Col Tonya Boylan in November of 2012. He also had received disciplinary action under SER Commander Alvin Bedgood in 2013 for intimidation and/or reprisals against an FAA Flight Instructor who was reporting reg violations and safety concerns in Georgia Wing. Aircraft accidents of February and July of 2014 are linked below.

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3 Comments on "Georgia Director of Operations to Step Down"

  1. Can you please put up some story, any story on CAP and the Hurricanes so we can talk about long duration and long range drones that will lower the cost of Aerial Photography and lower the fat egos in this bloated boondoggle?

  2. Just a heads-up, if you want it. The narcissist Brett Slagle who was removed by Tonya Boylan and Al Bedgood for his threatening statements to members that reported CAP safety and reg violations has been made Georgia Wing Civil Air Patrol’s faceman on hurricane Irma. The new members, who won’t last, have no clue regarding the actions that led to Boylan’s suicide and Andrea Van Buren has been rendered helpless.

    Check your email for the full story.

    -.-.-. snip .-.-.-

    As the hurricane approaches, the GAWG Staff is busy preparing for our expected post-storm activities. If tasked, we expect to be tasked primarily for DR/AP (Airborne Photography) missions.

    Q: Where is the mission base (ICP)?
    A: We are evaluating several options, but a final decision will be made when we can best know where the bulk of our taskings will be. More info to follow.

    Lt Col Brett Slagle
    IC, GAWG Irma Response

  3. Dovetail Crush | June 29, 2016 at 22:07 | Reply

    Brett Slagle really was a problem. There was an arrogant and unsafe attitude that would push the ops tempo beyond what was reasonable. He was also disrespectful to CAP officers who previously served as enlisted. Whenever he was questioned by commanders who had not previously been US Air Force pilots, the swag would emerge and it was aggressive.

    When challenged by these commanders, he would explain why he was the star of the show. When that approach failed, he would LIE, DENY and COUNTER ACCUSE. All of this unfolded in writing, so check your inbox. Complaints were filed against him and he WAS caught. Richard Greenwood reinstated him and then there were the follow-on accidents that were covered up.

    This story is accurate.

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