Gen Bowling Requests CAP to Become For Profit

Phoenix rising from the ashes.
Phoenix rising from the ashes.

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Otherwise known as the infamous “Phoenix Plan” (Phoenix Solution) or For Profit Plan that Maj Gen Richard L. Bowling, CAP National Commander requested the Civil Air Patrol change direction. James “Jim” Macko, Air Force Liaison helped Bowling with the “secret” process. The U.S. Air Force denied their request.

CAP Maj Brian Stover said, “I fear our time as the USAF Aux is nearing an end. So much for sixty plus years in service to America. It appears we will become a benevolent corporation for sale to any bidder. Anyone willing to pay for us to do a job, be it a search for real estate property, surveys for cell phone towers, or following wayward husbands via aerial surveillance for private eyes is around the corner. For some it will be welcome…a chance to fly on someone else’s dime. For those of us who want to serve our country….we will be left out in the pursuit of the almighty dollar.”

Update from 5 March 2017:

Writing is on the Internet Wall:

by Ray Hayden:

However, none of this is directly from CAP Insights. All of it is on the Internet… and what, exactly, is it that I refer to?

Well, that’s the funny thing, isn’t it?

Nothing… absolutely nothing!

The “leadership” of the Criminal Air Patrol has rather completely damaged the faith of the die hard members to the point that I, and you can feel free to correct me if you think I am wrong here… I am not seeing anyone come to the defense of the organization any more at this point.

I used to see a number of postings on various “lost souls found the CAP God” sites that would cry, whine, and complain about how wonderful CAP is, how great it is to be a hero, how fantastic everything is in CAPLand… but I am not seeing it anymore.

What I am seeing, and again, do feel free to correct me if you think I am wrong here, is that even those who would be considered the most die hard CAP lovers of all time, have – finally – begun to see the light, shake off the effects of the “Coolio-Aid,” and come to the realization that if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it may very well actually be… a duck.

The circle of logical reasoning is now complete. Even the most hard core, the most blind of the blind, can now see, and they are realizing that what we all – it wasn’t just CAP Insights! – have been sharing and reporting is the truth.

CAP Insights was only ever meant to shine the light on the “leadership” of the Civil Air Patrol, our intent was for the General Membership to collectively get their own heads out of their asses, and take control of the organization… and make it great again (couldn’t resist!).

That would have required a massive reworking of the entire organization… NOT the Phoenix Solution… that came later on, when the massive reworking was beyond being feasible any longer.

However, the Phoenix Solution needs to take place while there is still something left to save… anything, but the problem at hand now is that the “leadership,” from CAP, the BoG, and CAP-USAF, have all failed the Civil Air Patrol completely… to the extent that even the Phoenix Solution cannot save the Criminal Air Patrol from what it has become.

CAP is already dead… new folks are leaving before they get trapped in the embarrassment of having joined in the first place, other new folks are letting their memberships die a painful death, and even old timers are seeing the writing on the Internet Wall… CAP is already dead… and there is NOTHING that can be done to save it at this point.

CAP has become nothing but honor stealing wannabe fakes who steal the glory of people for things that CAP never even did, even tricking news agencies to follow them to go face to face to people that CAP never did anything for… and CAP, or anyone else can expect any member to renew their membership in such a despicable organization that is based completely on lies, grandstanding, and falsified glory?


There are less than ten thousand “Qualified” personnel in CAP to respond to anything as part of CAP, there are less than one thousand pilots “Qualified” to do anything in an aircraft with CAP. Any of these folks are too far spread out to be effective in any way, shape, or form.

To anyone, anywhere.

No, no one is coming to the aid of CAP these days. No one is left to defend CAP’s “leadership” lies and corruption… the truth is slow, but the truth does come out… people will feel stupid, used, abused, but do not… it will pass soon enough.

The sad part of it all is that CAP COULD have been part of something great… CAP COULD have done something about it… I wrote a report about changes that had to take place – CAP actually put SOME of that into play, but the rest? Too little, too late.

At this stage of the game, beyond the capability of The Phoenix Solution that COULD have saved CAP a few years ago, there is nothing left to do but watch the dying embers of a once (a very long time ago) respected organization… forever lost to the greed, corruption, and flat out stupidity of pretend glory stealing heroes who did nothing but lie to lay claim to their fake awards.

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